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Dream About Fingernails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of yourself pulling out a fingernail from your brothers finger?

What does it mean if you dream of pulling out a single finger nail of your brothers hand? The fingernail was clean and wasn't very long. Was just wondering because I thought it was kinda strange? :)

Freud would say this is a sexual dream, and normal. Dreams are often exploration of content we would otherwise find consciously unacceptable. It is not a literal dream, but a metaphor, and the sexual metaphor is also a representation of something deeper... perhaps an anger or resentment toward your brother you may not be fully aware that you have. Because the dream came from you, only you truly know what it may mean.

Of course this has less to do with a sexual thought about your brother, and more about your exploration of your own development and identity with an attachment figure that feels relatively safe to you. If you were in therapy, a therapist would explore with you: Is he younger or older? Do you have resentment toward him for any reason? Any sibling rivalry for any reason? What are your frustrations with him? What are your current frustrations or worries or anxieties about your life right now? And so on.

Example: I dream that i was removed my fingernails in my little finger...what does it mean?

Example: Want to know what my dreams mean?

do you ever have a dream where your finger nails just break off

Example: Whats it mean when you dream of broken fingernails?

i was having a dream..and i looked down at my nails in the dream they were originally french manicured with acrilics. then i looked at my hand and it looked like i had been bitting on them. they were torn to bits..

Example: What does it mean when you dream about wearing leapord print fingernail polish?

I dreamt I was in a store with books, movies, clothes and food. Good music. I also had leapord print fingernail polish on my fingernails.

Mean anything?

Example: To Dream of a WRINKLED FINGERNAIL?!?

I dreamt that my ring finger's fingernail was wrinkled. What does that mean?! PLEAS ANSWER..aNYTHinG!? 10 POINTS?!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone else's fingernails?

Okay, so I had this dream about someone, and it was really weird, but what I remember the most about it is her fingernails, which are those almost freakishly long, natural ones. They weren't trying to hurt me or anything, but the first time I saw them, they gently squeezed my hips, the second time, they squeezed my shoulders. I know this person too, if that helps.

Example: What would you like to ask?What does dreaming of dirty fingernails mean?

I dreamt I was showing a friend how I cut my fingernails with a nail clipper and once I'd finished my right hand, I was shocked and embarressed when my left hand was in view, because there was all this black stuff under my fingernails..?

Example: Weird dream.Fingernails in the table next to my bed.?

I had a dream that I woke up and found 5 fingernails in the table next to my bed.I had a feeling this is bad,or that someone wants to hurt me.what does it mean?

Example: Had a dream about my fingernail falling off then my fingertips turning black what does this mean?

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