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Dream About Entice meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's this dream mean?

I had a dream last night. In this dream I dreamt that I posed a question about a dream I had the previous night to some fruitcakes on a web forum, hoping it would entice them to give their interpretations of my dream. Imagine that! Several did. Of course, none of them knew me and they certainly didn't even know if I'd just made up the dream just to get a response.

I'm just wondering what do you think this dream means?

hmm im not really sure.. its a lill hard to fallow what ur dream was sorry

Example: Could someone tell me the meaning of my dream?

I had a dream in which there were like many animals in my house,and they were huge.I could remember only two of them one of them was a giant eagle.But what really got me was the big python or anaconda..I don't know,but it was twirling over my body and I thought it was gonna hurt me but it didn't...then a few days after this dream i sold my soul to the devil and again,after a few days I had a dream in which I had powers I was able to do anything with it.I'm really curious about it because I don't know if my dreams have something to do with what i did because I haven't heard back from the devil after selling my soul...which is odd!

Example: Weird dreams. Any meaning.?

Night before last i had a dream that i was 17 && already had a 1 year old (i'm 16 && have no kids.!)
Now last night i had a dream i went to an occult store && stole 2 blue && black pillar candles && walked home && no one was home so i summoned this weird demon. Any kind of meaning to both.? btw i do dabble in witchcraft && demons. No criticism or gtfo.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I had a dream last night that I went to visit my dad (he lives in LA) and we stayed at a hotel for some reason. Anyways they gave us the hotel room key and it was to a room (I dont remember the exact room but lets say) 39B. I went looking for the room and asked around but it was non existent so I went to one I thought it might be which was 399B. When I went to the room, the door was already opened. I walked in and said "hello" and I heard someone in the room say hello back. I thought it was a ghost and the room was haunted so I ran out. I then came home and one of my best friends was there. I was still shaken up about the ghost, but I ignored it and we started baking cookies together. Soon his mom called him and started screaming at him to come home. He got really pissed off and refused to, but he eventually left the house. What does this dream mean?

Example: What could my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was driving my friend home after a party. She had told me to stop off at a particular petrol station because she needed to pick up a DVD. As she was drunk I offered to go in for her, but when I went inside the man knew nothing. So I went back out to the car and there was her pair of stilletos behind my seat. I started driving and then one of the shoes flew forward and went underneath my brake pedal, and then I suddenly realised that I was driving on the pavement. I crashed into a pedestrian barrier, which instead of being by the road to protect the pedestrian, took up the whole pavement - facing the wrong way. Before I hit the barrier I panicked and started to get my friend to move the shoe from underneath the brake as I couldn't, but she refused, and I couldn't reach low enough to get it.

When we crashed I was suddenly in a room, and there was my next door neighbour, my grandfather, and a stranger. There was also my mum and my uncle, but they said nothing and did nothing. I asked where my friend was and the stranger told me to look behind me, as I did I noticed that there was a tiny orange room and the door kept opening and closing on its own. I remember feeling very frightened of the door. The stranger told me that it was a gas chamber and that my friend had lived through the crash but had been enticed by the door and gone in, and it killed her. I turned back around to the room and my next door neighbour, who doesn't even know this friend, was crying. She told me that she was my friend's real mother. My granddad was sat on a buffet eating, at first I thought it was bread then I realised it was some cake and I asked him where he got it, he told me from a cupboard in my house, and I told him that I had brought that cake back from Germany with me and so it would be mouldy now because that was a long time ago. He said it was mouldy and it tasted funny, but continued to eat it.

Has anyone got any ideas about what this, admittedly crazy, dream could mean? :S

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an eclipse?

i don't really remember anything else, but the eclipse is pretty clear in my mind. there were two, and they passed really fast

Example: Missing Cat Dream. What does it mean?

My cat has been missing for just over a week, she is only 18 months old.

I keep having this dream where the man down the road has her at his house, and in my dream i keep knocking on his door and when he answers i can hear her meowing. Last night I had the same dream but this time I went into the house and followed the noise to find her in a cage hidden under the bath. My memory of the rest of the dream gets pretty vague here, but I remember the man saying he was getting a new cat soon, and in my dream I took that as when he does I can have mine back...

Since having this dream, I've discovered that the man who lives in the house has a wife who is cat crazy, and people have suggested knocking on the door to see if they have our cat? I have knocked on the door to subtly ask if they have seen her and they kindly put up a missing poster in their window for us, I still have this dream though and its really bugging me. What does the dream mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

ok... 1 dream i had was about me walking down the street n i saw sum ppl who ran out of a store with a GINORMOUS wooden cross n jus set it on fire n strtd dancin around it.. other ppl came n strtd cryin n begged them to stop tryin to relieve the flames.. but i jus sat n watched with no emotion wat so ever.. (i love god btw)

my 2nd dream was about me bein "raped" buh by a ghost.. i was scared at first buh then i strtd 2 enjoy it bcuz the ghost's voice brought some pleasure to it so i jus went with the flow... what do both of my dreams mean? do i wanna hav sex with a ghost? do i hate god? help me :O

Example: Two dreams based on the same subject. What could they mean?

Both of these dreams were based on Satan, the devil. All I remember about the first one was that there was a lady who was near a forest. She was looking towards the forest when she caught sight of something entering the place. Somhow she knew it was the devil, and she seemed curious. I remember that Satan transformed into a female prostitute I think. This woman had blonde hair, and she was wearing a deep purple garment, which reminded me of a robe. Her aim was to appear attractive, but sexually appealing to men, and to lure all men towards her.

My second dream was about my sister. I remember we were watching tv together downstairs as a family. For some reason I explained to everyone that I needed to go upstairs. My sister also followed me. There was a scene where she turned very violent, dangerous, and sexual. I can't think what the sexual part was about though. I was in her bedroom and she was trying to kill me. She was pure evil. My parents were both asleep in their room when this was going on and I decided to wake them up. I felt really afraid and I shouted "Don't you realize, she's pretending to be the devil!" I then explained to my parents how violent her behaviour had been towards me. They believed me and then the next minute we are all running for our lives because my sister was trying to kill our family. We went up some steps to try to escape. As my sister got nearer, my dad took a pair of scissors and tried to stab her with them, but failed. She set some things on fire to stop us from escaping but luckily there was a large thing full of water which one of us knocked over to put the fire out. It seemed like my sister was possesed or was being controlled by Satan. I don't remember anymore about it, but I woke up in tears.

Example: What does it mean when a boy dreams about you?

Well, I really like this guy and he told me he likes me. So the next day my friend told me that he had a dream about me because he told her.

He said in his dream that we were holding hands and making out, and that we were really happy together, and that it was weird because it seemed real.

What does it mean?

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