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Dream About Ex Friend meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does ex boyfriends dream mean?

He told me the other day that he had a dream where he was walking with his friend and he ran into me and my boyfriend (he didnt know who it was) and was really jealous. So then there was this "sword and the stone" thing goin on and he ended up being able to keep the sword and he used it to stab my boyfriend in the face and then it ended. What do you think this means?

This can mean one of three things. One: He might be wanting you back. He misses you and wants you back. You might just be on his mind a lot, too. When i tend to be stressed out about something, it tends to come out in my dreams (but honestly, I have the most random dreams with practically everyone i know in them so i don't really think much about my dreams).

Two: It may mean nothing. I always have dreams of the most random people. And honestly, it means nothing. I just laugh and tell all my friends about my weird dream. Like last week, i had a dream that i fought a war against my friend and accidentally cut him. And then i helped him clean it up and we went to McDonald's. Not the most ordinary dream and definitely not the guy i'd expect to see in my dream. We're more like just acquaintances than really good friends.

Three: I know this sounds really cruel and I'm not judging or anything because i don't know this guy. But he might be lying to you. And this isn't necessarily bad if you think about it. He wants you so bad that he's willing to make up a dream about you to express that he wants you back.

Example: I had a dream about a ex friend and dont know what it means?

i had a dream i was out and about and i sore a ex friend of mine. she was cheating on her boyfriend so i took some pictures and showed them to him. i ended up in a room full of her family so i told them all to. i think i was hopeing this would break them up because she has always thought she was better then everyone else! but i dont know what to make of this dream i havent spoke to this girl since april so y am i out of the blue having a dream about her?

Example: What does it mean to dream about an ex- best friend?

I've been having weird dreams about me talking to one of my ex friends who I was very close to. We don't talk anymore. Anyway what does this dream mean.

Example: Dreams about my ex best friend?

For the past few days I've had dreams about my ex best friend. In my dreams, we'd do things we used to always do and we always make up in them first. We got into a fight because she thought I was talking about her behind her back which was completely untrue. It's upsetting that she never even bothered asking me about it. We were so very close and I do admit that I miss her so much! But we're enemies (she egged my house, I sorta beat her ***..). It's so upsetting to keep dreaming about her, and I want to forget about her and put her in the past. Can anyone help? Thanks so much.

Example: Dream about my ex best friend?

i keep dreaming about my ex best friend we used to be friends but a few months ago we faded apart and not spoke since and it doesn't bother me but she always seems to be in my dream

Example: Meaning of dreams about an ex best friend?

I keep having dreams every couple of months about an ex friend of mine. She was my best friend for years and she screwed me over many times throughout our friendship & I always forgave her. She started to take advantage of that. For months she was doing shady sh*t& I had no idea any of it was going on. Plus I know she assumed that even if I found out, I'd simply forgive as always. But as soon as I found out, I cut her out of my life completely and haven't talked to her since. She never bothered apologizing btw.

That was 2 years ago. She never even crosses my mind anymore. Idk why but over the last few months Ive been having these dreams that she appears at my school &apologizes. Then I'm like "Its whatever. I'm over it". And I walk away. But she takes me forgiveness as me saying "we're friends again!" & she follows me around. So throughout the rest of the dreams I just go about my daily life & she tags along. I never acknowledge her but she never leaves my side. It's weird and a little annoying.

What do these dreams mean?

Example: I had a dream about ex-friend what does it mean?

i dream about my ex-fiend he is married, i am married too, but in the dream he ask me if i will marry him i said yes.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about your ex best friend?

i had a best friend and we were really close but her mom made us not be friends anymore, and things got around and now we hate each other and now we cant even be in the same room . but i keep having dreams about either us getting into a phisical fight and other nights its us making amend . i dont know what i should do?

Example: What does this mean?: ex friend dream?

last night i dreamed that i was with my ex friend and she stopped me and asked me back out. at first i wanted to say no but, i said yes. i woke up happy. but she broke up with me two months ago. we been together for 6 months. can some one tell me what this mean? thing is we never spoke to each other ever since nor saw each other..

Example: What does this dream mean? ex best friend? *******KINDA LONG******?

i had a dream i was walking to my class and my ex best friend lauren told me to wait ...and she told me to skip. so i agreed ..while we were skipping her sister and her were telling to follow them ...so i did..and when we tried to go back a security guard caught us ..and i tried to run but i fell and hit the floor really hard. i was going in and out of consciousness...and the guard was pulling on my legs ...checking if i was awake. so then i basically passed out. after that ...i woke up next to a bed...ad i looked at it for a long time then i took it apart. after that... i went to my teacher's class...and she was giving out test grades...and she told me that i had failed one test ...and she was going have to tell my dad...so i started crying ...but nobody noticed. the next dream was...me and lauren (ex best friend)...running away from these certain people...and hiding. so then when they found us we went outside...and i told her i needed to kiss her to try it out...and she said she didn't know about that...and we just looked at each other for a little while...and then i kissed her. and she just walked away.we got on our bikes and rode off...then when we got to my house...i kissed her twice. and this time she backed away. i have been questioning my sexuality for 6 months. but i reason to believe i'm bisexual but i have doubts that i am bisexual. i am a girl.

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