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Dream About Fingernails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can you interpret these dreams?

I have two dreams that made me really curious as to what they may mean. Both of them were unsettling. I wouldn't consider them nightmares, I was thinking more of stress dreams. Not so much dreams you wake up screaming from, but ones you wake up from and you're glad they're just dreams and that they're over.
If you can put them in a catagory for a type of dream that'd help loads too. Here we go:

Dream one: The Gunman.
I had moved to Louisiana for some odd reason, and was in a diner and this man was sitting at the table across from me. I can't remember anything about him but his cheshire cat smile. During the dream, I had this short weird vision like thing of a girl sitting in the diner, going to eat her sandwich, and getting hit in the face with a spray of blood and saying either "Smells like pig's blood" or "Tastes like pigs blood". But anyway, I knew this man was going to rob the diner, and was going to shoot someone. Then I had his gun. I didn't even reach out and take it, he didn't even have it drawn. I just had a little silver pistol and I knew it was his. He chuckled at me, and I knew he wanted me to shoot someone. I panned the diner with the gun and knew I just couldn't shoot anyone. I knew that if he shot someone he'd shoot fataly, and if I did at least they'd live. But I just couldn't do it. And so he drew another gun out and said he'd do it. I started crying hysterically and told him not to shoot anyone in the head or an old or disabled person. He got really reassuring and said he wouldn't. So I blocked my ears and he fired the gun at this big burly guy, and got him in the abdomen. The burly guy got really angry and began pounding his fists on our table, but then blood began to pour from the wound and he fell down. Then the gunman smiled really, really wide at me.
Then I woke up.

Dream two: The Stalker.
In my dream I was told that a man had been watching me at my work for the past few months. There were photos taken of the man creepily standing right behind me, and an undercover cop showed me them. He told me to be careful. So one night I was in my house and I heard something outside, and then I suddenly was outside, and the stalker was there holding a rotweiler dog on a leash. He was very disturbing. He had this thin, thin greasy brown long hair that went to about his shoulders, and his face was very wrinkly. One of his eyes was all distorted. His fingernails were very dirty and almost rotten looking. Overall, he just looked very dirty and unkempt. And then I just knew somehow in the back of my head that he was a pedophile. I got really scared. He said: "Hi Hannah, I just want to talk to you." But I swore at him and ran away, and he began chasing me and kept laughing and laughing. Then I tried to scream but I just couldn't. I would make noise, but it would never be louder than a plain old speaking voice. Then I began to run slower. He caught up to me fast. When he got to me, he turned into a kid I know from school who I'm sort of friends with. I was still in a panic, and the kid outstretched his arm and I kicked it and broke it, and then he cried out in pain, and then his voice became the stalker/pedophile's voice again and he was very angry and said: "Damn it, I live next door to you, I was just walking my dog! You people will hear about this!" and I knew he was going to make me look like the bad guy, even though he was stalking me and tresspassing on my property, and a cop already knew he was stalking a minor, and possibly that he was a pedophile as well. Then he became the kid from school again, and he was on the phone with his mom crying that I broke his arm. I felt awful and ran home and my friend was in my room, and I started crying and told her that everyone was going to hate me and think I'm a terrible person because I broke this poor kid's arm for no reason.
And then I woke up.

So...what is your input?
Thank you!

I think dream number one is trying to tell you something. Either someone you don't know very well or don't trust is up to something and you have a hunch. When the guy shot the man, I think it means that who ever this shooter is, doesn't care who he/she takes down to get ahead. And you crying hysterically are the distressed person and you are at a loss as to what to do with the situation.

Dream number two is a person who you do know, probably not the kid you know from school, but someone who gives you the heebie jeebies.
Or maybe you feel bad about accusing someone for something they didn't do. People found out about it and now you feel haunted by it.

That's all I can think of. I hope it comes to you.

Example: Do your dreams actually have a meaning?

and what causes you to dream what you dream?
is it all really just something random?

Example: What's with psychics and Romania?

I mean it's almost like a stereotype, most of the psychics who do palm readings and etc.. are originally from Romania and they are superstitious,too. why is that I want to understand.. And how it started?

Example: I dreamed fingernails were all over my hand and i was plucking them out , what does that mean ?

i mean there were all over my arms, elbows ... what does this mean ?

Example: I had a gruesome dream. PLEASE INTERPRET **WARNING** reader's discretion advised?

Warning, this dream may be inappropriate for younger readers due to the graphic nature.

Ok, this is the dream I had last night:

I was home from work on my lunch break and eating at the dinner table. But, it was my old house that we moved out of 3 years ago, and it was my ex-step-father's cat. Next to the table was one of those high carpeted cat gyms that have a platform at the top level with the table. My mother and I were discussing the culture of the 70's and 80's when the cat started to freak out on the platform of the cat stand. I looked over and the cat was laying on her back, and staring at its 2 front paws as if very confused and scared; her eyes were fully dialated and her hair was on end. Her claws were as if a chihuahua had over grown nails, about a centimeter long, and blunt at the ends. She stared at her claws for a few seconds and then viciously started pawing at her face and shrieking as if she were fighting another cat. After a few seconds, she stopped and stared at her paws again. There was no damage to her face because of the bluntness of her nails. I figured she was having some sort of seizure, so i told my mom to roll her chair back so that the cat does not turn on her. After 4-5 cycles of starting and pawing, the cat rolled over onto her belly and looked up at me and meowed. Her face looked extremely sad and scared and the meow sounded as a desperate plea for help, but i had no idea what to do to help the poor cat. After staring at me for a few seconds, the cat sat up on its back legs, looked at its front paws, back at me one last time, and shoved its long, blunt claws into its eye sockets, and ripped its own skull in half and tore its body in half. From the lifeless body of the cat came two 2-3 month old kittens covered in blood and entrails from the first. Shaking themselves like a dog, they removed the gore that covered hem and slung it all over the room. When they were clean, they were both a bright white; the cleanest, brightest white I've ever seen. The first one started walking around in a small circle, as if disoriented and unbalanced, with a look on its face of pure confusion. Other than just coming out of another cat, it looked normal in construction. However, the second kitten had the same long nails as its predecessor and was sitting on its hind legs and pawing at its face and shrieking. Not knowing what to do, my mother yelled at me to kill them. Not having a weapon on hand, my only option was to break their necks. I grabbed the one pawing at its face and twisted and pulled. I did not properly gauge the force and its head came off in the process. At that point, a thick black fluid came out of the kitten and spilled on my hands. I then grabbed the other kitten and in likewise fashion, dispatched the kitten, but there was no black fluid. just blood. I then picked up all 3 lifeless bodies and threw them in the trash and put the bin outside. I knelt down to pray that God remove whatever evil was causing this, but as i put my hands up to pray, I felt something touch my lips. I looked down at my hands, and my fingernails were long and round like the overgrown nails of a chihuahua, and my face itched like crazy.

And then I woke up around 3 in the morning.

I do not usually remember my dreams, and this was by far the most vivid and gruesome dream I've ever had. If anyone could interpret it, I would be very appreciative.

Example: What does my dream mean?

had a dream where i was in my home with my family. it was me, my mother sister, my mother's boyfriend, and his daughter. all of a sudden people wearing masks and machettes in their hands starting taking to the streets of my neighborhood and broke into homes and were killing people. I got everyone into the bathroom and got the gun that was under the sink and shot any of the killers that got into the house. after a while, they were called back by someone and left. i took a carepackage and blew a hole into the floor of the bathroom revealing a tunnel that would lead to our escape. Moms boyfriend and his daughter did not wish to go and i didnt make them.
The last thing i remember after that was being in a dark room with a little girl, a woman in a nightgown with blood all over it with a machette of her own, and a mother being held with the knife to her neck. the room is very dark so i dont recognize any of these people. the woman says the girls name, then slits the mother. blood splatters on the walls and before i wake up the woman just stares at me and says nothing.
Can somebody please explain this to me? it has been bothering me for weeks

Example: I had a dream I was putting on fake fingernails that were long. Please please help me out?

I had a dream that I was putting on fake fingernails, the one you get at the stores and you just glue them on. They were pretty long like maybe an inch. I was uncomfortable that they would fall off, and so I glued some of them. At the end I gave up and only had one hand covered with fake fingernails. What does this dream mean?

Example: What do you think of my STORY?

A young man and a purple unicorn sat in a peaceful, sunny meadow. John held the unicorn's sturdy horn in one hand, admiring the perfect spirals. The other hand carefully plucked stray white hairs that had a habit of getting stuck in the horses eyelashes and muzzle. Finished, he petted the beast's velvet nose and it smiled.
"Did you have the dream again last night?" asked the unicorn.
John hesitated, then said, "Well, it was different this time. A lot longer, and less dreamlike. I'd have a hard time telling why it wasn't a dream, other than being awake now. I was in the same little room though, with the bed and the little window on the door with the metal in it."
"Did you see the lady again, with the eyes?"
"Yeah, a black lady with blue eyes! Isn't that something? She's real friendly though, I wish I could say something to her but I can never come up with the words. She's just a dream person though, so I guess it doesn't really matter."
"Is that her standing behind you right now?"
John looked over his shoulder and with a fright saw the very same lady. He pulled back, into the corner of the room, onto the bed. He focused on his chewed, bleeding fingernails and tried to ignore her. The meadow was gone, the walls of the room were painfully closed in. The unicorn had been reduced to a mere whisper in his ears, reassuring him with nothing more than 'it's ok John' over and over.
"No one is here but me John. There's nothing to be afraid of." The lady's soothing voice won over John's fear and he relaxed. "Who were you talking to?"
"The unicorn."
"There is no unicorn John. That was just a hallucination."
"Are you real?"

Example: I wrote a kind of off beat college admittance essay that I would really like some opinions on?

Here goes- any feedback is appreciated, especially from teachers or people who know what colleges look for.

Failure- in theater, you learn to get used to it. Heck, in life you learn to get used to it.

Right now, my stomach is fluttering faster than the eyelashes of the tenth grader shamelessly flirting two lunch tables over. My mouth seems to have gone permanently dry despite the chocolate milk I just gulped down. If I twirl my hair any faster, it will no doubt rip right out. My fingernails would probably be suffering a similar fate if I hadn’t just painted them Aruba Blue.

In just a couple of hours, I will be auditioning for the lead role in a play. I am petrified. I can’t wait.

It’s not as if I haven’t done this before. By now, trying out for a play should be second nature. The worst thing that can happen is not getting the part, and I’ve already done that. In fact, I’ve done that plenty of times.

Sometimes, it seems like life is just a string of failures, broken up by the occasional glowing success. This might sound like a negative attitude, but there is nothing wrong with failing. I learn and grow so much with every failure that I’ve begun to see it as a form of success in and of itself. If that’s not a positive attitude, I don’t know what is.

If there is one thing I learned in the past four years, it’s that there is no shame in failure. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to claim that failing is fun. I have found that one of the only things worse than failing is never trying and having to constantly wonder- what if? I learned this lesson the hard way. When I was a freshman, I let the fear of failure keep me from auditioning for plays. Now, I must always wonder what could have been if I had just faced my fears. I missed out on a lot, and I refuse to make that mistake ever again.

So, I’ve learned to embrace the long shots. Greet the impossible with open arms. I have failed a million times. And I have grown a million times stronger because of it. I refuse to let the risk of failure stand in the way of the possibility of success.

Turning in this essay is risking failure. I’ll admit, the word fail probably shouldn’t be such a prominent feature in the essay that may decide the course my life will take for the next four years. I’m willing to take that chance, because more than anything else, being involved in theater has taught me one thing: you can fail over and over again, but you only need to have that one big win to be a success. I guess that’s what I’m always hoping for- that one big win.

Maybe this will be it.

Example: Wired dream! Larvae in my foot! s) What does it mean?

Hi, if this dream isn't weared I don't know what is... I dreamt a few nights ago that I had something like a big "zit" / "pimple" on the sole of my foot (I think it was the right one). I started squeasing it and it "broke". Out came a white larvae and I saw that there was yet another one... I tried getting it out and after a bit of effort I managed to get it out. Remaining was a hole / a wound and out came 2 or 3 larvae eggs quite easily simply by shaking the foot... and after a few more shakes yet another one came out... What could this dream mean?

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