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Dream About File meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean.?

Okay I was dreaming about a lion where i live(I live on a farm where neighbors are miles apart)...and I'm walking with my children. As I turn around there is 2 big lions running towards us i pick up my kids and start running as fast as i can...I see my parents on ATVs waiting for us. I reach them and give them my children and tell them to go. Pleading with me I tell them to take care of my kids and tell them i will always love them. I stay behind to distract the lions so they can go. they leave and i'm standing alone in the field waiting to feel the pain. They both jump on top of me and start biting and thats when i wake up. it freaked me out but i'm so glad it was only a dream and my babies are okay.

The computer analogy is somewhat correct but the real question is WHY did THOSE images present themselves. They do have a meaning, the trick is what does it mean to you.

Dream dictionairies are extremely accurate for the person who wrote the dictionary but invalid for others.

One dream alone - no matter how powerful the dream - seldom gives an accurate reflection of what files your subconscious mind is trying to organize; I'd suggest a dream diary.

Every night before going to sleep tell yourself that you will easily remember your dreams. Keep a journal and a pen close to your bed - as soon as you wake (even if it's the middle of the night) grab your pen and write down anything you can remember in as much detail as possible. Don't get discouraged if you can't remember anything at first - just stick with it.

Soon you'll find yourself scribbling like mad when you wake up and your ability to recall will increase constantly.

Now, start paying attention to things, events and people and patterns that seem consistent. Then ask yourself what it means to you and put it into perspective with events in your waking hours.

Your subconscious mind is extremly powerful and holds many answers and solutions for you when you learn to listen in the right way(and please don't take any quick analysis done by someone else seriously - you already have the answers yourself)

Good Luck.

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream (it's really long) there is one part that I just can't figure out. We are traveling and make pit stops every once in a while, along the way I get a tattoo on my arm. The tattoo is three overlapping hearts going across my arm, they are outlined in black and filled in with a grayish color. I usually wouldn't think much of it but it seems like my mind really wanted me to take note of the three hearts because it kept flashing to the tattoo and i kept telling people about it in a very descriptive way. Can someone please help me figure out what this means?That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

ok, i was watching my sister's friend's older sister do a movie thing were her jeep was floating down a river inside a canyon thing, and i was in a lil raft following it or something, then i appear in this cave with my friend and theres water and we come to the end, in this lil cave room and there is clay in the corner so we climb a latter and my friend is floting and we make alligators out of the clay and then go through this hole in the cave ceiling and we come out and we are at my house and my family is there and they congradulate us? like we just accomplished a mission or something...? does this dream mean anything? lol it was very random...

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does this dream mean?
I had a dream last night-- I was playing guitar at some gym. It was broken but I was playing it, my family was there y brother was playing some random instrument. Anyhow, My friend run up to me grabs my arm and we leave. My bestfriend btw in real life, so anyway she makes out with me..(were not gay). But I actually do like her like idk why I love her so much. So we end up walking through a mall and I confess my love to her, and she confesses back and trys to make out with me. Then I say wait until we get out the mall and I wave goodbye to my mom. (signaling her that ill walk home w/o her. Then my bestfriend says "are you ashamed of us? and i say yeah somewhat.. and she starts crying and says "Why did you turn me gay? You drowned me in love why?" and I started crying saying I'm sorry so sorry and walked away. Then she ran up to me hugged me. And I woke up never wanting to leg go. But anyhow lately shes like im going to be a lesbian im like no your not. anyhow every time she gets drUnk she tries to make out with me we did once. Anyway before i left for college she cried and said how shes never loved someone as much as she loves me and shes scared o.O

Example: What can my dream mean?

So This is tge second time i dream that in terrified to go on a plane like it tries to flies up but it wint and at the end i wont get on cus im super scared what can this dream mean

Example: What does my dream mean?

When i came into the dream, my head popped up from underwater after being hit by a wave in a body of water. The water was cold, dark and extremely rough. When i looked around me, i realized that my dog (i don't really have a dog) was beside me. I got out of the water to see my husband (which i also don't have, nor do i want to be married), my dog and a pet wolf/wolf dog. I then looked in the body of water it was now calm and had a lot of dogs underwater, somewhat as guards for my house. We went in the house and my husband told me to close the door before the rats got in, but the plastic door had partially broken hinges. I then saw about 5 rats enter my house in a single file.

What does this mean?!?!?

Example: What does my Dream mean?

I had a dream that I tried to kiss my boyfriend, the guy I'm in love with, and he turned his head away from me.

What does this mean?

Example: Dreams meaning please?

me and my wife are separated for about 5 months now and she wants/filed for divorce , so i dreamt that i went to our house and i saw you did significant renovations , and the guy who was working there was saying he will finish soon , and it looked so expensive made me wonder how she could afford it , like she made additions to the house , replaced all hardwood with stone ! looked so pricey , and in the same dream she tells me there is someone else ! what does this mean ?

Example: What does this dream mean?

He was sitting in a park and his best friend (who is a girl) fell and broke her leg, and then he helped her and then he started to makeout with her. then a guy from his english class came up and they fought over her , and so he kicked his a$$ and then brought her to the hospital

apparently all dreams mean something, so i just wanted to see. thanks !

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I dreamed that I was dog-sitting. The dog would always run away for a long amount of time. I later found the dog with a very large dog that was known to have eaten the faces of many children. I immediately started panicking and called my ex-boyfriend. He came, and the dog bit him. Although he was my ex, he was a mixture of all of my exes. Later on in the dream, I discovered that after the dog had bitten him, he had begun to eat the lips of people. He had teeth that would come out when he wanted to eat. I payed it no mind after he told me he only did it when he absolutely had to (from hunger). Somehow, he and I ended up kissing, and I felt his sharp teeth, which only extract when he is about to eat. I immediately was appalled. I smacked him in the face and ran away. Later on, he tried to kill me at my house. He was shooting through my windows and I was hiding and dodging them, but he finally found me and I woke up.
The night before, I had a dream about a girl running around in my grandmother's house putting satanic markings on the wall. Everyone knew she was possessed, but she wouldn't talk to any of us. It wasn't anyone I had seen before. After she drew her third marking on the wall, (three walls in a four wall room) she disappeared.

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