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Dream About Escape From Danger meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was on a playground, the playground was constricting...it was too small, the merry-go round was tiny and on the outskirts stood hundreads of people all dressed in black...it looked like that guy from the crow times 10. behind them stood a large house that seemed to be haunting in nature, one of them turned around and tried to scare me as I approached but I wasn't scared, because we were by the playground, when I inquired as to what was going on he said that they were raising money for two dead students( I guess it was a fake haunted house...) when I woke up I felt strange

To dream that you are on a playground, indicates your desire to escape from daily stresses. It can also mean that you need to be more carefree and explore your talents.
To see a merry-go-round in your dream, represents innocent joy. This dream can also express anxiety about the transition into adulthood.
Black symbolizes the unknown, the unconscious, danger, mystery and malice. If you feel happy in the dream, the blackness could imply hidden spirituality and divine qualities.
Feeling scared in dreams signifies that your achievements may not be as successful as you had hoped. You are having anxieties in certain circumstances of your life, possibly related to people who you are not able to trust. However, your worries will be temporary and short-lived. If you know exactly what scared you in your dream, check out that dream symbol in this dictionary to get an even deeper interpretation.
To dream of a haunted house represents unfinished emotional business, related to your family, dead relatives, or repressed memories and feelings.
To dream about the death of a loved one, suggests that you are lacking a certain quality that the loved one represents. Ask yourself what makes this person special or what do you like about him. It is that very quality that you are lacking in your own relationship or circumstances. To dream of a death frequently signifies news of a birth. To be aware of a dead person you cannot identify foretells an inheritance which may not be personal, but could be indirectly beneficial to you.


Okay this is not about just one dream but many dreams. All the dreams however have the same theme.

I am in danger and I am being chased. I try to hide and save myself (obv). Also in EACH dream there are people who try to save me, even if it means risking their lives. I never get hurt in any dream. Also in all dreams I escape at the end and finish the "villian" of the dream.

However in real life I am extremely helpful and loyal, however in the dreams, I do not remain loyal to the people who try to save me. Whenever I find the oppurtunity to run, I forget all about them and run for my own life.

I will give you some examples ..

Once, I was in an abondoned tower with its top blown of. And there were crows and vultures all around the tower, trying to pick out my eyes. I was desperately trying to hide. Then there was this boy (who told me he has a crush on me) who asks me to go and hide in a room. He lookes the door and stands infront of it so no one can enter.

Example: What do running dreams mean?

I had a weird dream that I was leaving a college class and walked out of the wrong door, I did not recognize the street I was on and began to run like a leopard(with my arms and legs) Their were 2 people behind me that I did not know chasing me but I was too fast. I woke up with a bad feeling. Any insights? ( I have been out of college for 6 yrs now)

Example: Getting Dreams of Danger, Killing, etc. What does this mean?

When i was young.. the only good dream I remember was Me being in my School's PE GYM and there were actual real pokemon and I'm engaging a Pokemon Battle.

The rest of my dreams are all me either running away from danger or me killing people or something to get out of danger. Though everytime I run, my body feels very heavy and slow and my mind is panting and panicking wishing to run (normally) fast.

What does this mean?

some of my dreams..
"I was in a Supermarket, then this Half Human Half Cat Scary Beast is chasing me and its just chasing me the whole time. When I run, my body feels so slow, and my mind is just pushing hard, im panicking, so I can run fast"
"I was kidnapped, and I had a knife and stabbed the kidnappers and it felt real in my hands. I was panting and panicking in my dream"
"Im in a mall, it is 8pm very late so I figure Id go home. I was crossing this weird Crossover then this Girl is following me and wants to kill me. And when I try to run, Im having a hard time, like my body is being forced to move slow but my mind is pushing myself to try to walk fast as possible"
"Im in a mall with my friends, and were playing a game. Its so cool that Im doing all these parkour moves without thinking that I may be injured. But as Im being chased, when I run. I feel like my body is slow. Im panting really hard. Im panicking. My body runs so slow, but im forcing myself to run fast."

Example: What does my dream mean?

i keep having dreams in which people jump to their deaths off of buildings or waterfalls etc. in my dream i dont actually try to stop them, other people do, but to no avail. It is groups of people, sometimes 20 or more, and they all jump off without hesitation. It terrifies me. What does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this strange dream the other day...

I was on an old fashioned train, somewhere in Europe, which had become a single state. I was in a crowded compartment, and it looked very cold outside, but I was warm in the train. I knew that Europe was under threat from a series of mysterious vampire-esque killings.

As we slowed into the station, the power cut out. I knew there was something wrong and people were muttering to each other in a Germanic language, seemingly oblivious to danger. I legged it, pulling my long coat up, and walking through the snow as I heard screams behind me.

I walked through the streets until I found a building with lights on, it was a lively, modern looking hotel. I went inside tried to warn the reception staff of the danger, but they wouldn't listen. I managed to insist on seeing the manager, but had to wait, so I went upstairs to a first floor veranda. I began to talk to a waiter, or porter or some sort of employee there.

At that moment a woman walked into the hotel, I knew her by sight, and knew that something was wrong. Without warning she transformed into a vampire. Me and my new friend legged it, on the way I smashed open a fuse box, and electricity repelled the vampires. We went down a fire escape accompanied by two other lucky survivors, of around my age and build.

We walked along a lonely, dark, cold road for what seemed like hours, until we came to a falk in the road. We turned to see the hotel burning in the distance behind us. There were two roads: one was a main road, leading to a city, the other, led off into a dark forest. We took that road.

A little while later we came to a boarded up shack. We were tired and decided to break the door down to spend the night there, but before we could manage that, an older man opened it for us from inside, and told us to come in.

We had some food, but then the vampires arrived, under their guise of normal women. We all knew what we were dealing with, but we couldn't run, and succumbed to letting them come right up to us. They then tried to make out that they were in fact prostitutes, but we were having none of that. Things turned nasty, I got bitten, and one of the others had to have a vampire wrestled off him. For some reason the vampires then left. We got some sleep.

I woke up in what looked like victorian London or something, and I felt rejuvenated. I then realized that my body was changing, and I became a werewolf. I ran the streets of London chasing someone, but slipped and fell into a river, or the sea. It was freezing cold and the last thing I saw were the townfolk looking grim, and hate-filled as I floundered.

As my head goes under, I wake up.

What could that strange tale mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

In this dream, I was a Japanese girl. I was pursued, in the park, by a young man who sort of became my husband (not very clear how) and next thing I know, he (or I, or both) got drunk in a bar and were surrounded by some people (who apparently were friends of his). I just wanted to get rid of him, I felt so, and I started running. He told me (loudly, so his friends could hear) that there was no place I could go, unless I wanted to go into death, as the floods were coming. Apparently he was drunk as well... and he continued drinking with his friends and I left all by myself only to arrive by the sea... there I realized that floods were coming towards the sea and if I stepped any further I would get caught into the water and probably drown, as I was drunk and wasn't feeling very well and wasn't lucid enough to keep myself alive... I ran aside and went into a park and started to climb a tree. There, I was noticed by a stranger (who was apparently of noble blood), who ordered his servant eunuch to bring me to him. The eunuch got me down from the tree and handed me to his master. In a way I was glad that I could escape from the first man, apparently my drunk husband. The eunuch and his master took me to a palace, and they showed me some rooms - in one I was supposed to sit at a table and write a poem, in another I was to write and understand some kind of philosophy, etc. In a way I felt safe, but I was afraid of my drunk husband coming after me when he got sober...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at this house and I was with this guy and some other people and we heard a gun shot in another part of the house and the people that were in that part of the house came over to where I was and the other people were too and they were gonna set the house on fire but I told them to go to a different part of the house so people could escape(smart on my part I said to people). So then someone said to go downstairs but that was the basement and it was dark so I was going to go out the back door but they would see so I grabbed my panda bear(that I really have cause I didn't want to lose it) and went out the window. Then one of the girls in the houses sister was asking for her so I ran to an office and banged on the door.

Example: Do dreams mean anything?

Okay so tommarow I'm going to this beach resort with my school and so far I had 2 dreams and both of them I was about to drown. Does this mean if I swim tommarow ill drown? What does it mean

Example: What does this dream mean please help?

Okay so last night I had this dream
Well my mom was saying she wanted to sacrifice her boyfriend and I was thinking yeah I would become famous like I always wanted to but then the day came and I didn't want to do it and u tried to stop mon from doing it
There was her boyfriend sitting around on the grass and my brother
And mom jumped off the building and I got dragged to hell I got put in this room it was full of Devils and I couldn't break the windows to get out then shortly after mom walked into the room
Then the devil was angry at me cause I didn't want to do it
Then I broke out and ran and I was at school running from this demon but it was some friend that I know and I was kicking down the block doors to get out then the devil would lock it then I ran into a room with another friend and jumped out the window to get out of the school and me and him were happy and he said run this way lets go to mine
Then some lazer shot him and he died and there were all lasers coming from the sky
I woke up feeling scared
What does this mean please help im scared thankyou

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