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Dream About Exhale meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? Contains dying dog with wings.?

I had a dream I saw one of my old best friends in a store and so he is walking me to my car and we walk by this bar and we see another of our old good friends. He is mad at me at first and but I keep saying sorry and so he picks me up and hugs me and says he isn't mad anymore. So my old best friend and I are finally at my red car (in real life my car is silver so I'm not sure if this means something). On the side of my car is this dark dog (like a chocolate lab) and it had these huge white beautiful wings. It is sitting but the bottom half of its body is gone. It is bleeding and every time it exhales, blood comes out of its bottom half.
Can someone tell me what this means? Thanks! :)


You are reaching out to someone whom you had some falling out with to say how sorry you are, and re-connecting. That's big of you. You are bringing them into your life (to your car). It's red, and so is the blood coming out of the dream dog. Red is about passion, love, fire, strong emotions. Was the falling out with these old friends something that had a lot of emotion attached to it, a lot of fire, with recriminations and misunderstandings on both sides? I get the idea that while you are reaching out (wanting to reach out in the waking life) to say sorry you are neglecting to acknowledge or understand that YOU were hurt a great deal too, by this friends betrayal. You were loyal (what could be a better symbol of that than a mans best friend, with angel wings) and loving, totally supportive and you felt ripped in two when all this went down. You still carry the pain. There is a piece of you still wounded and bleeding because of whatever went down. It's not killing you literally but it still hurts (That is, when you acknowledge it. For the most part you keep it at a distance from your waking life and ignore it – hence the dog was outside the car and not in it)

I wonder if you perhaps tend to be supportive, loving towards and forgiving of others but when it is YOU needing the self support , understanding and mercy you are very harsh on yourself. Perhaps you could try giving yourself some of that healing, forgiveness and self love. You deserve it too. This old friend was mad at you (you are mad at yourself) but you know what, you did the best you could with what you knew at the time. Give that poor beautiful dog (you) some love. And just another thing: Dog spelt backwards is god. You do act from a higher vibration. You are a good soul who acts by the Golden Rule. You aren't the terrible person you felt like you were.

Hope this sheds some light

Zola Uriel

Example: Dreaming about fish ? what does it mean ?

I keep having weird dreams lately.

I have had dreams about fish twice this week and would like to know what does it mean?
Some back ground before I tell my dreams I am into reef aquariums so all the fish are saltwater fish that I can name. I have a few tanks in my apt that are empty, I really never dream about fish so this is odd to me.

First Dream I was cleaning my aquarium it’s a 29 gallon biocube. I took my two fish out a pair of true percula clowns. well whatever I was doing to my tank I was ready to put my fish back in the tank. I picked up a bucket and poured it into my aquarium 2 clowns came out like I suspected.

Then I grab another bucket to fill up this 8 gallon tank I have. ( have no idea why I was doing this) I picked up bucket to pour in tank and 2 more clown fish came out ?!?! These where true perculas also but the Onyx type. I was like wtf in my own dream ? I looked at them and was trying to figure out where they came from. I looked in all the buckest I had on the floor and then I looked at my biocube tank and I see a flame hawk fish ( I had a flame hawkfish but he went carpet surfing so he passed away a few months back)
I was so confused it caused me to make up.

Second dream

I was just looking at my aquarium , and I think I put new live rock in there or something so this is why I was looking in my aquarium. 2 clowns there and hawkfish ( back from the dead lol) But then in the back of my aquarium I see a little read fish moving around fast then it stopped moving and it was a young long nose hawkfish ….. I was again like wtf where did it come from? Then another fish appeared a young butterfly fish ( not sure what species) , then a midas blenny appeared ! I then woke up !

Any thoughts ? Or am I just crazy ?

Example: I had a dream last night and don't know what it means?

It starts out as me being a sniper. on a cliff overlooking a road. I realize that I forgot my camouflage suit so I am wearing a bunch of lettuce and my pink bunny slippers. I look around, grab my binoculars to look down and try and identify my target. It's a guy who looks like a foreigner of some sort. I find him and go to grab my rifle. but all I had in my rifle case was a few pieces of sticks, paper clips and some rubber bands. I quickly fashion a sling shot complete with laser guided sight. I get ready for the shot. I breath in... slowly exhale and shoot. and despite being 2 fields away got a head-shot. I start to pack up but my bunny slippers have attracted some local wildlife. I reach for my side arm, but it is just a taco. so we all sit down and eat lunch. I'm not quite sure as my husband rolled over in his cage next to the bed and woke me up. So I'm trying to write as much down as I can before the details become to lost. What does this mean? I'm also curious, do you think i could make this into a song?

Example: I dreamed a Tsunami, what does that mean?

So last night I dreamed that I was at the beach with my 2 little cousins. Then I saw the ocean goin back, all the way back. Then I remembered "Damn, I saw this at the Discovery channel, a Tsunami is coming." So I stayed there because I knew I had no chance for survival if I ran. Then the ocean was in the middle and a little wave hit some houses but no harm was done. Then I look back and I see a humongous wave coming towards us. Then I hold my cousins and tell them when the big wave hits us you take a deep breath. So as i see the wave coming closer I exhale and Inhale when it hits me. Next thing i know it hit me like a regular wave, it hit me under the arm. and the whole ocean was back to normal. then i said in my head "for sure im leaving cali in 2012"
but the weird thing was that I wasnt scared at all when i knew i was going to drown and die. I was so calm.
I know water means feelings in dreams but i dont know what else...
can somebody explain to me.

Example: What do any of my dreams from years ago mean?

Here is a summary of each one:

1. I was driving down a country road in the middle of the night. Then I saw a light down a road in the forest. Turned out there was a brand new shopping center nestled in the forest!

2. I was walking across a golf course covered in weeds.

3. I was driving down the freeway in NJ and I saw a rusty sign for a hardware store that was abandoned. And I was able to go inside the empty store and all these fancy toys were in there!

4. I was wandering through an abandoned mall and saw a zombie inside one of the storefronts like a prisoner.

5. Another of my dreams I dreamed that one of my local grocery stores went out of business, and it did in real life a year later!

6. This is one of my favorites. I broke into the second floor of an abortion clinic to get a cinnamon roll from their vending machine!

7. Why was I wandering through a snowstorm on foot at dawn and hanging around a gas station?

8. Why did I dream it was 1964, and I was at Philadelphia's airport watching The Beatles on TV?

9. Why did I dream I was finding gold in Australia?

10. Why did I dream I was at an Israeli skating rink and I saw this woman smoking who exhaled some smoke and it literally froze in the air like glass?

11. Why did I dream I got killed by a drug dealer on the way to my relative's house in Detroit? I don't even have relatives in Detroit!

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ive had a dream about 3 nights in a row now, which is new because i havent had any dreams that i could remember in about 5 years.

In this dream i was sitting in an abandoned house On the floor in what seemed to be a hallway infront of me was a door that was slightly open and light was coming through the gap, beside the door was a staircase and at the top there was some light projecting against the wall and there is a silhouette of a person, in the dream i imagine this person as a ghost and when i try to speak it feels like im just exhaling really deeply and i cant speak but in my head i am imagining asking the silhouette who are you? what is this? then i hear and feel what i think is a reply, int he dream it sounds like a deep grumpling in my head and i can feel my face burning as if your embarassed and i also get the feeling of air being taken from you like when you get hit by a gust of wind. In the dream i am sitting in the hallway facing the door and there is darkness all around apart from the stairs and the door, i always wake up after i ask a second question and get a reply when i wake up i feel really hot and disorientated.

is there anyone that knows anything about dreams or psychology or something that knows if there could be any way to interprate this in any way?


Example: My dream what could this mean.?

I was at a major retail store and i had a shopping cart full items as i was leaving the store to the exit door, the exit door looked like a metal dungeon door with a padlock. Obviously i couldn't get out of that door so i tried exiting through the entrance door which was next to the exit door, the entrance door wouldn't open. there were two associates besides the door but they did not say anything. in the dream i also saw past coworkers. i finally spotted an opening door, but, this time the retail store looked liked a warehouse.i walked to through the opening door and when i was outside i exhaled deeply and immediately went in my purse to get my car keys and phone to call my father, but my dream ended. what could this mean?

Example: What do my reacurring dreams mean?

hi im wondering if anybody could help me with a few reacurring dreams that i have almost every week,i get one out of the list at least once a week,they are as follows;- im back at my high school,and im crying my eyes out as it is coming to the time when i have to leave for good,and i really dont want to go (i somtimes wake my self up crying to this dream)
2:- im on a plane and it crashes to the floor but just before it crashes it regains its flight,or somtimes it does crash and i always survive,another plane dream is a fall asleep on the flight and when i wake up im @ my destination!
3 :- im naked roaming round the streets, at firstst i think it is normal,then i run for cover to hide my self.
4 :-(this is a reacurring dream ive had for years) i can be anywhere,and alls i have to do is take a deep breath and hold it and i start to float,then fly high in the sky like a bird,when i exhale i come safely back to the ground!
5 :-im on holiday in america (this is a country i would love to travel,i live in uk,and have never been to america,but ive always had a fasination with it) and when i am in america,i take deep breaths and always think to my self,wow im breathing american air,and that this time it isnt a dream and that i am really here,(ive been to america many times in my dreams,lol)
6:- i find out at the latest possible stages of pregnancy that i am pregnant and have to give birth,i do end up giving birth but in my dream i am always drugged up sort of "out of it",and before i know it the birth is over with,then all of a sudden my baby/babies(as sum times its muliple births!) are at toddler age!
these dreams are constant and always the same ones reaccure! any explanation as to what each of them means? thankyou for taking the time to read my essay! lol =] xx

Example: If anyone can help about a recurring dream?

Ok, I've had this dream more than once, but, it's years apart.
Whats happens, is it's me and some other person. We are in the woods. It's dark, and there is nothing, but a rectangular stone in front of us with three steps leading up. There is a single light from above shining down on top. If you went up the stairs, there is a translucent white blanket/cloth on top. The whole dream was, me lifting up the blanket, and dropping it. As it fell it made an exhaling sound, and then when it got to a certain point, close to the table, there was a silhouette, of a person for a second, then it collapsed.(I can see only the face) That was the whole dream lifting dropping, exhaling. It's a creepy dream, and I have NO idea what it could possibly mean.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay . I moved schools 2nd semester and I hardly have friends well some I can't lie band friends . Anyway I have been bullied by some people laugh at me because what I wear. Wednesday I wore a pretty dress and these girls laughed at me I don't know why though. Anyways I had dream last night that I was beating the girl that always laughs at me and I beat her up . The teachers didn't say or do nothing she was just looking . Then the principal got there and got me . They called me a psycho *****. This dream caught me off guard because I'm too nice of a person to be mean or anything . What does this mean ? Should I stand up for myself is that what it means or say something about it ?

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