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Dream About Finding A Lost Object meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Basically, I dreamed i was in my old guidence counselors office, picking out a new kitten. When i saw the one i wanted, which looked eactly like the one i had just lost, it seemed to be quite a ways away. So, I began to walk down to the kitten, on a rug that was just like the one in my dining room. To the sides of the rug, was a desert, but not bright and filled with light, more dark and very dusty. And then, right before i got to the cat, a huge crab with no shell jumped in front of me, it was likke the size of a car. (Since i was little ive always been terribly afraid of hermit crabs without shells because if youve ever seen a hermit crab without a shell, you'd understand. Its gross.) And the crab tried to eat me, but before it could my favorite aunt jumped in front of me and the crab ate her. But the wierd thing is, it switched bodies with her. Then my aunt, who is the crab, ate me, and i was the crab. Somehow, and i have no idea how, my aunt and i killed the crab and i was bakc in my body, and she was gone. So then i'm running to this perfect little kitten, when behind me appears a snake, scorpion, and a spider, (they were all very large as well, about as big as a medium sized dog.) Those were my other fears as well. And they chased me up the side of a cliff. So im like a foot away from falling off a cliff, clinging to the tree, and i convince the spider, scorpion, and snake to be friends and the hold hands and walk off in the sunset. End of dream. i dont get the cat.

and im honestly not kidding about this, i know its seems outlandish, but its true. The cat that i had lost was very close to me, and it was a very traumatic experience to watch her be killed in front of me. So there was definately a lot of pain and anxiety in that.
And, my dreams almost always end. Its very rare for them not too. I dont know why, but they just always end.
So, what do you guys think of this? i know its long but i really want to know.

First of all I would like to express my condolences and tell you that the loss of a loved one is very painful. It hurts a great deal and the grief one feels can be tremendous. We often dream of the lost love object regardless of what it is. It could be a job. As far as the meaning of your dream is concerned it is an attempt to reconnect with your beloved cat and the traumatic nature of its demise is represented by all you fear and find gross i.e., the crabs and spider and snakes etc.. This is only my interpretation. The only person who can truly interpret a dream is you the dreamer. If you are interested in dream interpretation start with Sigmund Freud's book on dream interpretation entitled "THE INTERPRETATION OF DREAMS" or better still get "DREAMS" by Carl Jung.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so in my dream me and a bunch of people were in a forest preserve and their was this box thing with a window in it where they were growing trees and their was lights that kept going on and off and their was a giant rock inside it with three faces on it. The faces were of guys and one of the guys were looking down and the other two were looking straight ahead then all of the sudden this guy came walking up to the glass where i was standing but he was on the other side of the glass and i couldnt go in the box. so in my dream i said, "hi david" and its weird because i have a friend named scott who iv known for a few months and i just found out his real name is david but the guy in my dream didnt look at all like my friend and he always lost his lighter and in my dream he said that as soon as he got in town lost his lighter. then this guy named ryan came up and asked "so how much money do u ow her know" and i said "he ows me 90 dollars" and i just really have no idea what it means

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a strange dream last night where Ocelot from MGS3 and I were kids, probably 9 years old, and we lived in the house I used to live in when I really was around that age. I don't quite remember exactly what we were doing, but someone like a mother figure, though I don't remember if it was my mom or not, gave us both a paper crown, like the ones they used to have at Burger King, but they were different. Ocelot got one that stood for the king of Russia, and mine was one that stood for king of America, or something like that, I just know they were of some importance in that fashion. Then I took out my M1911 airsoft gun and spun it around on my finger like Ocelot. He said I was good at that and then he took out a revolver and started spinning it and then pointed it at me.
Then I remember lot's of water, like there was a big hurricane, or flood, or both, but it's really vague, and I wasn't scared, I remember though, that I was thinking about how to lead my people (who were also kids) through the storm while water was spraying in through the windows and rushing down the hallway. I lost my paper crown in the storm, and Ocelot went missing too. That's all I remember from the storm.
Then, same place, there was a line of kids going to where my parents' bedroom would be, but instead of their bedroom, it was a sort of game room. walking in, there was two book shelves in the middle of the room, and a window on the right that was pretty high up, kind of like a basement window, but it went all along the wall and looked into another room.
The object of the game in this room was that I find a way get into the next room. I knocked the bookshelves over so that they propped up against the wall with the window, and used them to get to that window. Then I broke the glass and got into the next room.
The next room was just like the previous room, except there were teammates, and in the room after that there was an opposing team, and we got these toy guns that look real and electronically make the same noises that the real gun would make, and they shoot a laser light, and there was armor on the window that was between the teams. I knocked the book cases over, like I did in the previous room, and we climbed up it. I hit a plate of armor with the butt of my rifle 'till it broke off. Then I eliminated someone from the other team, but someone else from that team eliminated me, so I left the room. When I left the room, I was 12.
Then I left and went back to the hotel that my family was staying at, which was in the place where the apartment I lived in when I was around ages 12-18. There was also this girl who left at the same time as me and we were walking in the same direction She was probably about 12, the same age as me at that point. I said something to her about how the armor on the windows in that game were so hard to break, and that I was going to try to get to the other team's side. She replied with "I don't like it when people play like that, cuz you're supposed to eliminate everyone on the other team first." As we walked, I got older, but she stayed the same age, and when we were almost at the hotel, and I was around 18 or 19, she quickened her pace and I found myself running to keep up with her. I asked her what's wrong, but she didn't answer me. When we reached the hotel, I was 19. She kept going. I yelled out to her "Maybe we can go airsofting sometime?" she turned around, and walked up to me and said "okay, I'd like that." Then she asked me why I had to go to this hotel. I told her I was here to see my brother. She said "Your brother's really weird. Last time I saw him, I had to ditch him."
Walking into the hotel, I turned 20 (which is the age I am now, if that's of any relevance). Also, one of my legs suddenly got really long, and in order for me to walk evenly, and without hitting my head on the ceiling, I had to walk with the longer leg squatted and the normal leg normal. This came naturally to me, because one leg being longer than the other seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams lately.
Now that I think about it, the house and the hotel were also recurring themes. the house in the beginning of this dream, was in another dream, where my parent's bedroom was futuristic and mercenaries were looking for me, and the hotel was in another dream where I killed a bunch of people who had guns because they were in an organized crime gang, and they were using it as a hideout, and I was trapped in there, and was trying to find a way out. I eventually did at the end of that dream, but the hotel was in a different place then, and it wasn't as nice of a hotel as it was in this dream, but think it was the same.
Anyway, I did eventually find my brother. He was sitting on the floor putting his socks on, with my step dad. while waiting for him, I decided to sit down and put my legs out so I could see how much lon

Example: Please help me find out what this dream means?

I was in my old house and my lost or dead cat was with my mother and it had babies but it was a male in real life but in my dream it was a female. then i found out i had the ability to move objects with my mind if i concentrated hard enough i started with a deck of card then a book and i could move its pages with the wave of my hand from far away. So then i started messing with people and could make them hover. then i laughed at a friend at work because he was working with Cameron diaz the movie star and he was acting all cool about it . here is the real scary part then this guy grabbed my nuts and started squeezing real hard because i scared him i felt it and everything ball busting pain. Then when i woke up! I looked in the tv which wasn't on and there was a black figure on the ceiling it crawled backwards into a corner then lifted its head and saw me remember i was totally awake It this point and it knew that i saw it. what does all this mean? Do i have a demon after me? and please interpret the dream for me

Example: What does this dream mean?

Me and my friend Courtney were in front of this live theatre, participating in a weird contest were the contestants compete to see how many hula hoop like objects they can fit on their bodies without any falling off. Courtney won, and I failed miserably. Suddenly I remembered I was missing my boyfriend, JD. I briskly walked up the stairs of the theatre in search of him. The more doors I opened looking for him, the more lost I became and the more the theatre started to look like a house. The farther I searched, the fewer people I came across and I soon found myself hoplessly lost. No matter how much I backtracked, I could not find my way back to the theatre. I ran through the house, room after room. Each one looking different, with strangers' family pictures hanging from the walls, vanities and dressers, all perfectly clean. Some rooms were dimly lit, others bright with multiple windows. I remember this one picture in particular, it was propped up on a dresser; a portrait of a man with black, shoulder length hair and a pointy nose that matched his pointy chin. In the photograph, he was wearing this evil, toothy grin, and I remember thinking that it was as if he was laughing at me, running through the vacant hallways and doors in desprate search of civilization. I looked at the portrait for a minute, and moved on. The next door I came across revealed to me a brightly lit staircase. I was so excited for some reason...I ran down the stairs and entered into a sunny room with huge bay windows, a fireplace on the right side, and a big white bed with lots of pillows. I felt drawn to the window, so as I walked over to it I wasn't watching where I was going and I heard a sharp cracking noise beneath my feet. I looked down and saw that in front of the cozy fireplace, there lay a huge rectangular mirror on the floor, which i had stepped on and broke. I looked at my cracked reflection on the ground for a few seconds before it filmed over in red. My foot was oozing blood over the half shattered mirror and the flawless white carpet. The only thing to do was to hurry on to the next room. As I opened the next door, I was shocked to see a fat man in an apron with white hair and glasses. But he wasn't that old...maybe 40-45. He turned around from polishing the mirrors and greeted me, I said hello back. I remember being terrified at the thought that he would decide to enter the room that I had previously been in and see the destroyed mirror, not to mention the stained carpet. I told him I was lost and he promised to get me back to the theatre. I didn't trust him. He turned and led me into the room with the bloody mirror, and fury swept over his face. He stopped to look at the mess silently with wide eyes. I stayed quiet, hoping he wouldn't think to look for my sliced up foot I had been walking on. He then went to the closet and pulled open another door that I had never noticed. In the next room there was a young woman probably in her twenties with the same apron as the man. She had brown hair about the same length as mine. I could tell she was friendly, and somehow I trusted her unlike the man. Her name was Sarah. The man explained to her that I was lost and needed to get back to the theatre. So the 3 of us continued on until Sarah and I heard a door shut and lock behind us. We turned around, but the man was no longer there. He had locked us in at the bottom of a dark staircase. Sarah started screaming, once we got stuck in this never ending house, there was no getting out unless you knew the exact way, which she did not. I calmly decided the only thing to do was to move on, and try door after door, room after horrifying room. The last door I opened led to a empty dark hallway that was covered in cracked flowery wallpaper, probably 20 feet long. At the end I could see a curtain, so we shut the door behind us and walked to the curtain hoping there was a door behind it. But as we flew back the curtain there was nothing but more cracked flowery wallpaper. Sarah and I turned around ready to go back the way we came, but the door had disappeared. Vanished, in its place there was nothing but a wall. We were finally completely stuck. Then I woke up.

Example: What do like clones or inposters mean in dreams?

I keep dreaming about this and have before alot before I dreamed that my rat was with these bad rats like wild or evil and i couldnt tell which one was her ive had this dream before but with my diff pets over the years?i cant find it anywhere.plz help :[


Okay wat does my dream mean I dreamt of all my family my mom step dad brother sister umm ok we saw this new apartments and this lady came out and started talking to us about them and I was all eager and kept saying let's do it let's move we went inside the ladies house and I don't know why but her house looked so comfortable I felt at home I look under the couch cushions and I find my moms silver watch she lost wat can that mean? Then we go home and I start dreaming that the lady is at her home and her husband gets there and she explains to her husband that my parents and her just had one drink the man starts getting all mad! I can't remember the rest just HELP I feel as if it's a message?!? Btw the lady was young friendly and nicely dressed the neighborhood was where my little brother and sister go to school. Btw I'm 15 Soo just HELPP.?!?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so I have had a couple of really weird dreams lately and I wanted to see if any of you could tell me what they mean. There are 2 which kinda have a simular theme but one is a lot weirder.
Ok so first one :
Im in a huge field on a lovely sunny day with my mate mark, all you can see is miles of grass and flowers. I roll him a cigarette and pass him one and he tells me he doesnt smoke. I tell him I just saw him have a *** not 10 mintues ago and he tells me im wrong. Then I woke up.

The second dream is a bit weirder:
Im downstairs in a hospital, it doesnt look like a hospital but just a room with loads of boxes and a security guard but I just know its a hospital. I ask the security guard for directions to the ward I need to get to. As he is telling me, a man comes along and shoots the guard dead. I stare at the killer and he walks to the door. He looks at me in a slightly apologetic manor then shrugs and says 'dirtbomb' and shuts the door. When the door clicks shut all the boxes explode and nails go everywhere. I cover my head with my arms and I survive. I then realise that there are bombs all over the hospital. I start running up spiral staircases screaming for people to get out as there are bombs everywhere. Kids and their parents start chucking themselves out of.windows and falling to their death.
Suddenly im out of the hospital and running down the street, people are throwing petrol bombs everywhere and im running through a town centre. I end up getting lost in a department store, walk though a door and find myself in my office. I run up to mark (same guy as the first dream) and start shouting at him to get everyone out of the building because petrol bombs are everywhere. Im covered in blood and muck. Mark looks at me weirdly then tells me there are no bombs and there is no blood on my clothes. Then I woke up.

Any ideas? Its really freaked me out xx

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

I always wake up in the middle of the night due to bad dreams, here is another one:

My little brother and I were in a car, we were heading home and it was dark. I was driving. We got lost and than my car just vanished. So we had to walk home, I found a familiar street, "Orange St." But instead of walking on the sidewalk we had to walk in the street with traffic. (No idea why). It was dangerous and we almost got hit by many cars. Finally I swooped down to grab a red car that was passing by and I threw it back into the ground. The car broke into pieces. A neighbor came out his home and accused me of breaking his remote car toy. (the real street car had turned into a toy somehow). He than wanted me to owe him 5 thousand dollars because that's how much he paid for his red toy car. And as we were exchanging numbers to settle the dispute for another time his dog came out and started growling at me! His brother held the dog away from me. I got away jst in time before the dog escaped being hostage. I hid behing a door. It was dark in the room and all I heard was the dog barking and growling.

My dreams are so strange.

Example: What message does my dream last night mean?

Right after I I fell asleep I dreamed I was surrounded with people and we were all lost.
While traveling we encountered another group of people who were also lost in their way.
However, we did not accept them to join us.
They try to make contact with us but we kept denying them, until they gave us food.
I was the first one to taste it to see if it was poisoned which was not. After that we traveled together entering a huge dark cave.
In the end of that cave we saw a an enourmous tree. It was so big it was impossible to see how tall it was. Below it there was a small lake that I fell in and and I fell over the water fall, though I was unharmed. When I cllimbed up I saw a huge wall of stone. There were roots or veins comng out of that wall writing something but I can't read it.

We were all fascinated that the tree was alive so we followed where it was coming from. We found another dark cave. It's entrance was blocked by roots that kept moving. When the entrance was already opened people tried to looked inside it, but I somehow transformed into an animal that kept growling at the people who tried to see what was inside. I pushed them away until they tire from trying and went away.

I really want to know what this mean because I remember everything that happened which was unusual for me, especially the huge tree that was moving. I'm actually have a fright of unusually large objects. This morning while going to work I encountered the food that I dreamed being carried by a man in a cart.

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