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Dream About Evil Sound meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do recurring people in dreams mean?

Okay so a friend of mine and I keep have dreams with certain people in them. The only problem is, is that we've never seen these people before, so we aren't sure they actually exist.

My friend keeps having dreams about a tall guy with dark hair, and dark eyes that are usually hidden. And I've possibly seen him in a couple dreams too.

I have seen a lady, she looks like she's in her twenties. She has a Spanish accent, dark hair and dark eyes. Although, in one recent dream I saw her (possibly) younger.

I don't like the sound of that (dark eyes) That doesn't sound like a good thing. I think dark eyes mean evil in there souls. If it is recurring, then that is prophetic that you will meet up with these people. I would be careful if you do meet up with these guys. recurring dreams are like dey J vous ( did I spell this right?) Prophetic!

I have brown eyes too, and I know Im not evil

No I can't say that your souls are evil

eyes are usualy hidden-- I don't know about this

the only thing I know is you will meet up with these people in the future

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is going to sound really weird but here goes...

So in my dream i was walking around an abandoned factory with 2 or 3 other people and we were hunting a Demon of high authority so i assume i was fighting for the good side. But then in true movie style we took out a diary from my backpack, the diary was one of them that has been with me all my life for some significant reason but never been read! We opened it up hoping to find some enlightenment as to how to dispel the demon when we can across a poem. All 3 of us began to read the poem aloud, i don't remember any lines from the poem apart from, vaguely, the last one which read something like "This is my 60 60 60" Which obviously is a poorly hidden "666" No sooner had we finished reading the poem that i felt like i was about to be sick, the other 2 guys looked at me and shouted to kill me! By the time they had drawn weapons i myself had turned into a Demon as if the poem unlocked something inside of me! The rest of the dream was a fight for my survival with the Demon i was once hunting and against the people i had once been allied with. However, I didn't feel as if i wanted to do bad things like a demon should.

I'm really wondering what this dream could mean, even the fact that my subconscious wrote itself a complete poem is far beyond me tbh. But the really confusing part is, When i became the Demon, i felt complete and it made me happy! As if i was finally free?

Someone please diagnose lol, if you are confused about any part message me and ill try to explain a bit better!

Example: The meaning of Dreams?

I had these dreams last night One was a dream I was getting married, I had on a veil, I was looking at myself in the mirror. I had a compact and the mirror broke, then I had another dream that I was in the woods with my cat and I saw an owl. I looked up these dreams and an owl means death or evil, one book I had said a wedding is a union and another said it meant death. Another said a broken mirror is a sign of bad news. Do these dreams mean anything? Help, I am starting to get scared!

Example: What does this dream mean?

last night i had a dream there were these androids, i dont remember much about them but they were girl androids, 2 of them were good and then somebody made 2 evil ones,so me and my brother got sent to the moon to get rid of the evil ones. we got rid of them eventually then we started just wondering around the moon. then this guy drove past us and gave us 1001 beers .__. i dont even drink beer in real life.

we put thebeer in the freezer and then some friends from school started showing up D:

and we all were gonna drink and party but then i woke up!

Example: What does it mean when your dream has no picture (Completly dark) but sound.?

I felt extremly anxious...and the babys cry was extremly loud and it felt so real I woke up looking around my house to see for some reason there would be a baby around.There reallt wasn't a reason to why it was dark...It didnt feel as if i was trapped somewhere it just felt like my eyes were closed...(not sure if this makes sense..)

Example: Dream/Nightmare meaning?

Too make a long nightmare short, there was a cat who could talk and was trying to kill me it was scratching and biting me, it was just plain evil, once I got away from it I went into my house and i went into the bathroom and it was very dark there was a lot of clutter and then I see a rat. It was evil also and it was going to harm me but then I caught it and was putting it outside and it said, "You know I'm just going to come back." in an evil voice, So I felt like it was going to kill me so I felt like I had to kill it first. so I chopped it up but after that It kept moving and it was just sooo freaky. That's all I can remember. Does anyone know what this dream could mean. Like evil a evil cat and a rat. Please help because this is the most weird and scary dream that I have ever witnessed. Thanks.

Example: What does it mean if i dream about Evil doll dreams?

because this is what dream i had it may sound confusing -.- but it never happend to me before

My dream i had i was holding one and it look all nice then the room got darker and
HER head turned slowey with her eyes light up red
so i droped her and picked her up. and she was normal then she turned around
looked all mean again 2 time woke the hell out of me so before i woke up i slamed the doll into the wall and woke up then saw my landry hall way light up but i thought i left the br door open. but it was shut the whole time and i saw white shadow in the landry room.. @.@ so i turned around and went back to sleep -.- it was hella creepy


Example: Scary dream about an evil monster in my house (What does it mean)?

What do you think this dream meant, if anything? I had this dream last night, and it felt almost like a nightmare. The dream happened like this:

I was at home (Strange as there appeared to be hundreds of doors inside it). I was planning on taking a shower, so I opened up the towel closet door, and found another door inside it, leading to another room. I also saw another door right beside the toilet, and yet another one right beside it where the sink should’ve been. I was picking a towel out and planning on getting ready to take a shower when I heard a noise from behind one of the doors. It sounded like rough breathing and a clawed hand scraping against the door. I was like “Yikes!” I ran over and tried to lock all of the doors, but found out that the main one I thought the creature was behind needed a key. I quickly opened the bathroom door and ran out before it could get me. I was going to call 911, but I figured they would never believe that some evil creature was hiding behind the doors, watching my every move. That sounds crazy. I could hear it and sense it though, so I knew it was spying on me just waiting for a perfect moment to strike. I was home alone, so I rooted through a box of miscellaneous items looking for the key to lock that door. I couldn’t find the right one, but did find a big flashlight that worked. I knew that I had to find it, before it had a chance to get me. I walked into the Living Room, and seen a creepy old door behind the sofa. I opened it and it creaked loudly. I glanced up, and then took a few steps forward. I seen there was no lights, so I turned the flashlight on. I walked down a small set of steps (Maybe four). I was walking and realized I must be in some underground tunnel, under my house. I felt the one wall and it felt like ground. I couldn’t see too well with only the flashlight, but I could hear noises like the creature was scurrying away. I caught a brief glance of it and seen it most certainly wasn’t an animal. I only caught a glimpse of a dark grayish arm with razor-sharp claws on the end of the fingers. The creature acted like it was either scared of the light or it didn’t want me to find it. I was trying to track its movement with the flashlight, but jumped when the doorbell rang (It was loud).

Example: What does my dream mean? evil?

hi last night i had a very vivid dream. it was set in my bedroom at night where i sleep with my husband and baby son. in my dream i was sleeping and could feel a presence, i woke and had my child in my arms i could see somthing on his face and went to turn the light on, he had paint on his face aswell as me and my husband, i noticed paint splats allover the bedroom walls also in dark grey colour and words on the wall saying ''get out''. i woke my husband and then heard my husbands father and younger brother who also live here shouting. i opened the bedroom door and the ghost pushed the brother out of the way and ran downstairs and you could hear the ghost banging downstairs. his father repainted the walls, but the next day on entering the room the spirit which is felt but never seen had made a huge hole in the ceiling and debri everywere. the spirit was throwing things around and i was fighting back trying to hit it. the spirit took over a unknown womans body who just popped out from nowhere. she had a very evil grin and she walked slowly out of the room, i turned to my husband and whispered to him ''its gone into her'' then i woke/?

Example: What do evil snake dreams mean?

I had a dream that a snake ate my mother in law's face. I know, sounds horrible. She's not my favorite person in the world, but I don't hate her like that. Does anyone know what this dream might mean?

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