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Dream About Fingernails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What exactly does this dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago and it was really weird. Actually, just about all of my dreams are weird but this one was really weird. It was a dream about my high school becoming a high school/partial college/mall. I just graduated from high school and I am going off to college in about a month and a half. The partial college in my dream was for kids who didn't wanted to start off their first year of college there and there were no dorms because it was sort of like high school but a college lifestyle and schedule. Quite a few of my friends were in the dream too and the first class I was in was my Honors French 4 class. Then I moved into Spanish 1. Then I went to this carousel apparently and I saw a couple of my now sophomore friends and the person I like was one of them and he was talking to me while we rode the carousel. After the ride was over, he got up and I noticed that he had his toenails painted orange. This is pretty much what happened in my dream.
The next day, we had a family gathering and my cousin ended up painting one of my fingernails and it was red in color. Before the gathering, I told my mother about part of the dream and she thinks that the additions to something mean that you are going to really enjoy your life coming. However, the way I think is that I might really have a hard time letting go of the past because of the college in high school and this person I like who is still in high school appearing in my dream. What do you think?

First of all:
You dream that your high school became a high school/college/mall means that you are juggling current responsibilities, future responsibilities, and keeping up with the latest trends (being a teenager). Since you are going there, it reflects that you don't want to start off your first year at college. You may be nervous, tensed, etc.

Your friends were in your dreams because you wanted them there to be with you and have the same reasons as you for not going to an actual college. Not everyone's going to the same college, keep in mind that.

And then you do your responsibilities (the classes) and then move on to have fun (carousel). While there, you see the person you liked and noticed he had orange toenails. Orange represents hope, friendliness, basically outgoing qualities. You see him as an outgoing and kind person.

That's my interpretation of the dream.

Example: I had a dream that my unborn daughter was an infant and she had long fingernails and toenails. Meaning?

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

Dream #1 While living in a trailer, parasites were coming in and out of my skin and leaving holes in my arms. A lot of people I knew were there.
Dream #2 My friend had these parasites in her bathroom and became infected. I came to see her and I held her hand, but then these parasites came out from under her fingernails. Later, I went to visit her in the hospital and everyone in that ward wore plastic bags over their heads... Except for my friend.

Example: I dreamed that I was cutting off my fingernails, what does it mean?

Last night I dreamed that using a razor I was cutting off all of my fingernails. Not just the tip, or trimming it - the whole nail. I had already removed two of my fingernails, leaving only a fleshy nub at the end of my fingers. In my dream, this was the only way I could improve in my artistic ability (I am an art student). Cutting off the nails really really hurt though, so throughout the entire dream I was building up the courage to do it.
What do you think that this means?

Example: Cutting nails in a dream? what does this mean?

hi, my dad had a dream that he was cutting his finger nails but then he cut them to far, like he cut them mid way.

what does this mean? it wasn't painful in the dream.

Example: Dream about a guy being fascinated by my fingernails?

In my dream I was dating the guy and we were laying down on the couch he was laying and I was like laying on his side. And he grabbed my hand and he was fascinated by the design on my fingernails. He wasnt obsessed with them though he thought they were just designed cool. It's the actual design that's on my nails now which is weird. The guy that I dated in my dream, I know him in real life and I actually liked for a really long time in school last year. I don't have dreams about guys at all by the way. And I never really thought much about this kid. I mean after school ended in June, I didn't really pay attention to him. Because it's summer. But school starts again September 7th.

Anyways , does anyone know what this dream means? I was trying to give background info too. Thanks for your time!

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a dream where i was in this giant school house like the house of anubis sort of. but as there sleeping cabins. this man came in and killed the principal with little glowing rings on his fingers. the teacher gave me hers, which extended to where they looked like long fingernails.the points at the finger knuckle thingys (idunnolol) glowed the lighted color of pink,green,blue,and yellow. then, with the teacher's last dying breath she told me to kiss the most courageous boy sitting in the cornfield. (this part is what im most curious about, since those words keep reoccurring in my dreams.) I dont know why but i was greatly attached to the teacher in my dream and it saddened me. i ran outside to find some odd looking black haired boy who was just above your average handsome. I kissed him, and had an odd feeling that i failed her and i didn't pick the right one or something. Then after a while i killed the man who killed the teacher, and i sat on the railing on the deck of the house where the guy i really like started to sing to me. I remembered to kiss the most courageous boy and leaned down to kiss him. But before i could i was woken up for some unknown reason.

i wanna know what this means because its left me deeply curious. Oh and i dont have much to do and the words to kiss the most courageous boy have been haunting me, and i have no idea why.

Example: What could this dream mean?

I had a very odd dream a little while ago that was so beautiful it has stuck with me. In the dream, one of my best guy friends (we'll call him A) could manifest butterflies out of thin air. I was completely fascinated by this and wanted to do so as well, so I tried. All I could do was make smoke come off of my fingernails. I went to A and told him I tried to manifest butterflies but that all I could do was make smoke come off of my fingernails and I showed him this. His response was one of amazement. He then manifested a butterfly and gave it to me. I remember holding it in my hand and thinking how beautiful and soft it was. It was a pretty blue-green color with black trim and it glowed. A said that I had to be careful with it because it was very fragile. I asked him what would happen if I dropped it and he said it would die. I asked him if it could fly and he said it couldn't.

I have looked up a few of the main points in dream dictionaries, but can't seem to find a meaning. I don't have dreams like this very often, so I can't imagine it is anything other than significant. Any thoughts/ideas?

Example: What does my dream mean plzzz answer?

i had a dream i was at this zoo place and i was barefoot. i was scared walking back and kept bumping into animals that came out of holes in the ground. there was a snake and other animals. but i started having a conversation with one of the animals . i dont know what type of animal it was but it was similar to a sloth and had long dirty black fingernails. then i looked at my fingernails and they had been painted back.

what does this mean ?

Example: What does it mean when you see your toe nails cracking in your dreams?

I was dreaming that i was first at the beach and then it moved to someplace else but the whole dream i was looking down to my toe nails and seeing them all cracked and the skin beneath the nail was sucked into the toe. If anyone has any significance please let me know

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