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Dream About Fighter Jet meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Disturbing dream & I need a meaning.?

I was in my bedroom. My husband was by the window. I looked out the window and watched a fighter jet crash. It was very close to the house. When it crashed the explosion was very intense. My husband was trying to duck below the window. I was on the bed and tried to make myself flat to get beneath the flames. I turned my head away thinking I was going to die but when the blast didn't kill us I looked out the window again. I saw a mushroom cloud and looked down at my husband. He was still alive but burned all over his back.
It was so intense. I usually forget most details of my dreams within minutes unless they emotionally charged are like this one. I could probably pick out the jet if I go look at some pictures of different models because when it crashed I could see its topside as it fell.

Dreams have been known to be made up of everything you have seen or experienced but just all jumbled up. I dream alsorts of weird stuff and it all relates to things i may of talked about or maybe something i have watched or seen. Don't think too much about your dreams as they can mean absolutely nothing at all.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream after listening few times the book of revelation. The dream was like this: It was a spring day and suddenly started snowing whit huge snowflakes, big as a pizza, I have seen trees branches lowering down to the ground on snow weight, people were watching on they'r windows and ones who came out crying for they'r crops and this very bad weather, crying to the Lord. I have look up and the clouds were so low and thick and suddenly a whole, the clouds opened and seen few pigeons falling like dead and one came straight in my face and by reflex move back a little and then he has fly away. After this i been up on a building in some kind of under construction roof and seen 2 silver jet fighters flying very fast and crashing down behind some buildings and 2 loud explosions. Maybe there is a prophet out there and can tell some meaning.

Thanks and God bless you all!

Example: What does it mean to dream of flying on a plane that falls to the ground but doesn't actually crash?

OK so please bear with me... here's how my dream proceeded:

1. OK so I remember driving to the airport or taking the bus or whatever. Arrived at the airport and boarded the plane. I sat next to the window (this was an annual work trip interstate that we go on). I usually enjoy plane rides but the most interesting parts are take off and landing. As the plane headed towards the runway I went through my usual morbid thoughts of worst case scenarios - what if something goes wrong? What if the plan doesn't take off properly? etc... etc...

2. Anyway the plane was ready for take off and it began to pick up speed. I quickly fastened my seat belt which was also incidentally when I noticed my boss sitting beside me! There was another plane in front of us that also was ready to take off... I watched it take off! Once it took off it was our turn! As the speed picked up I noticed that there were people on the runway still (airport workers etc)... our plane narrowly missed one guy! The plane kept on picking up more speed until finally it lifted off the ground and I felt the lift!

3. As it lifted off the ground I noticed that it quickly turned around - you see normally (in real life) our airport is not far from the beach and our runway faces the sea so somtimes the plane has to do a U-turn over the sea and back again! But this time the turn was quite sudden. Suddenly I noticed a few fighter jets flying around - they were in a variety of colors (like toy jets)! Red, blue, yellow etc... One of them flew close and narrowly missed! But as I looked out the window I saw one of them come very close and I thought that it may have crashed into our plane! But we were still cruising in the air without any problems at this stage.

4. Then all of a sudden, the plane begins to nose dive! Losing altitude very fast! I could hear the pilot on the intercom telling everyone "I don't know what to do about this"! I looked out the window watched until we got closer and closer to the ground! I remember the moment just before impact when I saw the ground in perfect clarity... I thought to myself "Sh!t! So this is it... this is it for me... the end for me! I'm gone"! And then another thought came across my mind... I thought that well at least this will be quick death and relatively pain free!

5. But the bizzare thing was that we didnt crash! There was NO crash! The plane was able to merely land on it's wheels it wasn't even a rough landing... it was as though we just came to a sudden stop! Everyone was fine! I was fine... and relieved but also somewhat surprised that I was still alive. Anyway all the passengers exited the plane. And we stood there waiting around wondering what went wrong.

6. As we stood under the plane I noticed a large dent and scratch mark under the belly (fuselage) of the plane. It occurred to me at that moment that it was that fighter jet that came perilously close to the plane that must have hit it and caused that dent which then caused our plane to come down.

7. There also happened to be footage of our take off and we all viewed on a large screed and saw the moment that our plane began to fall. We all grabbed our luggage and boarded a bus that drove us away from there... I was wondering whether we would decided to take another flight and continue with our trip... though it seems the bus merely drove me away from the airport.

The end!

Please share your interpretations! Thank you!

Example: Had a weird dream last night. What does it mean?

Ok, so I was on a bus with a bunch of people going to some place that I don't know (the dream version of me knew the people and the place, but the real me doesn't... if that makes sense). When we got there, we were in a run down shack and it was kind of like a classroom with someone preciding over us like a teacher and something reminded me of my 7th grade year (I'm 20 so I'm no longer in school). The "teacher" let us outside for a break and we were all in a field with 3 trees a couple hundred yards off. Some one yelled "LOOK!" pointing to the sky so I moved where I could see. There were three large bursts of flames in perfect circles up in the sky and suddenly there came what looked like an airshow: there were four planes doing loops in perfect unison, a large cargo plane, and one fighter jet that flew all the way down to within fifty feet of the ground in a matter of seconds. Just then it started shooting at me and the other "classmates" and we all ran inside the shack. Continued...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was at an airport in a middle east country, my had taken me to the airport. She had to speed to get there we were running late, I get there probably 20 minutes after my plane is supposed to leave and I see a continental flight flying low and I remember thinking that's probably my plane but it turns like its coming in to land as it turns it starts to have trouble as its landing on the runway and starts to sway from side to side. It then becomes upside down to which it flies parallel with the ground for a few seconds then it turns up like a fighter jet as if it was gonna try to come back around and it seems to straighten out behind a building but then there is a loud boom and fire cloud. I'm curious to know what this all means together.

Example: Does anyone know what these sad dreams meant?

I had them, and I'm not rally into all this dream meaning stuff but here goes.

1. I had a dream that, when I went to Norway, my sister died. I when to her body and I could talk to her, but then when I asked how she could talk to me and that she must really be alive, she said she was actually dead and that I was the last person she could speak to, then her time ran out and she vanished.
Note:Me and my sister are really close and I spend nearly every moment of the day with her.

2. Well, first I was in a plane, a normal plane, with fighter jets around us because some kind of war was going on between someone and the French. So, when I'm in the middle of the flight I really want to go on one of the fighter jets, and I get permission and jump to it. So, I have a laugh, we land, and then we are taking off again. Instead off jumping to it I take off with the pilots in the fighter plane. Now this is the weird part. Now I'm on the island that I'm going to. Me and my sister on a tower, and I see 2 fighter jets. Then, I spot them, do some random stuff, and I'm back in the jet. Again, I see the French jets separately. So we go into combat and I jump into the normal plane. Fight fight, we get shot down, I swim(We are near the Island) and when I'm nearly at the Island I drown. Something happens where I say goodbye to all my friends, and the last one told me that at least I can be with my sister, and I die. Then I'm back in a scene where I'm old that I remember from before in this dream, and I'm where I think was heaven, and there is a hot dog buying counter and the women asks me whether I want mustard or ketchup, I say 'Ketchup, that's good bread on it's own' Or 'No thanks, that's good bread on it's own'.

What do you think? Thanks for reading.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Im 15 male.. if that matters anywho.. Me and my mom were out shopping and then out of no were a British fighter jet flew over us and started bombing the **** out of everything. I grabbed my moms hand and we ran to the closest building in hope of finding a bomb shelter i called my friend asking if we could run to his house for shelter. Then american planes came and shot down a whole swarm of enemy jets. Then near the end of my dream i was sitting at the park with my friends and we watched peacefully while america fought in the sky with britian and shot the planes down. Weird.. what could the dream mean? o.O

Example: Dreams about crashing fighter jets?

A lot of the time when i dream a fighter jet goes out of control up above in the sky during a dogfight and slams into the ground usually knocking me over with the shockwave, this time it was a blue angel f-18 hornet and the last thing i want to see is an awesome pilot like them go down. This was followed by a passenger jet and i freaked out and woke up.

I have no fear of airplanes or flying so it doesn't mean that. What else could this symbolize? It's reoccurring situation in my dreams so it has to mean something.

Example: How do you tell what a dream means?

I know this is a hard question. But how do you interpret dreams?

There are so many dreams. Some dreams tell the future. Some dreams are an expression of our fears or hopes. Some dreams warn us. And sometimes when you eat too much, you get a dream which has no meaning. It's just a bunch of nonsense. How do you tell whether a dream is a warning or just one of your fears? How do you tell whether a dream is a revelation of future or just an expression of your hopes? And how do you tell whether a dream is significant or not?

Sometimes people dream that something happens to them or they do something, and they have no idea what the dream means even after trying to interpret it. Does that mean the dream is not significant and can be ignored or what? For example, let's say that someone dreams that fighter jets are chasing him. How does the person who had this dream know whether this dream has any significance or not?

Example: I keep having dreams of catastrophic events happening in my hometown. does it mean anything?

i keep having dreams of catastrophic events, mostly bombings from a fighter jet happening in my hometown. does it mean anything or am i just messed up in the head?

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