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Dream About Father In Law meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dream that my father in law cut my eyelashes in half with some scissors, and i let myself? Does this have any meaning? if u knw plz help me out, i just wanna knw wat it means, thanx in advance ;)

It means in real life he is trying to find a way to get the chance to cut ur eyelaches Be Careful XD

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night, that my In-laws became seperated. My mother-in-law seperated from my father-in-law because she found a new guy. He was really pissed. It was weird, but its freaking me out. She told me a few months ago that she was moving and getting her own apartment because they were having problems.Ever since then it hasn't seemed as thought they've had problems, so I thought she was just talking. I hope that they aren't going to get a divorce because my husband is in Iraq and he has enough stress over there. What do you guys think this means? I sometimes have dreams that come true and I am just hoping that this isn't one of them.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a father's death?

I had a dream that my father in law whom I never met and who passed away several years ago died again. In the same dream, my own father who is alive died as well. I never saw either in the dream, we just got the news and made arrangements. These were separate instances but in the same dream. My father died of heart failure, not sure what FIN died of. We are trying to conceive, could this be related? Oh and also, my DH got along with his Dad. I don't get along with mine.

Example: Had A Dream About Husband & Father In Law?

My husband and I are recently separated. He made a comment to me about taking our bed so that I wouldn't be screwing anyone on the bed. With that being said I will go on with the dream I had about him last night. I was here in my apartment and he came in saying that he could tell I'd been screwing on the bed cause the mattresses were squishy. I got angry and said that I'd be glad when I found a job so that I could get away from him. The dream continued with my talking to my Mom(who's deceased)and explaining to her that I'd just had a dream about my husband saying something about the mattresses. Each time I tried to tell her about the dream my father in law would interrupt. Finally she told me to go ahead and talk to him. I left the room to talk to my father in law. He was complaining about my husband and we began to talk about my living situation(I currently live in a building that he owns). He told me that I could continue to live here. He was sick in the dream. What does this mean?

Example: I had a dream about my deceased former father-in-law, what can it mean?

My former father-in-law was a man that I loved and respected very much. He was like a second father to me. When he was alive he had a tracheotomy. That's a hole bored through the throat so he could breathe better, for those who don't know. He passed away about five years ago. I am no longer with his son. We have been separated for about a year now.
Anyway, in my dream, I walked into his house and found him standing on a ladder, with all his medical gear still hooked up to him, changing a light bulb. When I came in and saw him up there I asked him what he was doing. He told me to hand him the new bulb that was on the table. I handed it to him and asked him again why he was up there. He turned and smiled at me and he said something. I woke up immediately. I do not remember what he said.
Do you think this dream has significance, or is it just a random silly dream?

Example: Dreaming about dead father-in-law?

My father in law passed away several years ago from lung cancer. He is frequently in my dreams and is always trying to help me in some way. Last night I was diagnosed with cancer in my dream and then found that people were robbing my house. My father in law was a fire chief so he was calling around trying to get someone to help. What the heck does this mean? Any help would be greatly appreciated. It seems like he is ALWAYS in my dreams and it has been almost 6 years.

Example: I dreamt of my deceased father-in-law after I called of the wedding, yet I never met him when he was alive?

What does this dream means? My fiance and I broke it off and them I dreamt that his dad deceased), whom I've never met came to my apartment along with his mother. His dad sat down in my couch and asked me "so this is where you live" and I said yes. then he asked me again as if my apartment was not good enough, nor met his approval. In the dream he was a dark silloette wearing a black suit while his wife, whom I'm friends with was of normal complexion.

What does this all mean anyway?...anybody?

Example: I see my father-in-law naked in my dreams for 4-5 days already, what could it mean ?

Example: I saw ghost of dead father-in-law in my dream. Is this more than a coincidence...?

I had a dream las night of my father-in-law who passed away a few weeks ago. I dreamt that me and my wife and some other people were around his bedside when he took his final breath. I then remember not wanting to sleep in that house that night as I was afraid I might see his ghost. I did indeed see his ghost that night and so did my wife and bother-in-law, and he seemed like he was alive, I could actually touch him. I don't remember him saying anything though and that's all can remember of the dream. Anyway I told my wife about that dream and to her shock, she told me that the night I had the dream she had asked her dad to give her a sign that he was there watching over her, as she couldn't feel him.

Was her dad being in my dream, the sign? or is it coincidence. It's kinda spooky

Example: Had a dream of my father in law who has passed away?

I was very close to my father in law he passed away about 5 years ago he wasn't very well, I had a dream that he came to me looking very good tall clear skin and white skin , not looking how he did before he died. Anyway in the dream he came to me holding my hand and talking to me but I couldn't hear what he was saying to me I got teary , I then turned and saw my aunt who Im close to and is alvie I turned to her and stared to cry alot she gave me a small towel...What does this dream mean

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