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Dream About English Class meanings

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Example: What does my fighting dream mean?

I had this dream where I was fighting this guy from my english class because he was going to rape my girlfriend. He started taking steps toward her in my driveway then grabbed her inappropriately so I ran out and punched him in the face. He slugged me back in the chest and i lost my air. when i got my air back i fought against him using karate (which makes sense because i'm in karate, it would be my nature to use that style), and we swapped blows back and forth and then he grabbed me around the middle from behind and tried to throw me, so i jabbed his ribs with my elbow and ran backwards into a street light post and he hit his head on it and let go of me. I punched him in the head and he fell to the ground, dizzy and done fighting but not knocked out. I went back to my girlfriend and hugged her and said everything would be okay, but she was dull and lifeless, like she was soulless. I shouldn't have won that fight, he's shorter but a LOT stronger than me. what does this mean?

Dreams always mean something... even the ones we forget. Our brains are trying to work out the events that happen in our lives and sometimes they even tell us explicitly the things that we pick up on from subtle cues in conversation and body language. It's the subconscious coming to the fore.

I assume the guy from your English class also knows your girlfriend? Maybe you've been picking up on some behaviours that are agressive and threatening to her. Or maybe something else is going on in her life and she's acting differently and your mind has created this scenario to help you deal with the way she's behaving now.

I would look at the facts of the dream: a bullying rival, your need to protect, your girlfriend's trauma... and see if those situations are playing out in your life. That should help you be able to sort out the meaning. Usually putting the images from vivid dreams into the context of your life can help you define what you saw and felt.

I would keep an eye on this guy... and make sure that your girlfriend is keeping herself safe. :) Sometimes dreams are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), your conscious mind just doesn't want to take the hint and see what's in front of it so your subconscious has to kick you in the gut.

Hope that helps!

Example: What does this passage from my AP English class mean to you ? How do you interpret it?

Of late years an abundant shower of curates has fallen upon the North of England; they lie very thick on the hills, every parish has one or more of them; they are young enough to be very active an ought to be doing a great deal of good. But not of late years are we about to speak. We are going back to the beginning of the century – present years- are dusty, sun burnt hot arid. We will evade the noon- forget it In siesta, pass the mid day in slumber and dream of dawn .
If you think from this prelude, that anything like a romance is preparing for you, reader, you never were more mistaken. Do you anticipate sentiment, and poetry, and reverie? Do expect passion, and stimulus and melodrama? Calm your expectations reduce them to a lowly standard. Something real, cool and solid lies before you; something un romantic as Monday morning, when all who have work wake with the consciousness that they must rise and betake themselves thereto. It is not positively affirmed that you shall have a taste of the exciting- perhaps towards the middle and close of the meal- but it is resolved that the first dish set upon the table shall be one that a Catholic-ay, even and Anglo- catholic- might eat on Good Friday in passion week. It shall be cold lentils and vinegar without oil; it shall be unleavened bread with bitter herbs and no roast lamb.
Of late years, I say an abundant shower of curates has fallen upon the North of England; but at that time that affluent rain has not descended. Curates were scarce then; there was no Pastoral Aid, no additional Curate society to stretch a helping hand to worn out old rectors and incumbents and give them the wherewithal to pay vigorous young colleagues from Oxford or Cambridge. The present successors of the Apostles, disciples of Dr. Pusey and tools of Propaganda, were at that time being hatched under cradle blankets or undergoing regeneration by nursery baptism in wash hand basins. You could not have guessed by looking at any one of them that the Italian ironed frills of its net-cap surrounded the brows of a pre ordained, specially sanctified of St. Paul, St. Peter or St. John nor could you have forseen in the folds of its long nightgown the white surplice in which it was here after cruelly to exercise the souls of its parishioners, and strangely to nonplus its old fashioned vicar by flourishing aloft in a pulpit the shirt-like raiment which had never before waved higher than a reading desk.
Yet even in those days of scarcity there were curates; the precious plant was rare, but it might be found. A certain favored district in the West riding of Yorkshire could boast three rods of Aaron blossoming within a circuit of twenty miles. You shall see them, reader. Step into this neat garden-house on the skirts of Whinbury, walk forward; Mr. Malone, curate of Briarfield; Mr. Sweeting curate of Nunnely. These are Mr. Donne’s lodgings, being the habtuation of one John Gale, a small clothier. Mr. Donne had kindly invited his brethren to regale with him. You and I will join the party, see what is to be seen and hear what is to be heard. At present, however, they are only eating, and while they eat we will talk aside.

Example: Anybody over the age of 50: What does the American Dream mean to you?

In my English class, we are reading the Great Gatsby and we are assigned to ask someone what the American Dream means to them.
Also, do you think this is still the America people used to dream about? Explain.

Thanks in advance!

Example: What does this dream mean?

What I remember from my dream is that I was in school, but my school looked different. The teachers took us to the gym because it was raining really hard, then my English teacher from Freshman year told me if I wanted to look at the rain, I said yes. I went into the hallway and looked at the rain outside, I saw middle schoolers playing outside and the streets we flooding. I went back into the gym and I went to sit with my class, but I couldn't find my class or my teacher. Next thing I know, my school is a hospital and I am still looking for my class and teacher. Then I go sit with my aunt in a table while she is waiting, she asked if I think we should go home, I said yes because I tell her it's already 4 and I think there might be traffic. That's when I woke up, can someone tell me what it mean? Also, the rain was really hard.

Example: What does my dream means?

ive dreamed that when i got up from the bed and came to my sister and asked her that if anyone called her for me.
(my mom was there too)she said no cause she never reply the unknown number but got the voicemail.
when she called the voice mail and ended they both looked serious at me. the voicemail said that i have to go to war.

Example: What could my dream mean?

About a month ago, i was at the fresno Relay for life. And i met this guy there and started to like him. But i havent seen him ever since. Last night i had a dream he was on my school bus, and when i was in PE, he called me over and said "Did you know it was my birthday?" and i said "It is?" Then we just hugged. After that we just stood there talking and we started to hold hands, and this random girl from my english class came. She started yelling at me for holding his hand. Then i woke up. SOO WEIRD.

Example: What does a recurring dream about forgetting to attend/failing a class mean?

I still have this dream even though I graduated from college 3 and a half years ago.

Basically, I dream that it's a regular quarter, I'm taking 3 classes, but for some reason one of them I have forgotten to attend and therefore have missed a test (or more than one) jeopardizing my ability to pass the class. Or sometimes, I don't realize I've forgotten to attend until right before finals and I realize I'm screwed. Or, I dream that I have a quarter's worth of assignments that I need to make up before the quarter ends.

Sometimes, it's history. Sometimes, it's math. Sometimes, it's english. In college, I never failed a class, but got close once or twice. My parents were very rigid about grades. I actually usually did really well in school, but always feared failing a class due to some BS curve or ****** professor.

Anyone else have this type of dream? Or, have any insight into what it might mean?

Example: SO the other night i had a dream about this dude in my English class?

Yeah well at school we talk here and there, he's cute and i may fancy him BUT in my dream we ran into eachother at what seemed to be half mall half school and when he seen me he looked shocked, came up to me and grabbed my hands and then put his arms around me and laid me down on like a couch or something. Then i woke up and i was like "whoaaaaaaa sweeeeeeet, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!"
so anyway, what could it mean? hmmmmm, what do you guys think? or is it nothing and i should just forget about it lol

Example: I dreamt that I was necking with a boy in English class, what does this mean?

Lately, I've had a crush on a guy that is in my lunch, english and gym period. I am 16 and he is 17. I really want to get to know him, and I get fantasies of us being together. But knowing the type of guy he is, I fear that if we were to be together he might ask for sex.
I don't want to have sex before i get married; I'm that few percentage of teens that will save their virginity until marriage.
Last night I had a dream that we were in english class together,and he was talking to his guy-friends. He then looks at me, and tells everyone in the class to listen, and announced that I was his girlfriend. Everybody then starts to cheer. (including my english teacher)He and I were extremely happy with each other. He then walked towards me, and he kisses me on the neck, and I started to kiss him on his neck. In front of everyone we were hugging, and necking. We didn't kiss on the lips, and I really wanted to kiss him on the lips but for some reason we didn't. So i felt like our romance wasn't exactly 'romantic', but rather sexual. (considering that my neck is one of my erogenous zones)
My 'boyfriend' makes a sexual joke about me, and I tell him: "Oh yeah, you can call me a whore!" But then I think twice and I tell him that I was just kidding; and he started to laugh with me.
He then returns to his desk, and I return to my desk. As I sit down, my nose starts to drip as if I had a cold or allergies, and I look down at my feet and feel self-conscious about them. I didn't want anyone to see what I was wearing, or the fact that my nose was runny. I dealt with my insecurity by putting my head down anytime my 'boyfriend' saw me.
Suddenly a light turns on in the room, and my face gets acne. I became REALLY self-conscious. I didn't want anyone to criticize my new "boyfriend" that his girlfriend is ugly, and as to why on earth would he choose ME to be in a relationship with HIM.

He is popular in real life, and I'm not as much. I personally think I am pretty, but around him i feel ugly.

What does my dream mean? Does it express the true feelings I have for him?
BTW: I woke up VERY upset! It seemed like such a good dream.I really thought he was my boyfriend for a few minutes.

Example: I keep having a recurring dream. I dream that I am signed up for an English class, and then I forget to go.?

Then around the end of the year I realize that I havn't been to that class all year. What does it mean?

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