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Dream About Ex Partner meanings

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Example: What do u all think it means dreaming with a ex-boyfriend?


It is very common for people to dream about ex-partners. Individuals that have been an important part of our lives continue to take up a part of our mind and heart. It is impossible to very dramatically shut the person out of thoughts and feelings. Just because the relationship ends does not mean that all is finished. As we go through relationships we learn and at times pick up "battle wounds." You will continue to dream about your boyfriend until you "let go" of them on a very important level, or until you learned your lessons from that relationship. Either way, dreaming about your ex-romance does not predict future involvement. It may be wish-fulfillment, reliving memories, or working out old issues. Dreams are very rarely prophetic

Example: What does it mean when dream about your ex?

but yout perfectly happy with your current partner? I feel bad dreaming about my ex and then waking up to my love.. help what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream that your partner is cheating on you?

Example: Wat do sexual dreams with ex partners mean?

i had a dream last night that i had sex with my ex ex partner, when i told my present girlfriend about this she gt all mardy and upset sayin i MUST like her to be having dreams about her, but the truth s that i dont like my ex ex whatsoever, and im happily in ove with mypresent girlfirend,

can anyone give me an answer as to why i may of dreamt about her,

Example: What does this dream mean, an ex partner losing their nose.?

It is two weeks into a break up from a turbulent relationship, I still love the guy, he broke us up and wouldn't answer his door at his home two weeks ago, although he text me how I was the next day I've not been in response since.

Last night I had this dream We were being chased, he, me and some one else (unknown.) They both jumped a sharp wire fence and made a run, I got caught on the fence just banging into it, not attempting to climb. I made my apologies to the enforcement guards but they were aggressive anyway. My ex and the other later are bought back - I see my ex enters having been punched in the eye. He has a tendency towards aggression, and that's when I realise his nose has been ripped off. It was then that I woke up.

What could it mean? This dream felt incredibly real and I feel it had a message. Thank you in advance.

Example: Why am i dreaming of my ex partner?

i have been split up from my ex for nearly 2yr now,it were a pretty scary relationship we use to fight most of the time we were together 4years he cheated on me thats why we split up i have a daughter to him who is 2years old he is still with the girl he cheated on me he lives with her and ive never bothered about it but i keep dreaming about him what does this mean

Example: Reoccurring dream about an ex-partner? ?

Ok... this might be a little long in order to take in all the facts!

On May 5th 2006 I cheated on my then partner of 3 1/2yrs (not something I'm proud of!) In the end, a relationship developed between me and the other man, and eventually my partner found out about on 18th August 2006 through a msg on my mobile. I saw a whole new side to him that I had never seen... he held a machete above my head and threatened to kill me... later he made me watch him cut his wrists over the bath and thankfully the police came before anything worse happened. He later told me that he had planned to kill me and then himself!

After all these events, I took out a court order which meant he couldn't contact me, or come near me. We broke up. However, I felt so guilty for what I had done, and he continued to pressure me to talk to him... he kept saying I owed him...so we continued to talk (fight) on and off in the months to follow. Other things happened, but we wont go there... A few times he said that he was going to kill himself, but I never took him seriously. One time, I was really concerned for his safety, so I told his parents. His mother just told me to leave him alone...

In February 2007, he decided to move to another state... we spoke a few times on the phone and everything seemed OK. It seemed like he was settling in well. He later sent the guy I cheated on him with (we were together) an email asking if we were still together. The guy was so annoyed that he wrote back that we were getting married.

So, he killed himself. They found him in his hotel room, and he had left a note saying that he hated me and if he died it was all his fault. I wasnt allowed to go to his funeral, and I have never been to the place where they scattered his ashes. In a way I have never really fully acknowledged that he was dead.

Later on that night I had a dream... he was in it and he told me that everything was OK, he didn't feel angry anymore and he was in a better place. I honestly thought that was a sign from him.

Then over the last year, I have been having 2 sets of dreams. One is where I am in the state where he killed himself, and I desperately need to get to the hotel. I keep on getting close, but then something will prevent me from getting there or Ill wake up. The 2nd one is usually me trying to hide from him because he is trying to hurt me...

I have since realized that our relationship was both a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship, and situations occurred that when I look at it now it could best be described as rape. He was never physically abusive, but he could get into moods where he would start yelling and never stop.

What could these dreams be about? Have I never fully dealt with it?

Your opinions will be greatly appreciated =D

Example: I dreamt that my Ex-partner is seeking divorce on me but I have never been married or even to him what does?

I dreamt that my Ex -partner want a divorce on me but I have never been married not even to him what does thats mean? Please let me know thanks

Example: What does it mean when u constantly think and dream about ur ex?

I am in this relationship, for a year now and we live together but i cant stop thinking about my ex. My partner and i argue occasionally, and when my partner tells me to get f...d all i really want t do is to move back home and call my ex. I think i didnt really get over him but i dont know, sometimes i think why am i here but its so hard i am used to my bf and its hard to leave...

Example: Dream meaning about my Partners ex-girlfriend?

I recently had a dream about my boyfriends ex girlfriend, I don't remember the whole dream but the feelings I got was that I was right, and she admitted she was wrong. That I had somehow won him. Even thought this is the feeling I got from the dream I'm still not exactly sure what it means. I've been on a bunch of dream meaning site's and read books, but I'm not getting a clear interpretation.

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