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Dream About Father meanings

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Example: Meaning of dream about my deceased father?

I had a dream about my dad coming to my house and talking to me about my dogs trying to start an argument. But in my dream he was a stranger to me. My mom came to see what was going on and stated that he was my uncle but said my dads name, then I realized it was my dad and I began to start crying while they began to argue.

My dad's brother and him look very much alike so much that my uncle has used my dad's name when he has gone to jail. My father and I use to be close when I was a little girl but lost contact with him when I was about 6 due to him with drug problems and abusing my mother and myself. He gave up his rights as a father and never tried to get them back. He never moved out of the town and would pass by my house to try and get glances of me. I was too scared to want to spend time with him but always missed him and wanted him back in my life. I found out in high school I had a step sister and would write letters back and forth to my dad. He died 3years ago (a month before my 18th birthday) I went to visit him in the hospital, stayed by his side, and took it very hard.. He died due to his diabetes. I can't get this dream out of my head, I have had dreams of me having conversations with my dad as if he is here with me in real time, but this dream was something different and confusing.

If anyone has any ideas of what this dream means I would really appreciate it. I had this dream over a week ago and can't get it out of my head.

As soon as you mentioned dogs, I was onto something.
Dogs are often denoted as Loyal, Trustworthy and Fun companions.
Your dad arguing about a dog, could denote he's arguing about your loyalty to himself.

Of course, this is a dream, which means you interpreted it as you thinking your dad may believe your unloyal and not worthy of being loved by him.

Your uncle part, simply seems like a coincidence or simply just a fact that popped up in your dream.
You may just miss him, or simply regret not having be able to spend time with him when you were afraid to. Though you needn't dwell on the past, look ahead to the future, young grasshopper.

Example: What does it mean when you dream your daughters father kidnaps her ?

Example: What does it mean to dream about dead father?

my father died almost two months ago and this is the hardest thing I ever experienced. my first dream about him i was watching my past self interact with him, but i couldnt see him. it was memories of times we cherished in my entire life. the dream i just had was of him calling me to say that he's still alive and he's okay. i still couldnt see his face but i heard his voice. what does this mean?

Example: Dreamed my father died..Meaning?

In my dream my mom, dad, and me went to some weird desert place and we went to different sections that had different names but were all located in the same area. But each area reminded me of a church. The place seemed like a palace too and no one did the same thing everyday because you would rotate and later end up at the same point. Any way my dad had died and I didn't see how but my mom was beside me and i fell into tears and could barely breathe.They lit a black candle for him and said he was funny, kind, and a good man.

I just couldn't take it and I ran to my friends told them he was dead but no one was there for me longer than a second and I just broke down and everyone left me and we had to be somewhere and I ran to the i guess ceremony in the rain. Everyone made comments about my dad's death and i broke down again. We rode on a train and his ghost appeared and smiled but looked sad.

When I woke up I was in tears and I had a pain in my chest and i kept crying for a hour. Right now I'm going to tell my dad that I'm staying with mom but I won't for a few more days.

Example: Meaning of dream deceased father dies?

Last night I had a dream about my deceased father. he passed away 1 year ago in an accident. In my dream. he was alive, calm and quiet. he carefully took each of my sisters and brothers (all adults) and one by one taught them how to swim. we were in a beautiful pool at a luxury hotel. my turn was next I was afraid but I didnt want him to lose his patience with me so I just jumped in and started swimming. after about 1 hour of "swim lessons" from my dad, we were done. he had taught all my sisters and brothers how to swim. He left the hotel while we lounged around the serene pool. suddenly we received a call from hotel staff... they said our father had died. not sure how but he was dead. one of my sisters and I went to all the places he liked to go. all the shops he bought stuff from. we felt a strong longing for him. then my dream ended. what does this dream mean? about the pool and him teaching his kids who are actually all adults how to swim then dying right after? pls help. thanx!

Example: What does my dream mean? (father died)?

i had a dream that my dad died. i love him more than life itself. I didnt see his body in the dream but i was at his funeral, in the dream. In real life, hes had heart problems since he was 16, now he is going on 60, and he works very VERY hard, every single day, never took a sick day and was never late to anything. I was devastated in the dream and almost in real life until i woke up...

what does my dream mean? this is very serious... please no jokes..

Example: What does it mean to dream of your deceased father?

My dad died 4 month's ago. The other night I dreamed that he was laying on a gurney the same way he ways laying in the coffin. All of a sudden his eyes came open and I was carrying him.Then I woke up.My dad died at home so I don't know why I would see him on a gurney.Thanks

Example: What does it mean when you dream your fathers death?

I dreamed that my dad died, in my dream he died in an airplane crash I beleive, Im not sure. I didn't see his corpse I just stood there at the place of the accident crying and sobbing while a lot of random people came. When I woke up, I was sobbing, what does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream your father died?

I'm having a hard time remembering the dream but I was at home in my basement doing whatever and then I hear my mom pounding on the front door. I open it and she said "death strikes again". I thought she was talking about my uncle because he has had several strokes in real life. But she said no your dad. He had been complaining about headache, he had a seizure then a stroke and died at work. Now in real life he does complain about headaches a lot and has high blood pressure and diabetes. In the dream it was storming pretty bad and a tornado happened yet my mom was just standing outside and I had to pull her in. Then at the end of my dream I saw my dads organs in a bag.

Example: What does a Father Dream mean?

I had a dream about my father last night. We came to a resturant to eat at the same time, however we did not sit next to each other. I looked at him out the side of my eye but he never looked at me. He had a briefcase and a nice suit on. Then him and I left the resturant, hugged and then I saw him off walking into the distance. The street looked like city street.I was able to smell him if that makes any sense.

What does it mean? He is half way across the world at the moment

Real Life:

The current situation is that I don't really talk to my father, he recently emailed me a few weeks ago but him and I don't really get along.

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