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Dream About Finish Line meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

This is going to sound really weird but here goes...

So in my dream i was walking around an abandoned factory with 2 or 3 other people and we were hunting a Demon of high authority so i assume i was fighting for the good side. But then in true movie style we took out a diary from my backpack, the diary was one of them that has been with me all my life for some significant reason but never been read! We opened it up hoping to find some enlightenment as to how to dispel the demon when we can across a poem. All 3 of us began to read the poem aloud, i don't remember any lines from the poem apart from, vaguely, the last one which read something like "This is my 60 60 60" Which obviously is a poorly hidden "666" No sooner had we finished reading the poem that i felt like i was about to be sick, the other 2 guys looked at me and shouted to kill me! By the time they had drawn weapons i myself had turned into a Demon as if the poem unlocked something inside of me! The rest of the dream was a fight for my survival with the Demon i was once hunting and against the people i had once been allied with. However, I didn't feel as if i wanted to do bad things like a demon should.

I'm really wondering what this dream could mean, even the fact that my subconscious wrote itself a complete poem is far beyond me tbh. But the really confusing part is, When i became the Demon, i felt complete and it made me happy! As if i was finally free?

Someone please diagnose lol, if you are confused about any part message me and ill try to explain a bit better!

don't listen to "simple minded"...I do not think you are evil at heart (the fact his/her name is "simple minded" explains itself) lol. Now I don't know if you play to many video games, or watch to many horror movies because that sounds similar to somethings I have watched or played. (yes I am chick who likes video games..whatever). lol. Anyways...I think everyone has a bit of evil within them..we are born into sin, and will continue to sin our whole lives...and sometimes it feels good to give into those bad thoughts or feelings...but that doesn't make you a bad person. I would have to know more about you to really give a good theory on your dream...Have you been going through some emotional turmoils in your life?...have you felt like you are your own worst enemy?...is there something that you have been holding back that you need to express to someone?...I mean the dream could mean lots of things..but that depends on the "person"...I am pretty good w/ dreams so maybe you should elaborate some more. :O)

Example: What does this dream mean?

long story short it was the zombie apocalypse and me and a few others were alive... there wasn't very many zombies but there was a lot of people (from tv shows) that were surviving with me.

i didn't see many zombies... i didn't kill any zombies but i did kill crazy people that ere twice my size or more. the first person had a huge build like a big slow muscle head guy. i hit him in the head once and it dazed him but he knocked me over he started attacking my friends and i ended up killing him with a computer tower. i smashed him in the back of the head and he fell over and i smashed it into his face until his face was a bloody skull and his eyeballs were no longer in his head. (very violent dream)

the second guy was about the same height but more athletic and fast (not so much muscle) so i picked up a huge pistol i found on the ground and i tried to shoot him but it was out of bullets. so i started backing away from him and holding by the barrell like a hammer. i said "dude, try me and see if i don't..." (some B.A. line i don't remember) and like in most of my dreams i went to swing but i was too slow and he ducked my swing and punched me in the gut.

all i remember after this is that somehow i recovered and i was beating him to death when i woke up. usually in my dreams i get defeated by my enemies... this is like one of the first dream's i was actually winning in. it suprised me that when i woke up i didn't feel happy to still be alive i actually kinda felt disappointed that i couldn't finish killing the guy (as bad as it sounds).

so i mean what does this mean? i am going through a huge change in my life and i think my strength in these dreams may represent that in some way. but what way do you think exactly other than i might feel stronger than before?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night, I had possibly the two weirdest dreams I have ever had in my life. I am 14 years of age going on 15 and am a boy.

The first involved my dad, sister and I queuing up in some very long line for something.. but I dont know what it was. But when I looked up in the blue sky while in this line of people I saw what looked to be around 15-20 airplanes high in the sky. Some of these planes had a white aura or glow around them. Suddenly they began to plumit down towards us at high speed and they turned out not to be planes. They appeared to be some chinese dragon skeleton with a white glow as a body. They targeted certain people (including me) and began chasing us. they felt very evil but i am not sure if they were evil now. I ran around a massive building with my sister while being chased. I ran outside to hide and boom! The thing caught me and flew me away. I looked back as it flew away and noticed that my body lay on the path motionless and somehow the creature was now carrying my spirit (I am not a religious person). That was it.

I then had a second dream that a friend of mine, who I haven't seen or got in contact with since he moved to australia 7 years ago, died but was his spirit was wandering the earth happy and looking for me. he found me in some abandoned building that was populated with people out of my class. however they couldnt see him. We joked and together and the people out of my year understood that I could see this person and others. This friend told me what he was looking for. He wanted to jump "borrow" my body for a while just for fun and maybe finish some stuff. He taught me how to jump out of my body. I did this and he jumped in. We were both very happy with this new discovery and laughed many times. we jumped in and out of my body many times and he told me he forgot how it felt to be alive again with certain senses.

I cant remember much more after that. These are the most interesting dreams i have had and am kind of scared and very confused as to what they might mean and/or why my mind made these images out of some memories from over half my life ago?

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

I was in jail and I met a bunch of really nice people, mostly black, that I really enjoyed talking to. All of them were really nice to me and we got along well just chit chatting and I felt a crush like feeling towards one of the inmates
- the moment I walk into another room I am in this dim-litted bathroom and me and my ex-boyfriend start making out on top of a urinal in the public. All of a sudden he starts to poop and I keep yelling at him to do it and he starts ******* me... this girl I know from school walks in and sees us, I stop for a brief moment then I continute
- After that whole odd event, we walk out and we're in a bar/restaurant setting and I tell him " I want to sit here babe" and he says he doesn't like how I told him I wanted to sit there and I apologize
- He suddenly kisses my cheek and tells me "I love you" and I just look at him awkwardly because I couldn't say it back then I remember how when we broke up he got drunk and ****** another girl and I just smile and kiss him on the cheek
- All of a sudden I take my phone out and start texting but I had a difficult time doing so, it felt like it took forever to type a sentence and I kept messing up. From the corner of my eye I notice his two best friends, who are dating, move to the table in front of us and his girl best friend texts me telling me how my ex and this other girl are meant for each other and she sends me that girl's horoscope, she then proceeds to ask how long I think we would last.
- I replied telling her that a relationship is based on the way the people in the relationship feel, and if things don't last they won't but for no we are trying to work things out. And if they were so meant to be why isn't he dating the girl now? and I didn't see a point in her text message. I felt a bit angry.
- After I finish the text we get up to leave and I run across some friends from my past, I hug them and they ask me if me and my ex were back together and I just smiled and said no, I don't know. They asked me if we kissed and I said yes and I felt really happy.
- As we leave the place, my ex walks me home and I random black girl drives by and yells something at him and he suddenly has the urge to hide. I asked him what he was doing but all he said was that we couldn't see each other for a while and I kept asking why.
- He ends up walking me back to my house and as I walk in and close the door behind me he walks away but then turns around and asks me if he could use the bathroom. I walk down the stairs to meet him outside and I tell him that I'm not sure because if my parents saw him they would kill me, and my mom was in the shower. I decided to let him in anyways and my cousins and uncle walk in just as I bring him in and my uncle starts smiling. He asks me if this is the guy who will give him his grand kids and I just start laughing saying nono he's not. I don't plan to have kids anytime soon. As I am caught up in my conversation with my uncle I look at my cousin and I text her asking if what was happening was truly real. I look for my ex and I notice him with my parents and they got along quite well, I was confused because when we were still together they didn't like him at all.
- When he leaves I proceed to the living room and I attempt to turn the light on, but have a hard time doing so, and I see myself sleeping on the couch and I "wake up" in my dreams at least, and I feel this overwhelming sense of confusion. I walked to the kitchen table where my backpack was located and I kept asking myself "is this real? are we really back together? and I felt this sense of regret, as if I didn't want to be with him. I checked my phone to see if I texted my cousin and I did, then I went on his twitter and he posted a picture of my upper body, and the upper half of my legs, fully clothed, mentioning something along the lines of she's mine again or we're back in love or something and I read his friends comments telling him how he should treat me well or they did and I just laughed because he never introduced me to this friends before.
- All of a sudden I receive a text from him telling me that he can't see me for a bit cause he was really busy, and there was a list as to why he was and I remember that one of them said he had to save 50 dollars for a trip to alaska for some school club and then I woke up in real life, and I was just lost. I thought the dream was real and I felt a sense of sadness and confusion.
Any help on interpreting this dream?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

I keep having the same dream, been having it for at least 6 months. Can anybody tell me what it means?

I dream that i'm going to a fair, the people I am with in my dream vary, but it's always people I know well, my mum, my partner, my friends etc. Anyway we're all really looking forward to this fair and we have to walk miles to get there, along this path next to a river and the path goes all the way around the bottom of a massive (tall and wide) hill. When we get to the fair we have to queue uip ages for this rollercoaster, and i start to get a bit panicky in the queue (in my day to day life I love big rollercoasters and never get scared by them). Anyway we all get on the roller coaster and it's not a scary ride after all, it's just going down this track with the odd slight dip in it And it’s just going in a straight line, out of the fair and keeps going. It’s like I don’t know where it’s going but it’s going somewhere scary and everyone on the rollercoaster (including me) is

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was in a desert with lots of sand everywhere. I was in a cave with most of the girls in my class but my two best friends, Alyssa and Bridget, from my class weren't there. Then I got out of the cave, and I just sat in the sand. Then a mosquito-type bug came out from under the sand and started buzzing around me so I ran (I don't like bugs at all). Then this rhino started chasing me that came out of no where, and it seemed really angry so I ran, and the rhino was right behind me. I fell in a hole that wasn't deep at all and tried to get out but then the rhino pulled of some of the skin on my back leg and the cut got bigger and bigger. I cried for help, and these two guys came over and helped me. I liked one of the guys who helped me so I started flirting with him for no apparent reason. I didn't know him at all. He seemed to think I was delusional or something. Then my best friend who left my school named Dyl (we talk all the time on the phone though) came over and said "I see you met my friend." (She was talking about the guy I was flirting with), and then Dyl started flirting with him. The boy I was flirting with seemed to like Dyl so I got jealous but didn't say anything. Then it got to be night, and me and Dyl had a race from some place and then to this bed in a room. In the race we could jump really high (I ALWAYS have dreams about jumping really high), and I was in the lead. I jumped really high, and I was swinging on this bar, and then a car drove by very slowly and stopped. It had the guy that me and Dyl were flirting with in it, and he just stared up at me... or so I thought. He was actually looking and smiling at Dyl who was also swinging on another bar further away. I got mad and jumped off the bar, and I got to the bed first which is where the finish line was. Dyl said "Congrats, you won!", but I didn't feel like I won, because Dyl got the guy and I didn't.

NOTES: Dyl is my bestestest friend but left my school, and she's a girl. I still talk to her all the time.

What do you think this dream means?

Example: Had a dream I was in a car accident? What Does this mean...?

Last night I had a dream I was in the car with my best friend and this guy who I like. I'm not sure if he was driving, but I know he was either driving or in the passenger seat. I can't remember if I was in the front with him or in the back with my best friend. But I 100% know he was in the front and she was in the back. (Not sure if this is important or not lol)

The car ended up slamming into another car and the entire front of the car was messed up. I saw me and my friend were fine and I saw the airbag blow up on the guy I liked in the front seat. I immediately was worried about his safety, but was relieved when he told me he was alright and the airbag had saved him. We got out of the car easily and took care of the situation. I was shocked at the damage to the front of the car.. and ended up walking off to nearby places.

I just really want to know what this dream means.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really strange dream last night, and I wondering if anyone thought it meant anything. Sorry it's a bit long! But if you wouldn't mind reading it that would be great.

It's a bit weird, but it started with a football match (soccer) between two teams, one wearing black and the other white. And for the national anthem to be sung at the beginning, I had to balance on someones head whilst they unicycled across a tight rope. (Well it was supposed to be a tight rope but it was actually a wooden beam.) So I was practising this ready for the football match. But I kept losing my partners and didn't have anyone to practise or do it with. I never got to practise, so I then went off and found my Mum. And then we were walking along a grave yard, which I assumed was a World War One cemetery. It was seperated from us by a line of barbed wire, which stretched all the way along. It was also on top of a small hill, next a beach. (we had suddenly appeared on a beach with a lot of people at the bottom along with my balance beam.) So I was walking along the grave yard and noticed that there was some grey bodies lying on the graves, with the tomb stones covering them almost like blankets. All of the bodies were small and some almost looked like they had decayed. Even though they were made out of stone. But there were also others which looked like large babies in a peaceful foetul position, with their eyes closed. I then turned around and noticed my Mum was missing, I then looked back and noticed that she had gotten into this grave yard and had broken one of the baby graves. I then went over and tried to help her fix it, because she had broken the head off. Then when she placed it back more of the body broke off but somehow we managed to place it back in position. Mean while I noticed I was late for the tight rope thing and then my Mum said she would be my partner, we ran over to the beam and climbed on but we'd missed our que. So we quickly tried to finished the trick even though people had stopped singing, they then started singing again but when I tried to balance on my Mums head she cycled off saying she had to do something and left me sitting on an awkward position on the beam. I just sat there for a little bit trying to think about what had just happened, when suddenly this boy from school I used to like ran over with a unicycle and said he would help. I went back to the platform and he got on with his unicycle and I balanced on his head (wearing walking boots for some reason) and we finished the trick. After that I went over to the football pitch when the match had finished, everyone was so happy and the whole stadium had ran onto the pitch, taking little bits of the grass because for some reason it was special. (Even though the whole pitch was made of astro turf.)

So that was my dream, it was really strange and I was just wondering if anyone could make any sense of it.

Thanks :)

Example: What does my dream mean? ?

So a few weeks ago I split up with my boyfriend and I had a dream about him last night...

Me and my family were at my house and it was kind of a Christmas gathering or something. After I had finished getting ready upstairs I went downstairs to where the rest of my family were, that's when I noticed my boyfriend was there. He took me into the back room of the house and the first thing I said was "what are you doing here?" he replied with: " you texted me saying you wanted to talk about getting back together." I knew this was a lie but my family didn't, and he had told them we were back together. They were ecstatic about this. I stayed calm and accepted his prescence but I hated him for lying... He was sweet talking my family and had bought a romantic dinner with him that he made me eat with him in the room (not with family) then we went upstairs and he wanted to get "intimate" I refused , I can't remember what happened next but my family would not believe me when I said we were not back together. It wasnt untill I told them that he lied and then forced me to "do things" that they told him to get lost.
I am confused as to what this means.
( the guy was not like this IRL btw

Example: What does it mean when i have bean dreaming of bean pregnant and 4 months down the line losing it?

the dr's would not let me see the baby and just took it out of me and then i woke up crying and when i went back off it carry ed on but finished the dream off and i told my bf in the dream to stay with me and he walked out on me in my dream, I was crying to tell them to give my baby back and let me see it and they would not let me. I have had this dream for , 4 nights now non stop and when i wake up am still crying and now i keep having visions of it now like its for real why?

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