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Dream About Feet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I had cancer in both feet. So I took a butcher knife and chopped them off myself at home. Then my ex husband said the meat in feet tastes delicious. He asked if he could cook my feet for us for dinner.

W.T.F? Anyone have ideas as to what that completely whacked out dream means? It really freaked me out!

Thanks for the help!

It could mean that, in your dream, you're faced with a crippling problem, one that's so bad, it would seriously change your lifestyle for the worse.

A person from your past is your knight in shining armor, helping you to get rid of your dilema once and for all. Because you two are the only people in the room, no one else knows or if they do, your ex husband is the only one who cared enough to stay.

The fact that you chopped off your own legs *shivers* probably means that you are ready to undergo anything to get rid of this impending danger. That you are ready to suffocate your life if it means controlling the spread of this disgusting occurrence.

This is by no means an expert opinion. I advise you to take one though, because by the looks of it, you have a problem on your hands and dreams are the products of our deepest thoughts. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something and you owe it to yourself to understand :D

Example: What is the meaning of these dreams?

Some years ago I dreamt of a desert area in which I was running.It was afternoon and the sun was overhead, hot and burning. I saw some people pouring some soil-like liquid on an old man tied to a pole. I ran away scared , into a den. There I saw Lord Shiva, angry , with his trident pointing towards me. We circled each other . It seemed as if we were enemies . Then he suddenly chased me and I started running in panic and I woke up.
Recently I saw a dream in which I was in a den.The view outside revealed a pleasant , cool atmosphere.It was morning.In the den I had before me Lord Shiva.I was touching his feet and he was blessing me.

These dreams were vivid and are real, not a made-up story.What do you think they imply?

Example: What does my crazy dream mean?

Ok i keep having the same dream every month! Its like the same dream but with different people...Everytime i'm around girls and they put their feet on me. I wake up and my bed is soaked...So I learned after a while that i was peeing/cumming on myself. But the dream doesn't go away...What does the dream mean? I have to do something? Please help me! Dx

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I dreamed that I what a sleep and I kept twitching to try and make myself wake up becuase I could breath of I thought someone was tounching me and then when I did wake up I had my bed in a bathroom (I didn't need to pee) and I was covered in ice so when I got up it all melted and I put it in the bath tub but the whole time the dream was going on P!nk's one foot wrong was playing in the back gronud..
Dose any of this mean anything or do I just have wired dreams?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed my teacher was teaching the class wearing high heeled stiletto boots. (she often actually does) I was messing around and she asked me to stay after class. She took off her boots and left the room and i found myself alone. I began to look at her boots as she came back in. She says time for detention and all of the sudden she was huge. Like fifty feet tall. She then zipped me up in her boot between her boot and leg and told me i can stay there until i learned my lesson. She laughed and i woke up.

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I used to remember my dreams then I stopped remembering them for a while, now I'm starting to remember them again.

In my dream I got a tattoo of an eye on my foot, I tried looking up dream interpretations but it didn't really have anything exact.

If it helps in my dream i got it on the inner side of my foot near the arch. But it was fairly large and brightly colored in different shades of blue.

Example: What do you think dreams mean?

do you think that certain things in dreams mean anything? for example; i've heard that if you are in a car and someone else is driving it's because you let them control your life.
Also what is the weirdest/ funniest dream you've ever had?
have you ever seen into the future in a dream?
have you been visited by a spirit in a dream?
just wanted opinions xXx

Example: Flying Dream meaning?

I had a very vivid dream about flying. I wrote out the whole thing in a blog, if someone could pleas take the time to read it I would really appreciate it. I would love to know what it meant.

I was waiting in line at the post office and did something to these men that made them go crazy. I was abusing them mentally. I flew out the window to avoid them trying to hurt me but somehow they pinned me down. One had me by the neck and I looked behind me and one was sucking on my foot.

The next thing I know I was able to get away from them and fly over the city. But it wasn’t LA. I flew for hours. Going in and out of buildings. Parties. Orgies. Festivals. Seeing people I knew (all real people I know. Except for the strange men) Still on the run from these men. They trapped me finally. I was in a warehouse high above them. But the windows were all closed. That’s how I would escape…through the windows. All the open ones lead back into the building. I broke through one to escape. Then once I was out one of them could fly and I saw him on top of one of my buildings. I was so much faster and used to flying I got away.

Then someone called me…while I was flying. I picked up haha! It was my ex. I was now above a city with police helicopters rs and sky scrapers. They were looking for someone in the city. Someone bad. Not me. But I was afraid they would see my flying. I got sloppy. I couldn’t fly as well. Well I couldn’t land.

The man grabbed my foot. All hope was lost. I woke up. Heart POUNDING. Windows WIDE open. Where did I go?

Example: Does it mean when u dream about a kid with goat feet?

I dreamed abou people buying kids and shippin them off and a lady bought a kid with goat feet and also a regualr human kid and the human kid wad making fun of the goat feet soo the kid with goat feet cut the kids arm bad with his hooves what does this mean

Example: What did this dream mean!?!?

ok so the other night i had this strange dream that scared me half to death! ok so in my dream a guy is interviewing this girl who is sobbing and they ask her "what did you do?"
she said "at one point she was so scared of him i had to cut her fingers off" (i no that doesnt make sense but hey it was a dream) then i wake up 2 minutes later i doze off and sleep again. then in my dream im in a hallway isee this girl who is in a chair straped down with leather belts and she is trying to get out then all of a suden she look up at me...her face was so scary she had her eyes gauged out and filled with blood she had no teeth and no lips but just a hole for a mouth and a deformed nose she said please help me. then i wake up. then again about 2 minutes later i doze off and sleep again. i am in a hallway and i see another girl in a chair straped down. the girl looks up and its me! its me loking at myself in a chair straped down with no mouth. i am filled with blood. i hear a voice saying you didnt help me so now i wont help you. i wake up again and i see a african american guy in hawian shirt and shorts with a cigar un his mouth. he says i like to kill people. but he seemd so real...i no he wasnt but still...what does this dream mean?

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