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Dream About Find meanings

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Example: How do u find the meaning of your dreams?

i usual remember all my dreams

This is cool, I answered a similar question to this so I'll copy and alter that answer to fit yours.

Try to write them down, as much as you remember of them. Dreams are very symbolic in nature. Dreaming of a dog running after you would be different for everyone who dreams it based on what a dog symbolizes to them. Basically the dog isn't actually an animal but a symbol of something to you. Be it fear, comfort, companionship, responsibility . . . etc.

You'll need to sit down with a close friend or family member and try to figure out what each thing in your dream means in order to properly interpret it. The reason I say a friend or family member is because you'll need someone else who knows you well and you likes and dislikes. It can be done by yourself but few people really understand themselves well enough to intepret their dreams completely.

Find out what the main focus of the dream was about and break it down to what those things mean to "you." Make chart or list of those "objects" in the dream. Remember nothing is what it appears to be. People, places are just symbols of something that you need to figure out.

It's a fun process but it does take time and once you get the hang of it you can really learn a lot about yourself and how you are dealing or not dealing with your life situations.

Have fun with it!

Example: What does it mean to dream of finding fat goldfish in a toilet and trying to save them?

I dreamed I found one in a toilet and others not gold fish just flopping around. I saved some of them but the bigger ones kept juming in and out of the dish.

Example: What does it mean when i dream about finding teeth in my hair?

i had a dream that i was finding teeth in my hair what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean do dream of finding money ... guilt?

I had a dream of finding a large wad of money. I took a bill or two at first but felt immensely guilty about taking it. However, i came back like 3 more times and took a few more bills of larger currency each time. My guilt ultimately subdued a bit as i told my self i was meant to find this money but still felt guilty about taking it. What interpretations do you guys come up with? Thanks in advance.

Example: What does it mean to dream about finding extra rooms in your house you didn't know about?

I've had several dreams like that, and other people I know also have had similar dreams. What does it mean?

Example: How can you find out what your dreams mean?

if been having wierd dreams lately and i wanna find out what they mean

Example: Please help me find what my dream means?

i had a dream last night and i want to know what it means!i was dying my hair all diffrent colors and then after taking a shower all of my hair was falling out in my hands!it was really weird i felt it was real!please if anyone knows answer back thanks!

Example: How do you find out what dreams mean?

I have weird dreams - always have done. They pop up every other night and I wake up thinking 'What the hell was that about?...' But I don't know what they mean. I've checked the library and online and I can't find a decent site or book that helps. For example the last dream was one where my gran (she wasn't even my gran, I've never seen the woman before in my life) had to beat me up XD. My whole family kept telling me it's ok and that it had to be done. After I woke up I laughed so much I fell out of bed but this is just one time. These dreams keep happening.

So, know anywhere I can find out what my dreams mean?
Cheers for putting up with this question (1st world problems right?)

Example: How can I find out the meaning of dreams?

When I was young I constantly had dreams of all my teeth falling out. I would like to know if this had meaning. I had similar dreams 10+ times.

Example: What's it mean to dream you found something you had lost in your waken life?

As a kid I had a gameboy advanced and it got lost somehow.. I would always loose it but i'd always find it. The last time I lost it it was never found til this day. In my dream, my mom had found it in one of her pouches somewhere, what does this mean? ..to dream you find something you lost.

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