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Dream About Famine meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Do dreams really have a meaning?

I guess most people believe that dreams are triggered by thoughts, experiences and feelings which we encounter in day to day life. These thoughts manifest themselves into dreams when we are most vulnerable (sleeping) causing us to have visual "hallucinations" or projections which we experience as dreams. For example, a person who is under stress, or has recently been fearing a certain event may then go to sleep and have a nightmare about said event.

However, what I've recently noticed is that a large proportion of people on Y!A and in real life believe there's a hidden meaning behind dreams, and they can be interpreted to find out what they symbolise. This had led me to wonder why people believe in a significance behind dreams, and who came up with the interpretations for dreams?

For those that believe in said significance behind dreams, how accurate have your interpretations of your own or other's dreams been, and do they actually symbolise or foretell future events?

Yeah, I think they do have significant meaning sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. The most common of course are dreams that put a weird spin on a past event that you've had, because they are easier for your mind to conjure up from memories already laid out in your head.

Dreams that describe future events do happen. Many will say that it's by coincidence that the events come to pass, but I personally understand that it is often God preparing you for something that is about to take place, whether good or bad. Dream interpretation has been going on for quite some time, but the most well known instance was with Joseph interpreting the dreams of Pharaoh back some years ago ;) In that case, it was God preparing Pharaoh through Joseph (because Pharaoh didn't believe in God) so that they would be ready for a huge famine that was going to take place. Of course, it came to pass and they were prepared because of it. That whole incident was part of a much bigger plan that God had, but through Joseph it was able to kick off...

It's also kind of fun to think outta the box when trying to figure out what a dream could mean, gotta think creatively :) When it's really important though, God gives you the meaning or else you not being able to figure it out would be pointless!


Example: I have had dreams of dead dogs. What does it mean?

Two nights in a row I had a dream that I saw dead dogs in a trench in my front yard. Very disturbing. What could this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

SHORT VERSION: I keep going to past families houses and plant gardens for them because i know there is going to be famine and each time I come back I plant less and less and what I planted has died off due them NOT taking care of it...

I am told to not plant anymore by a voice
finally I come to several relatives houses: I come to my grandmothers and the plants start to be covered with pests

I then go to my brothers and less than 1 percent that I planted come erupt into seedlings and then mockingbirds pull them out...

I go to my fathers and gophers destroy the garden

I go to another relatives and not one of the plants bear fruit...

in the end the voice tells me to never plant for them again...

I can plant for myself and I would have nothing to fear be it drought/pests etc... but to never plant for them or the plants will not bear...

Example: Help me with a dream meaning?

I am an avid rider, and about 4 months ago I had to leave my stable as my parents fell out with the managers. Horses who don't earn their keep aren't treated too well.
I was looking after a horse called D. He was a chestnut thoroughbred, and where he had been raced up until he was 11 his joints and back were completely done in; I loved him to pieces anyway. No one else did, nor did they care for his health; they would take advantage of the fact that he could gallop faster than the other horses, despite his back and joints.
When I left, there was no one else to look after him and I cried non-stop for 3 days. I tried to forget him, because I was upsetting my mum by being so upset myself.
What makes it worse is that I know they're not treating the horse that made me start riding in the first place well at the moment, but they refuse to sell him to me- even though they know they need the money- and the RSPCA won't do anything about it.
Anyway, my mum thought I was ready for a horse of my own so I bought one myself out of my savings. I love my current horse to pieces, and I see so much of D in him.
I still think about D, and I send him reiki energy from time to time when I feel he's a bit low- even though I'm not sure if it's helping him much (I never took any formal reiki lessons, so I skipped humans because the emotional baggage they carry made me tired after a session and went onto animals instead).

Anyway, I keep on having dreams about D; what makes me curious is that they have all been in a short space of time. I believe dreams have a meaning and can be very important, but I'm stumped as to what these mean. Help me out please?

Dream one: My own horse and D were moved into the same stables (I think I owned D) and so they shared the same field. My horse was teaching D how to roll, and D was at the best health I had seen him in- he was playing with my horse and running around the field.

Dream 2: I saw D in a marketplace, filled with smoke. It seemed to be set in the Victorian era. I hadn't seen him in years, and he looked a few days away from dying. When I got close to his stall I burst into tears because he gave a happy whinny. I gave him some food and lead him away from the market, into a field with long grass.

Dream 3: D was dying, but he was very old- he has streaks of grey through his mane and coat. It was sunset, and I lead both my horses (one lead rope in each hand) out into the lunging arena. We all sat down and watched the sunset, D's head in my lap. As his breathing became more laborious, I put my hands gently on his neck and face and thanked him for all the happiness he had given me over the years. When I felt his reluctance to pass on, I sent him some energy while telling him it was completely fine to move on, and that I would see him soon. He died in my arms, but instead of feeling as devastated as I am now (recounting it), I felt at peace too: I had made his last few years very happy ones.

Dream 4: This is the one I had last night. D had arrived at my stable in a trailer, but where he had been mistreated he was playing up. As I tried to approach him, he was rearing and kicking out at me. He looked in a terrible state, and as he was being so nasty someone put him in his stable so that he couldn't hurt anyone.
I went to him in his stable, and he pinned his ears back, ready to bite me. I had a mint in my pocket so I hesitantly gave it to him. As he chewed it his ears went forward, so I placed my hand on his left cheek and told him I was sorry for leaving him. He looked like he nodded, then fell asleep against my palm.

Thank you :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was flying over the clouds, but during the dream I realized I was dreaming but I was still dreaming, and it felt so real, I even remember feeling the wind in my face. I never wanted it to end. What could this dream possibly mean?

Example: Meaning of a dream, of rolls of bread turning to sand?

In the dream I was holding a plate with warm rolls,and when the man Im with went to take one,it turned to sand.Could there be a meaning to this?

Example: Help! What does my dream mean?

I keep having the same dream that I chip all my teeth...then they all fall out! What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay, so in my dream my dad and i were haveing a nice walk down the road and laughing and haveing fun and such, then once we got home it started down poreing and it was lightening. then we found out a tornado was comming and we were gonna go in out tiney basement area but we coundnt and the tornado was already here and it was also flooding and our house started sinking in the mud. so we went to the nebors hopeing we could use their basement but they wernt home so we broke into their house but when the did the tornado ripped it appart. then for some reason we found a huuge stash of astma inhalers outside (i have bad asthma) then we jummped in a camper and it started flying everyweir and eventually the roof tore off and we all flew of seprate directions and eventually landed. once we did the tornado left for 5 minutes and we all ran to this tiney train that my cousin and uncle were driveing and then we were safe. :p

Example: Apocalyptic dream! wot does it mean?

hey every one, hope your all well, last nite i had wot seems to be an apocalyptic dream: i dreamt that i had a river in the back of my house & that a storm was brewing all of a sudden the river started to dissapear & before it vanished it turned in to blood. i also saw heavy rain & people affraid. its one of those dreams you cant get over. can any one relate do you have dreams you remember & cant stop thinking about? thanks to any respondants. xx

Example: What does this dream mean ?

I had a dream that my crush sent me a message saying "I umm nevermind" && I'm pretty sure he was gonna put I like you .. What does it mean ?

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