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Dream About Exhibition meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream of girl I like asking me out to school formal. What does it mean?

In my dream, after a school exam, the girl I like yelled out my name as I was going into my car. She asked me how I did for the exam. Then as she walked away she asked me if I could go with her to the school formal.

She has finished exams and the tickets for the formal have been given out as it is next week.
So, what does this dream mean?

It is quite possible that you had what is called a wish fulfilment dream; that is one where your subconscious tries to fulfil your longings for what you most desire in life; in your case it would be for a chance to go to the formal with her. So in order to give you what you most desire, it creates a scenario in which you get your wish; it also means that you will be prepared in the event of it ever coming to pass. Don’t rule out the possibility of it happening. The other night I had the opportunity to go to an exhibition due to the fact that tickets unexpectedly became available because of a family emergency.

Example: Dream about a married ceremony?

I dream of my ex-boss wedding anniversary. In my dream, this couple does not go for vacation, therefore they celebrate their anniversary by repeating their married ceremony. I was a guest. And in between, I was in a car park, wrapping a living fish with some newspaper [it was not their wedding gift] …the rest I can’t recall.

Example: My friends purse found in drinking fountain? meaning?


This morning i dreamt of finding my friends Purse and wallet and Leather jacket outside near a Drinking Fountain?


i was asked by a show man and he said "excuse me"

Dream location: Sunny Exhibition Arena in Southeast Asia (Real Location)

So what does this dream tell me?

She is always leaving her belongings out when she visits restroom/etc.

On 1 occasion she lend me her Purse and Wallet and Jacket (she used a Restroom)

additional details:
She is a richgirl from Burma (island near Thailand) Asia

i wish i looked like her, she models on the internet for $$$ even i have sexual fantasies with her and im not a Man!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I had gone to study at the library with this skinny and very fit indian guy with glasses in the middle of the night but the steps we needed to take to get to the library were dangerous because it was a bunch of loose rocks placed on top of each other and the rocks weren't strong enough to hold my balance while I was trying to manueavar up. I had to grab other rocks to hold my first grip in place but the new rocks that I grabbed weren't secure either and then I dreamed that there was an exhibition about horses for 3 days at the local museum during exam week. I needed to go even though it would be very busy. I woke up thinking about sex.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had a couple of dreams about my dad recently. I live overseas so I don't live with my family except for my older sister, and in the dreams it's always about me spending time with him when I hardly do in real life. I get to see him twice or 3 times in a year for 2 weeks to 2 months.

In the first dream he was in the country I live in, walking me to school (for the first time ever. He usually drove me but only has only once or twice) and I gave him a great hug and had to leave him for school. In the second dream he wanted to go somewhere with me but I told him I couldn't cos I had promised my friend to go to a Harry Potter exhibition with her. My mum and my sister were sleeping in the bedroom in my second dream. He kept asking me, what harry potter exhibition? and why?

Does this dream mean anything? I'm 18 and am currently worried that I could be pregnant, and my dad said he would kick me out if I ever get pregnant. Does this have anything to do with that? I haven't told anyone yet, I'm still assuming that I am and if I am pregnant, I might get an abortion depending on the situation.

I need help, please.
Thank you.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a very interesting dream...

It started with me in the car and I was going to the Chapters, I didn't think I'd be in there long I was just browsing quickly so I parked near the door and left my hazard lights on. When I got into the Chapters it was also turned into a gallery/exhibition of Tim Burtons.
It was very insane, staircases twisting and turning, big door ways and crazy patterns all over the place. I tried walking up one of the staircases to get to the top level but it led me to a dead end.. from the corner of my eye I saw a person approaching me. It was Edward Scissors hands - without the scissor hands... he had normal hands and he lead me to a doorway so I walked through and he kept a few paces behind me. I walked through another door leading to a small room that was apart of the gallery, but I was on the other side - soon he came in and lead me out back into the first room and steered me towards a corner. He began to get close to me and I closer to him, we kissed and our hands were all over each other it was a very passionate kiss. He even slipped his hand under my shirt onto my breast!
I suddenly remembered I left my car parked, but I didn't stop kissing him. What did made me stop was remembering I have a boyfriend.. and we're in a serious long term relationship. I didn't feel guilty at all though, infact I wanted to keep kissing him..

Now I can explain the Tim Burton stuff because this weekend for Valentines Day my boyfriend is taking me to the Tim Burton exhibition in Toronto. I'm really excited about it!
But what does all the other random stuff mean? Why was I kissing Edward Scissors hands and not feeling guilty about it.. this dream was very vivid to me, the whole kissing scene especially almost a lucid dream I would say.
I would just like some input.. this dream was so wild and quite interesting yet enjoyable.

Example: What does it mean to dream that there is a 3 day horse exhibition during exam week?

I dreamed that it was exam week and I was busy studying but needed to go to this horse exhibition at a local museum which would last 3 days and right during the time I should be studying for exams. What does this mean?

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

It was like 2 days ago ok, I was in my house then out of no where my old crush came in a car and yelled my name so i went and she told me to get in the car, so i went in and we were going to pay a water bill or something like that so i was waiting for her and since there was a lot of flowers in the little garden by the parking lot i said, "can we go slow, i wanna take the scenic room", then when she was gonna pull the thingy for reverse i grabbed her hand and she said, "oh i get you" then we went to some exhibition place and we were both looking at stuff then out of nowhere it turns into my old 6th grade classroom and my friends came up to both of us and they were her cousins? and then we were talking and thats it, what the hell does it mean first time I had a dream like that oh and sorry about my grammar and punctuation i suck at that

Example: Dreams on getting lost in an exhibition hall.?

I kept running around in the exhibition hall and kept seeing a security guard and kept telling me that he's off duty. And after a few rounds of searching, I finally found the booth where my friends are and it is full of colours. I dreamt about it a few years back. And now, it's back again... Can anyone tell me why? Thanks.

Example: I have to do an exhibition on someone who changed the American Dream. How about Joan Jett? Opinions? Reasons?

I mean, she was in The Runaways and they were like one of the first all girl rock bands...and they were pretty big...right?
Does Joan Jett seem like someone who has changed rock n roll and inspired young girls that they can be what they want?
(She was the one who wanted to start an all girl rock band in the first place...it was her idea.)


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