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Dream About Ex Wife meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this ex wife dream mean?

Okay so I had a dream about my "boyfriends" ex wife , since I don't wanna meet her in real life in my dream I had this "wtf" face.. lol. Then she's like hi, how are you.. & then she goes on asking me how many years do you need to finish high school? Since iam younger than my "boyfriend" she really pissed me off. But what would this dream mean?
AI: before you guys go off "how old is this guy?" He's 39 & iam 18, & don't go off with your "he could be your father" I've heard all bull**** before, so please just help with my dream! :) THANK YOU!

It means that you are finding yourself in a situation that you don't want to be in, you know that there will probably be some smart remarks made if you do meet her in real life and you just don't want to be bothered with it and I thinks that's why you had the dream, it was just a reflection of how you feel.

Example: What does dreaming about ur boyfriends, ex-wife mean?


I dreamt of my boyfriend and his late wife. In my dream, my boyfriends and i are together, then his late wife comes in and she is 6 months pregnant, my boyfriend is overjoyed at the news. He seems to be so much in love with his late wife, and i am left out. When his late wife was alive, the relationship was not a happy one. The late wife and i seem to get on well together in my dream. I don't know what to make of this dream, please help. My boyfriend and i have a really loving relationship, but this dream is confusing.

Example: Does this have a specific meaning? dream about ex-boyfriend?

i broke up with him year ago... rather he dumped me... then he kept disappearing and re-entering my life. the second time when he confessed... i had a dream about him proposing a week prior to the event... ever since whenever he re-enters in my life i have different dreams about him some time earlier... now i had a dream about his friends hinting me and joking about him wanting to get back together ... but he tries to quiet them up... but later confirms with eye contact that all this is true... then the slide changes... but after 2 days i saw him at my bus stop... apparantly his timings have changed or something... i just wanted to know... did this dream have some specific meaning?

Example: What does it mean to dream with your ex?

about a year and a half ago, I broke up with my first boyfriend. He was really important to me, my first love and the first person I was intimate with. The reason we broke up was because I found out he was dating me and had a girlfriend in Mexico at the same time. Time passed and I started dating someone else. I fell head over heels in love with him, I couldn't even compare it with what I felt for the first guy. Because of things that were out of our hands, we broke up just last week. What confuses me is the fact that I have been dreaming with my first ex for a couple of weeks now, maybe even months. I dream that we are at family reunions and I flirt with him, laugh, try to do my best to catch his attention and at the end we make out and hold hands, etc etc. What does it mean? Why do I keep dreaming with my first boyfriend if I really don't love him anymore... why don't I dream with the one I just broke up with, the one I love with all my heart?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of an ex girlfriend and her family?

Well, my first love and her family appear in my dream at times. This one we were at this wooden inn and I was just visiting. But they were all there having a good time while I lurked around observing them. What in world could this dream even mean?

Example: What does a dream involving an ex wife mean?

In the dream I am walking down a crowded street and a child comes running to me. I ask him where his mother is and he takes me to the street corner and there, my wx wife is buried.

Example: Dream meaning: House invaders, Ex-wife, Child crucifixion & Time travel?

I had a vivid dream that my ex-wife wanted to offer me a purely sexual relationship (I divorced her in real life). I wasn't in my house, I was living in a top-floor apartment overseas. I called in sick at work so I could stay in my apartment. Then somebody rang the doorbell... I didn't answer it because I thought it was my current girlfriend and I didn't want there to be any trouble between her and my ex-wife. I looked out the window and I could tell from the top of their heads that it was a pair of repair workers, but I didn't want to let them in. They saw me and started very rapidly climbing up the drainpipe. I couldn't close the window quickly enough, so they burst in and said it was important they complete the plastering work. One guy was very aggressive, saying that I was only lazing around playing X-Box anyway and I would never amount to anything in my career (in real life, I have never even owned an X-Box!), so I lost my cool and said, "It's better than being a plasterer!" and shoved him against the wall. The repairmen quickly turned their attention to my apartment and started ransacking the place. When I walked into the main living room, there were about 100 students in there having a disco party and ruining the place?! But wait, it gets even weirder...

In the next scene, my ex-wife and I travelled back in time in my van. We revisited a Buddhist temple we went once on holiday where she said she had either lost something important or needed to see it to remind herself of an important event that she had forgotten. While this was happening, there was a small wooden stage erected in front of us and they started bringing out very young children on crosses and crucifying them! The worst thing about this was, I didn't really think it was that horrific in the dream, I was just casually observing. Then my ex-wife went bezerk, her eyes were glowing red and she started scratching all the children who were observing in the crowd. I had to jump on her back and get her in a Jiu Jitsu hold to stop her from hurting any more children.

What in the world does all this mean?

Example: I dreamt I was waltzing with my ex-wife. What does it mean?

We were waltzing together, and the motion swept us up into a rhythm together just like it used to be. I leant in to her and said "Just let me lead". What does this mean? Do I still love her?

Example: Ex wife dream?

divorced about 4 years had a dream about having sex with her we had messy divorce would never get back together what does this mean

Example: What does it mean to dream about my husbands ex wife that is dead? I never really got a chance to meet her.?

They were not togther when I meet him. what does it mean. She spoke to me about how people were telling her about my ex...and i told her the truth about my ex husband. She proceeded to go to the beauty salon and I went to the same beauty salon. A lady that was said to be her sister was very disturbed with me because she found out that I was his new wife after her sister. She was being rather mean. I know they had hard times in there marriage. He talked to me about some of the things that happened. She dies of breast cancer. This freaks me out...because I never new her. I have nothing against her. I know that my husband was told by the doctor that he needs to go on Dyalisis...what does this mean?

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