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Dream About Face Paint meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

O.K, I know these 2 things Have nothing to do with each other but I had a dream about going to a football game then all of a sudden this guy on a white cross on fire (like jesus, but wasn't him) comes out and the cross is messed up and crooked. He falls of the cross and starts walking ,but he isn't burning. then someone throws a white sheet engulfed in flames and then he starts burning then eventually dies. next cheerleaders come and start hitting each other with some sort of weapon then they die too. In my dream it was planned by some guy wearing face paint. This is really weird since I take my religion seriously and I didn't like the burning cross. It wasn't the K.K.K in my dreams. Any answers? I really want to know.

Hi Chaud B, If you would like to interpret dreams and find out what exactly it means than you have to do this,NOW..you have to take the first thing that you see in your dreams and write it down on paper as #1 which was going to a football game now write down what going to a football game means TO YOU NOT TO ANYONE ELSE this is your dream not anyone Else's OK.than the 2ND thing and put it down and so on even if you see colors you must interpret those also. When your all done than you read out-loud and go right down the list to the end,and surprise you have just interpreted your dream.Good Luck and have fun,Bob.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about a baby gorilla a pastor and we are at a Paint & body shop?

A few months ago i got my car painted [real life] and in my dream we were at that same paint shop. In the dream the painter had my pastor's face and he had a baby gorilla/ape. In the dream i could not see the person whom i was with but i believe it was my father because that's who i went with when my car got painted. So the painter comes walking to us with his baby gorilla playing around and I was soooo excited to see one because as a child i always wanted like a little monkey or chimp. I started playing with the gorilla and called my friend she was like "aww i wanna see, take some pics" ... I proceeded to take pictures and was happy and then i woke up ... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

The reason I'm up this early on a saturday? I've had a night full of strange dreams. Two in particular have me rather...intrigued. In one (I can't remember the order they came in) I was watching as a young woman, obviously not much older then my nearly 16, was led into a room. It was a rather large all stone room that was darkly lit, candles only I think. And there were quite a few people. They were dressed rather elegantly, old timey. Their faces were either really pale or painted white and they had some black face paint around their eyes and mouths. The girl, just as pale, but I could see that that was her actual skin tone, was wearing a white tank top and white sweats, cinched to the calf, and she looked completely disheartened yet still strong as she was lead to an elevated part of the center of the room. Suddenly I was right beside her, her arms were chained. An elegant looking man with long hair and no face paint, though he was pale as well walked up to her, I think he was about to place a blindfold over her eyes but she refused muttering "I've seen enough already" The man said "Very well." Then he grabbed her neck and pulled down.

Then it was over. And now that I'm awake and thinking about it, I thought it was an imaginary scene from a movie yet to be out with an actress who happens to look a lot like me, but as I thought about it more, that girl was me. Just perhaps a few years older and paler.

Onto the other dream. I was walking near the beach at sunset with a guy. I wasn't quite sure who he was, I don't remember seeing his face. I just remember feeling so utterly and completely in love with him. Also for some reason I felt...newly married, like I was on my honeymoon for some reason. It was great, though I never dreamt about...you know that part. I remember him helping me surf, and windsurf. I just remember being so in love with him.

So, what do you think they mean?

Example: Whats my girlfriends dream mean?

Hey, my girlfriend dreams a lot. We've gone onto dream-of.com a few times to try and find out what they mean. But her latest dream was just weird, and we couldn't find it there. I googled a little bit and then thought to myself, why not ask it here.

So here's her dream:

The two of us were at Outback Steakhouse about to have dinner. But when it came out it was a plate of scorpions. And they were covered in type of shrimp batter so say they looked almost like shrimp. But again, they weren't shrimp, they were scorpions. And they were alive. So once they were in front of us they immediately started walking around. And we had to try and catch them before we could eat they. So while we were trying to grab them they're trying to sting us. I think she said one of them even tried to spray us with some kinda of venom. To scorpions do that? Anyway, Im pretty sure that we ate them. She made it sound like at least one of us did.

So, any dream experts out there that may have some insight in on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Example: What does dreaming of a man with a painted face mean?

I had a dream where a man had half his face painted, like an animal (Giraffe or similar)

He was African or arabian and spoke kind words to me that I cant remember but he seemed to be very enlightened.

Can anyone explain what this could mean? Thanks

Example: Mosquito dream meaning?

So two nights ago i had a dream that i was facing my pink wall, thats the only wall i could see, but i knew it was my room. Then out of no where there were a ton of mosquitos on the wall, more kept showing up, but i couldnt see beyond the wall, which i could only see an area of 4 feet long. Then i kept trying to wake up because u knew it was a dream. I kept thinking "wake up..!" But i couldnt move...i finally moved my arm and was able to wake up..
If anyone knows what it means please tell me.
Oh and i know i was kind of scared of the mosquitos, but at the same i didnt want to be there, thats why i was trying to wake up.

Example: What does my dream mean?

In the dream there was an old woman with long white hair and her face was painted white. her eyes were painted black and there were two red streaks from her eyes down her cheeks. she was holding my hand really tight and was painting my face like hers. and all the time all she was saying was "Maria". The dream freaked me out. what does it mean?

Example: Forest Face Dream meaning?

I'm having trouble working out what a dream means. I was in this forest, that was like another world, separate from earth, and there was this weird fence portal thing that lead between the forest and the earth. While in the forest mother nature spoke to me. I knew it was her. She was just a pretty voice, no form. As I looked out over a river and trees, She told me she knows how much I loved this forest, so she would paint it in my face. An image suddenly grew on my face, two rivers under my eyes, and green trees everywhere. She said every time I cry I would have something to laugh about cause the tears would be going down the little rivers she painted into my skin. She said that "my cheeks are the trees" lol. In the end of the dream though, I left the forest of paradise to go back to the Earth, / the "real world"... What could this all mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this dream about a girl I know and kind of like where she and her friend spent the night at my house (but i vaguely remember it being my house all ik is they were sleeping under the same roof as me). And in the dream I woke up and it was the next morning and the girl I like got up and I saw her in a t shirt and pajama pants and her shirt was raising a little bit so I could see her underwear, then I saw her friend get up and she had pajamas with a button down shirt on bit one of the buttons at the bottom was unbuttoned showing a little bit of her stomach. Also here's the weird part but my face was painted blue and I remember not wanting them to see me until I got the paint off. I was wondering what could this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was 5 or 6, I had this weird dream. I was in a big white room. No, it wasn't even a room. It was just plain white nothingness. But I was sitting on an old bench with my sister, who is a year older than me. Then this random scarecrow comes along and sits between us. He was really tall. He wore a purple long sleeved shirt, dark red overalls, a straw hat, and he had a big pumpkin head. His face was painted on with black paint into a smile. He looked really friendly. Then he hit my sister. She started crying, so my dad rushed in from nowhere and picked her up. He carried her to a big white door and when it opened, I saw my mom sitting in a big bed like a queen. He rushed in and the door slammed behind him, but I could hear my mom talking, comforting my sister. I looked up at the scarecrow and he slowly turned his head to look at me...then he started beating me. He was punching and kicking me, I couldn't breathe at all. He had me on the ground, crying, screaming "Mommy, Daddy!" But no one came for me. I can never remember what happens next, I usually just black out. I've had this dream at least 3 times a year, and I'm 14 now. Every time I have the dream though, I'm still a little girl. I told some people in my family and they just brush it aside like its nothing. But I think it has more meaning. Can anyone help me? Serious answers only please, this dream is really upsetting me.

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