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Dream About Fingernails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream about my fingernails?

Both my mom and I are trying to stop biting our fingernails. Its frustrating.
I had a dream last night that mine got pretty long and they all bent backwards , and it hurt sooo bad. I started yelling at my mom , screaming "this is why i didn't wanna grow them out!"

What does this mean?

It doesn't really mean anything.All it is is that because when you were awake you were thinking about it so when you went to sleep it was still on your mind.Maybe you were worried what would happen.Trust me not biting your fingernails is no big deal.Just keep them cut and to be honest it was probably worse of biting your fingernails because they could get infected.Good luck! p.s i know its hard because i used to have the habit of biting my fingernails but eventually broke the habit and now i can wear cool funky nail varnish!

Example: What do these bad dreams mean?

i keep having this dream that my nails are breaking and falling off.

the second nightmare is that i keep dreaming somebody or something is coming in my house and they kill my daughter's father infront of me and the baby. when i try to see who did it they disapear so i don't know if it's a human being who kills him or some other force. then i see the outside world on fire and dead bodies everywhere. i am running with my baby and they almost get us but they miss. it was really intense... does anybody have any idea what these dream could mean?

also after i relize they killed my daughters father i didn't cry. then i was in a apt with a bunch of people and i went to to the roof and started to cry and told him that i loved him, i woke up crying i could really feel the devistation of loss

Example: What does it mean when you dream that your fingernail comes off?

Example: My dream mean?

My nails was crack.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I broke a nail, the thumb to be exact. I have nice nails. What does this dream mean?

Example: Dream of left fingernail painted metallic?

I had a dream that my left fingernail was painted a metallic pink color. any meaning to this?

Example: Dream about ex in car...blue fingernails?

Ok so I had this dream this morning. My ex and I were in our old car and I was in the passengers seat and he was asking "but can't you at least just hold my hand?" I think I refused but I remember seeing his blue glowing fingernails. Also sometime later in the dream I had knowledge that he and my daughter were together at some Karate place (he was teaching her Karate maybe?) and that she was so incredibly happy. Then I see myself putting together or taking apart a staff and putting it's parts back into a box. What do you make of this?

Example: Please help me with my dream of putting on acrylic (fake) fingernails?

I had a dream that I was putting on fake fingernails, the one you get at the stores and you just glue/stick on. They were pretty long like maybe an inch. I was uncomfortable that they would fall off, and so I glued some of them. At the end I gave up and only had one hand covered with fake fingernails because they were about to fall off anyway. What does this dream mean? Thanks for your answers!

Example: Meaning of dream about rollercoaster?

I slept really soundly last night because I ran a race and wore myself out.

I dreamed that I was painting my nails a beautiful turquoise/aqua color on the side lines of a soccer game.

My nail polish had not dried yet, but I went into the game, but when I realized the nails weren't dry, I walked off the field and someone who was not as good as me took my position (mid-field) on the field.

The scene switched to riding the upside-down loop roller coaster at a theme park with a friend.

My nail polish still had not dried but I got on and got a good seat.

The rollercoaster base looked like the inside of a military plane where everyone is just sitting around and hanging on to straps.

(I am about to deploy in a couple months).

I enjoyed the ride but usually I can tell if the rollercoaster is going upside down or not, and this time, I could not tell except a couple times when I saw the sky was at my feet.

When I went to get off the ride, I realized my nail polish was incompletely done (and messed up) on my left hand and I felt sort of disappointed that I had to re-paint my nails again.

I also got lost getting off the ride, sort of disoriented.

But, I found my way off and found my friend again. I don't remember the exact identity of my friend but I was looking for someone when I got off.

I woke up feeling sort of sad about leaving.

It's weird because I don't use nail polish right now at all so I don't know what the blue polish means or the roller coaster or the soccer game. (I do play soccer right now on 2 teams).

Example: What does my dream mean?

All I remember is the ending. I walked into my bathroom just as someone was getting out and I went to the shower. The person left. I open the shower curtain and there is a blue-stained fingernail in the bathtub so I turn on the water and it is washed to the drain and then I get in and the water hits me. I notice that the tub is beginning to fill but I have the shower head on so I check the drain and it is clogged with leaves from outside so I try pulling them out but it is so clogged. Then I wake up. Does it mean anything because for some reason it was really creepy to me and I woke up frightened.

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