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Dream About Fingernails meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my terrifying dream mean?!?

my dreams tend to be...rather psychedelic and "cosmic" in nature. they are typically unknowable and exotic. my mind is a beautiful thing...but last night in my sleep my imagination was more powerful than i would have liked.

the dream was going along normally, with no outwardly negative or positive emotions or events to make it even somewhat significant or memorable. the events are as follows:

I was walking in a brightly lit above ground parking garage, several stories up. it was the type whos sides are open, letting in sunlight. in front of me was a tall, pretty looking girl wearing news reporter clothes. she looked quite professional. she was walking in front of me, and for some reason, i felt me and her were somehow companions and that we had a destination (idk what, you know how dreams are). she didnt speak, nor turn around. we came up on a hole in the floor, what looked like a mortar blast. (this didnt strike me as odd even though it was out of place). since we needed to get down, i knew then we would simply hop down and continue waltzing along, fine and dandy. NO. this is where it gets scary. she hopped down the hole. keep in mind she never spoke, and before this i never saw her face.

i approached the hole to jump down my self. as i got close, she slowly rose BACK out of the hole. (which means she was floating). she was facing me this time. she had looked nice and manicured before she jumped in. but now her hair was matted in sweat and grease, and was slightly wavy because of how filthy it was. (type in antje traue pandorum on google image and you will know what it looked like. second pic.) her skin was grayish and dripping with sweat. she was shaking and trembling wildly. her hands were straight down at her side. her posture was stiff. i could not see her eyes through her hair, but i could see the glint of moisture, so i knew she was looking at me. then she tilted her head up diagonally, her hair parted so i could see the eyes in between it. oh god the eyes...THE EYES...the surrounding tissue was pulled out, so you could see the nasty eye lining and the like! they looked like fear eyes...massive, bulging, except they were unnaturally insane. literally the most insane looking eyes i had ever seen, awake or not. they gleamed with a demonic rage i have never imagined. the iris's were filled with dark violet/blackish coagulated blood, so as not to see her pupils. the whites were greyish with veins that bulged SO MUCH THEY GAVE TEXTURE TO THE EYE. UGH! yet they were frozen unnaturally wide. you could stab someone in the gut and light them on fire and there eyes still wouldn't be that wide. keep in mind she was shaking like a crazy nut. her mouth then opened, extended open far beyond human capability, while oozing saliva like the thing from alien. it was a black void inside. no tongue or teeth. then she let loose a low-pitched torture/death scream that chills my very soul right now. this happened in like 5 seconds. before i reacted, her hands shot up like steel bars and grabbed both sides of my face. her filthy fingernails dug into my skin, and i could smell and feel the warm, nasty sweat of her palms on my face. the scream ended, and she went silent, except for gaping mouth taking in air, still stretched out. eyes still locked. at this point i felt she had control over me, my body went limp and i couldnt move. she slowly brought my face (feet dragging behind me as i couldnt move) WITHIN A CENTIMETER of her face. like as close as you can get without touching. SHE DIDNT BLINK. i wanted more than anything to look away from her eyes...yet no matter how hard i tried she kept my eyes locked to hers. her mouth remained open, clear down passed my jaw, and literally almost pressed up against my cheek. i could feel her putrid, hot breath brush over my face as she shakily breathed in and out. open your mouth wide and shiver, thats all i could hear. shaky breathing as i was forced to stare into the eyes of hell. i couldnt scream. i couldnt move. i couldnt BLINK. i knew then in the dream i was doomed to starve to death in her hands, while being forced to stare into those eyes and smell her breath and feel her sweat. it was quiet. and very, very, VERY disturbing. i have dreamed babies getting napalmed in front of their mothers. i have seen the end of the world in my sleep, whole cities being enslaved. yet this takes the cake as the most disturbing thing ever in a dream. the fact that it was so unexpected...and happened within 10 seconds...is why it is so scary. she was wearing all black. sorry for length!

Stop eating spicy food before you go to bed.

Seriously though, this is pretty messed up stuff.
You feel rooted in place by the thing that causes your terror, you are unable to move or scream and have no power to free yourself.

I think you hate your job and want to find meaning in your life, but you are afraid that if you do find meaning it will be shallow and unfulfilling, like those dead eyes.

Example: What does this scary dream mean?

Okay, So I had a dream that i was me but i looked and sounded like the 30 year old Nicole Kidman(thats not the scary part)So Im 14 btw, So I was driving in the dark and the rain with my mom and then we kept going on these stop lights and kept seeing a homless man crouching with 3 melons things... Then my mom wasnt there anymore instead the dream switched to me driving on a japan highway on a mountain with a japanese couple... and it was dark and late and i gould only see what my headlights let me see then all of a sudden we crashed then i woke up (in the dream) and i was upside down wearing a mask underwater and somehow i could breath but only a little bit ,the wife of the man was gone and then the man was passed out under water? and i was hyper ventilating then i turned my head to a hole in the rocky wall of this water chamber then the wife was upside down in the door way only picking so her head could show and she was singing some sort of japanese lullaby and there was blood and sea keed comming from her eyes and mouth then a huge skinny boney yellow hand with long fingernails ripped her face off and dragged her up and she screamed but i could still here the lullaby and i turned to her husband and he was dead i was still wearing a brown wooden mask and i couldnt breath anymore and i was crying i was trying to find my way out but i couldnt then i woke up terrified

Example: Had a weird dream what does it mean?

i had a dream about all of my crushes and i have no clue what it means i ended up with the one that broke my heart in the end of the dream.

Example: When I was younger,I had this dream. What does it mean? (weird,but I need serious answers)?

I had this dream of just this evil clown, scraping his long fingernails on the wall. He just had this evil look. What did tha mean?

Example: Could this dream mean something?

Me and this guy were walking through a huge room with covered bodies in it (i assume we were in a hospital). It was weird because i thought i knew the guy but i really don't. Then we were walking and he said "Did you find her" then I walk up to a body and i lifted up the sheet to look at they body but then everything got really blurry. Also the hands that i saw weren't mine they were tan and the fingernails weren't bitten. Then i started stumbling around and i ran into a few carts and the guy turned around and said "Ezra, Ezra you ok?" Then i fell but when i hit the ground i woke up. When i was waking up it felt really weird. It was like i could feel myself going back into my body or something. What was up with that? Could it mean something or was it just some really weird thing?

Ps my name isn't ezra but this guy i likes name is close to ezra. His name is esdras and he is mexican so that would explain why the hands were tan but it doesn't completely explain the random name except for esdras being spanish for ezra. Also please don't say anything mean about me being gay.

Example: What is the meaning of this dream?

I am with men who are in the KKK, they take me in to a corn field where they are being mean to me and about to start hurting me or they were trying to beat me up. I turn in to the devil and start cutting them apart with my fingernails and I'm enjoying it and the power that I have, I summon demons and we take them to hell, it appears as a dark and bright red cave with fire. There is an area with fire where I am burning people. I have a button next to the fire that I can press which will renew their flesh after it burns away. This is really all that I remember it wasn't the only dream I had that night.

I normally go through periods where i'll have very cool/wild dreams. I was on vacation just recently when I had the dream and was getting good sleep. I'm not religious at all really, I tend to dislike racist people even though I'm not that ethnic. I think what put the guys in the KKK in my dream is that I was watching O brother where art thou for a couple of minutes that day.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I had a tapeworm or some sort of worm (it looked like a millipede but thinner) and it was underneath my cuticle and all down my hand
Anyways my mum saw an advert in a newspaper? and decided she should pull it out so she did but because it was wrapped around my fingernail do much it was about 3 feet long! Does this mean anything? It was really significant I mean other things happened in the dream but this is the thing that really stuck out to me!?

Example: Wierd Dreams. Help! What Do They Mean?

Okay...i will try to make this as short as possible

dream 1
I have a dream...well nightmare that i am in the middle of walmart with family members. I am choking. I am trying to dish the object out with finger but it is not coming out. I realize it is my tounge choking me. it is tied in a knot and i cannot breathe. i wake up panicking.

Dream 2
I got my nails done for prom. Well since then i have been having dreams that they pop off or come off. It doesnt hurt in my dream, they just come off and i become agitated. wen i wake they're still on. wierd.

Dream 3
I had a dream about my boyfriends secret lover. He liked her apparently but he tells me he's not attracted to her. In my dream i ave a dream tht i am stalking her. She comes to my skool to visit her cousin and i stalk her, watching her eery move, wanting to hurt her very badly. weird!

i have enemies nd i just have a dream of fighting them all. they try to be my friends in my dream but i beat there aazz anyway.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

So ever since november in 2009 ive been remembering all of the dreams that ive been having and before that i never did, like ever. I think its weird too like ive been having really weird dreams too and its jus creeps me out. Like a week ago i had this dream that i was at a friends house adn their grandma died so they had her body jus laying there in thier backyard and then like three weeks went by and the body was still jus laying there. I finanly asked if they were ever going to do anything about that. And they were like yeah we are like they didnt care. So they finanlly put her in like this beat up old box and the hand was hanging out. So i came back like the next day and the hand turned black with black really long fingernails. And so i went to go look at it cuz i thought it was weird and then i saw a finger move. It freaked me out so i backed away and went over to my friend and told her about it and she blew it off like it wasnt that big of a deal. Then i was walking past the box again and i saw the old ladies head look at me. By that time i was freaked out so i told my friend again and she still didnt care. Then for some reason i walked past it again and the ladie was out of the box and stairing at me and if youve ever seen dead silence with that old lady that has the dolls and the one part in the movie where she falls out of her casket cuz that little boy was down in the basement. Thats was she looked like. I woke up screaming... it was sooo weird. Then last night i had a dream that i was living with my mom and bro and we were living on top of a store in new york and our cats got like this flesh eating disease and whenever youd pet them the skin would come off. It was gross and my brother was like throwing the skin at me like it wasnt even that big of a deal and my cats didnt seem like it was hurting them. And then i woke up. Ive been having alotta dreams like those lately whats that mean?

Example: What does dreaming of dirty fingernails indicate?

What would you like to ask?What does dreaming of dirty fingernails mean?
I dreamt I was showing a friend how I cut my fingernails with a nail clipper and once I'd finished my right hand, I was shocked and embarressed when my left hand was in view, because there was all this black dirt under my fingernails..?

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