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Dream About Fingernails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Reincarnation...?

Ive just been reading a book on the subject. Do you really think its possible. Theres so many different theorys on the subject and i wondered how would you know. Maybe thats what the dreams and feelings you cant explain are all about. Any views on the subject would be greatly appreciated. :)

this is my opinion on reincarnation,in the form of a poem
"What does Reincarnation mean?" a young cowpoke asked his friend.His pal replied,"It happens when your life has reached its end"they comb your hair , wash your neck and clean your fingernails,then lay you in a padded box far away from lives travails.

Then the box and you go in a hole thats been dug into the ground then Reincarnation starts in when your planted beneath a mound. then them clods melt down,just like your box and you who is inside. And then you're just beggining on your transformation ride.

"in a while, the grass'll grow upon yer rendered mound.
Till some day on yer grave a lonely flower is found.
and say a horse should wander by and graze upon this flower.
that once wuz you,but now's become yer vegetative bower.

The flower the horse done ate up whith his other feed
makes bone,fat and muscle essential to the steed.
But some is left that he cant use and so it passes through
and finally lays upon the ground...this thing... that once...was you

then say by chance I ride by and sees this thing upon the ground.
and I ponders and I wonders at this ...object...that I've found..
I thinks of Reincarnation...of life,death and such...and come away concludin...Slim?...y... aint changed, all that much.

So where do cowboys go when they die
is there a place in the sweet by and by
where the water is clean and the grass grows free
and there aint a cloud in the sky

Example: Having nasty self-harm urges that are becoming harder to resist and scary?

I was getting over some really bad sexual harassment about a year ago and occasionally would scratch myself pretty badly either with fingernails or a knife. I got over that and really regret it now, though.

I haven't done anything in about a year now and thought I would be fine once I achieved my seven year dream of getting accepted to well known college that I would not have to pay a cent for. I did. I thought I would stop having those urges and even worse urges but so far no luck.

I don't like pain because it dulls emotional pain or whatever. I have always liked having naturally received bad bruises, deep cuts, horribly sore muscles, shots, broken bones, and so on. I like the sting of the pain and being able to move on and continue, feeling like I am strong. I don't think I am a cutter and I still have not done anything in a while and I don't think I have self-harm issues that come from being depressed or anything like that.

I am not going to tell anyone I know, either. If I do, I will be barred from that college for at least a year. I think. Not too sure about military standards in that case. That being said, I do not want to affect my future soldiers negatively either.

My main question is what is it? Like I said, I don't think it is a result of depression. I am over the sexual harassment and although I didn't self-harm before that, I still liked pain. A lot. I feel like it may be natural but I am too scared to ask anyone. Is it?

Example: Guys, if you see a girl or a young lady who has trimmed her nails very short and not painted them, would you?

..think she's not feminine enough?

What will your thoughts be?

I'm almost 23 and hardly ever paint my nails because I don't care for them much, and I don't have the patience to maintain them. Yet, I think they look very pretty on other girls. Plus, I feel more comfortable keeping them short. Although I dream about looking sophisticated, I'm happier looking like myself. Yet, most of my friends keep their nails long and done, and that makes me feel inadequate. Know what I mean?

Example: I'm 17 and 5 weeks pregnant and I don't know what to do?

Me and my boyfriend don't know what happened bc we were being safe. I noticed my boobs were getting slightly bigger, I just had this feeling I was pregnant finally I missed my period the day after my period was supposed to start I was with my boyfriend and we took a pregnancy test. Positive. We had this talk before what we would do etc. The funny thing is a week before this he had a dream I was pregnant. I'm catholic and I have just plain common sense and I know abortion is wrong but right in its own little ways. I beleive abortion should only be done in the first trimester. I'm 17 and scaried. I have always told my family how I never want kids and never want to get married atleast not until I'm like 28. But now...I'm making a selfish choice. I can't raise a kid at this age with no job, no house my boyfriend lives an hour away and I still have school and a career to build. Even though I know how to raise a kid. 8 neice and nephews.
I can't tell my family or friends. My family is catholic and I would get kicked out of my house [btw I live in kansas] my friends are all 2 faced. The only person I trust is my boyfriend who is a 100% with me, staying by my side. Paying for the abortion even. But what do I do with parental consent. I've read about judicial bypass but does that always work? How long will that take. I will only get an abortion up to 8 to 11 weeks. I want to hurry so this is humane as possible. I cried looking up information but I know in my heart this is the best choice for me and the baby.
I need information on the steps of the process.
I looked up all information but I need steps.
Like step one call planned parent hood etc.
Adoption isn't an option because I wouldn't beable to do it, too sad.
Also, when does morning sickness kick in and what can I do to handle it. I can't be puking at school or at home. Theres so many questions I have. I've doen alot of research but I need inside info. steps in order of what I should do.
Thanks and please don't judge me, its my choice and I was so against abortion before I was prego but trust me when you get in these shoes, you get scaried and start thinking about your future and how much stress it will cause with your relationship with your boyfriend no matter how close you are. I'm happy for the girls who have the courage to raise a child so younge.

Example: What is the "sound" built to spill references in many songs?

such as in the song "i would hurt a fly". they mention it in quite a few songs.

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