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Dream About Filth meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does dreaming clean toilets mean? please help! thanks!

it could be due to stress if you have started a new job or a new life you mind is saying you had a c**p life originally and you want to make a clean start so your cleaning the filth away

Example: What does my dream mean?

I drove to visit an old friend at her house to ask for forgiveness(we stopped talking in real life). There was an old woman and a little girl dressed in purple sitting on a bench outside her house. I spoke to my friend on the phone, and she agreed to meet me. Things were awkward as I tried to win her back over.
Then the dream transitioned into a beach town, with the actor Jack Black swimming in the ocean, with worm-like creatures falling out of his ears, and another actress with him trying to comfort him as he was upset. I opened my eyes soon after this.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was pulling out a tooth. And it starts coming out piece by piece, and they are grayish brownish colors. That was strange for me cuz I take care of my teeth. So I am somehow able to take a look inside of my mouth and I see this decaying skeleton of a rodent on top of my tongue. And trees and vegetation across my jaw. It was really nasty looking. And i just plucked the skeleton out of place and I find these little bugs everywhere. There was also a bee that was swarming around, very slowly, in circles.

Later I also discover a Sea Anemone under some of the vegetation.

What does this dream mean? It was my most weirdest and twisted dreams I have ever had.

Thanks! XD

Example: Dream of insects and bugs... what does it mean?

I dreamt i was at work, putting out rat traps and cleaning up cockroches and ants and beetles and other bunch of crawlies... and i wasnt even scared of them.

what could this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream worms?

Example: What does this dream about worms mean?

my dream: I'm walking down my driveway and all I see are dead worms all over the place. then I reach for my car handle and a live worm comes slowly at me then just stops when its fully on my hand...I woke up after that but what does this mean? it was really weird and kind of creepy.

Example: Muslims , what does it mean to dream about heavy rain in ramadan?

I never has doubts about islam but last year I had many doubts and I even reached a point when I was an agnostic BUT I have been studying quran and making duaa to Allah to guide me and increase my faith and serenity for the past few months , but last night I almost lost patience and asked Allah to make it faster as I am weak and starting to get depressed and asked him to forgive me for my many sins . Larstnight I had a dream that there was heavy rain , what does that mean ? if it does mean anything

Example: What do these dreams mean?

This has happened twice to me in the past couple of months, and it is beginning to scare me.
In the first dream, I was Jewish, and so were some of my friends. We were at a church (one where I had recently attended a lock-in), but it was like a mass hiding for Jews. The main area was dark. Once we were settled into our rooms, we were told to search around for our hiding places if the Nazis ever came. My good friend and I headed into the bathroom (which was like the ones at our school), where we searched frantically for a hiding place. We climbed up on the counter, pulled a mirror out like a medicine cabinet, and hid behind there. The thing was, we were too big to fit back there, so the mirror didn't swing shut completely. We waited there to see if anyone would find us, just as a test. When we initially entered, there were other girls in there. However, when we were hiding, some boys entered and began using the mirror we were hiding behind. They didn't see us, even though we were hanging halfway out. Then the Nazis came, and I woke up.
The second dream occurred a few weeks after this one. This time, the Nazis were marching my friends and myself into a giant auditorium, where I found another friend and ran to her. I was crying and I was scared. I can't remember what happened next, but all of a sudden I was watching a fishing boat with tons of food on it, and the two fishermen were freaking out because some sort of animal-- a whale, I think-- was knocking the boat around. The food fell off and all of a sudden, I was on the boat. The owner of the boat came out and told me that I was safe with them, and then left. The boat was suddenly a cement loading dock, and the owner went up a set of stairs. I followed him to a very fancy restaurant or lounge, where people looked at me like I was filth. I left the lounge and then woke up.
NOTE: Both of these dreams occurred in modern-day settings, with electricity and modern clothes and everything. What do they mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Rats, showers, and hurricanes.?

It started out with my house being hit by a large storm (kind of like a hurricane except it was really fast) so my family and I had to move into a new house. For some reason all our money was in the old house so we bought a really cheap small run downed place with rats in it. And somehow, the rats got into our shower plumbing and died there. And then the water was being filtered through tyhe dead rats. And he dream ended. Does this mean anything? I woke up really scared.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok ive been having the same dream for about 2 days, im watching a movie in a theater by myself because nobody wanted to go with me, and this guy starts kicking the back of my chair and calling me a fag, so iturn around and nobodies there, then he throws popcorn at me and i turn back and nobodies there and as the movie ends he throws his soda at me so i get up and leave but when i exit im in a parking lot, and i see the guy walking with some girl so i run up and tazer them both in the back of the head. and so then i wake up in a room and the ppl r tied up and so i start to torture the guy, you know ripping out nails, cutting off body parts etc. and so the girl starts begging me to stop doing it but i just go off on how he is filth to world etc. then she starts yelling again so i grab her by the throat and start strangling her to the point where i can feel her windpipe crush between my fingers. and so i run outside of the room and i end up in a torture hall and i see all my friends tied up, or dead or being tortured by me. and they all start cursing at me. and i just laugh, but then the girl comes out and hits me in the back of the head and starts strangling me, and as she strangles me i look over to one of my friends and say im sorry. then i shut my eyes tight and when i open them im in a white room and i see myself sitting down, so i walk up slowly behind him and snap his neck then i wake up. not screaming or anything

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