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Dream About Fish Bones meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

In my dream, I went on a class trip with my school. We were on a jungle expedition in these little buggies and we were supposed to be finding bones. There were a lot of bugs and dangerous situations but we got out of it with what we wanted and i had a tin cup full of $60? then i started talking with the girl who stole my ex from me and we got along well. does anyone have any ideas of if this means something?

dreams are complex they could be your subconscious trying to tell you something or your mind simply replaying events in your life, mixing them with other events(or movies, or books, etc.) and nearly impossible to fully and accurately translate even for professionals(since they don't know all the events in your life). for example jungles represent wildness and uncertainty TO THE AVERAGE PERSON but if you neglected to mention that you used to lived in south america, then the jungle would most likely be the amazon, which is associated with south america, indicating you were homesick. the reason objects are given symbols is because people going through similar events might have similar dreams. like say 200 people could have a dream about running from cops, and lets say all 200 stole something, or lied, or cheated but all felt guilty, then its safe to say that the next person who claims to have that dream also felt guilty for some reason.

you say you were on a jungle expedition meaning you feel you need more fun and excitement, since it was a class trip its likely that your feeling this boredom at school. bugs and dangerous situations are typical in this association with the jungle so they could mean nothing, bones represent personal strength, the fact that u look for them means your looking for something to make you feel stronger(or you associate youre self with an archeologist like Indiana Jones cause your in the jungle (P.S. i know that archeologist look up artifacts not bones, but its a common misconception that they do and you might have made this connection in your dreams) if that's the case then its part of the plot of your dream,like the bugs, and therefore means nothing, then you say you find $60 in a cup? that's all you, why 60? why a cup? idk that's you, i can tell you finding money in a dream means you want to find money in real life( you dont need to be a rocket scientist to make that connection lol) anyways numbers in a dream like 1 can mean you feel alone and 2 can represent a couple, but those are obvious numbers, now 60 can mean lots of things to you(maybe its been 2 months(about 60 days) since you broke up, or something less obvious?). now a cup can represent a craving, or wanting something badly(like a thirst for knowledge, i know it sounds corny but your mind works that way.)why its made of tin idk, i suppose a cup made of tin wouldn't break easily, so neither would your craving, idk. and last you speak to your ex's current girl. i guess in the bone situation you might have talked and liked her cause you want to be a stronger person, idk, i guess why you talked to her depends on how you started the conversation, like if you were like "hey b*tch, f*ck you" then clearly your intentions were not good. any ways my conclusion is that

You subconsciously want to take the risk(the jungle) to talk to the girl but are afraid(bugs and situations), you indeed would be stronger on the inside(you got got the bones) plus you know in the end it may pay off with a new friend(got along well+ u found some cash(ka-ching).

this is only my general view and like i said is possible its wrong, thats why i show you my thought process and give you the meaning of the symbols so if im wrong you can figure out what your dream meant. o and if he left you for her then F*CK HIM, theres plenty of fish in the sea

Example: What does it mean to dream about shellfish?

I had a dream that my son my mother and I were walking on the boardwalk and we bumped into a friend of my moms assn d he was working there. He took us into like a janitor closet and it was filled with mussels and clams and when my son picked one up the head came out but it was a alligator head...someone please explain

Example: What does it mean when you dream of fish bones?

It was so weird I would swim in the ocean and they said it would protect me so I would dye them and put them in my hair?

Example: I had a dream about eating fried fish w/ bones. What does this mean?

This was the only thing I saw and could remember, If I am not mistaking, I ate two pieces.

Example: What did this dream mean...?

i dreamt that one of my front teeth had been knocked out. in my dream i woke up in hospital and it wasnt until my 2 friends informed me that one of my teeth was gone and had been knocked out apparently by my ex.. ;/ I woke up just after the nurse/dentist told me not to worry as they have a new tooth for me.

what does this dream mean? it was so realistic lol.

Example: What does this strange dream mean?

Okay, so I had this dream a long, long time ago, but I still remember VERY well today. I was on the top of a minivan that was parked at the edge of some forest looking into a large field with the two main characters from the Spy Kids movie. There was a blue tarp we were all sitting on with all these weird bones under it when we looked under. The only person that we could see was this old man wearing a yellow jacket. Somehow I knew that if I was to slide down the windshield to get off of the minivan it would be bad. The spy kids both slid off in a short time because they thought it was good. Just as they got to the bottom with the old man there were like plastic fishing nets that went over them out of thin air from their waist to the top of their heads. After getting netted they ran over with their arms unable to move inside the net and started to play volleyball in the field where a volleyball net was with their heads to hit the ball back and fourth. Even though I knew I didn't want this to happen to me, I slid down the windshield of the minivan and got netted out of thin air myself as well! I walked around for a little while and then the next thing I knew my parents were there and they apparently were good friends with this old man who was capturing us. I went over to talk to my dad and he just said that "these things happen" and to not worry about it and go on my way. Frustrated I went over to my mom standing nearby and she was deaf and unable to understand. At that time I somehow knew that this was because of the old man and that she had caught the deafness like another person would catch a cold. I woke up soon after that sweating, and being very scarred of this, even though looking back it really wasn't a scary thing at all. Please tell me what this means?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I sleep in my mom's room (not a big house). She usually falls asleep before me. Whenever that happens, a feeling of fear buzzes around me, until I fall asleep. I always have weird dreams, but this one takes the cake. I dreamed I was with mermaids with weird colored hair in a palace and their tails floating. They were nice and offered me food, which I didn't take. One of them pointed at a hallway with my friends and family smiling and laughing and having a great time. Another one told me that if I go in, I can't ever come back. I was dazzled and wasn't thinking straight, so I went in. Suddenly, everything melted and I was falling. I was falling into a sort of forest. In the middle there were lots people, with their flesh torn, some of their bones visible, screaming and crying for help in a red lake. Then I woke up screaming and got my mom mad. What on Earth does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, i found myself in the backyard of my old home which does not exactly bear happy memories for me. I was sitting there, observing the swimming pool, when suddenly the water began to rise, slowly consuming parts of the sidewalk next to it. I took a few steps back, and then stopped in shock when I witnessed a large shadow appear in the water. The large shadow appeared to be some kind of large fish, not ever seen before. It was too big for its current tank(pool), which would normally make a fish swim depressingly and slowly, but instead it made this fish overjoyed. So the water began to rise to everywhere in my backyard, but by that point I had ventured through my house and outside to my street. It pursued me, so I ran up the hill on the street, buying me some time. At the end of the street, I tried to ask for help at one of the houses there, but I found out that there were many sad refugees within the house, and there was no more room, so I kept running until I got to a lake. There, I found a key laying on the ground, and in my unconscious thought i knew I could unlock that house with all of the refugees in it. I ventured back, and knee deep in water I managed to unlock the door, and in opening it all of the people inside began to decay where they stood. I locked the door behind me and then watched in horror as the refugees were reduced to bones in front of me. Some pretty hardcore heavy metal/dubstep music was playing throughout my dream. It was very vivid. Does this mean I should pursue my childhood dream of being an engineer? Should I break away from my abusive relationship with my gf? Please help!

Example: What could these dreams mean?

I had one dream where I was sitting on the counter cutting up potatoes with my friend, and he playfully acted like he was going to cut me, and actually did cut my knee open and you could see my bone. In my dream I walked around school with it open and everything. Then another dream I had I was at a fair and then I had these horrible pains in my molars that felt like they were being ripped out and twisted then my whole top jaw, like gums and teeth feel out, then my bottom jaw did. Then my final really strange dream is my friend's mom's arm was see through, but you could see the veins and muscle, but there was a fish swimming around inside of her arm. Any idea what any of these could mean?

Example: What the **** does this dream mean?

Pardon my French.

Okay so I was dreaming that I was in a city that I had visited in real life yesterday, and we were going under a bridge or over pass or something on the way home, and I looked and I saw a big decorative star they have in my hometown for Christmas and it was right next to a giant Hello Kitty and they looked like they were attached to buildings. Then as we went under the bridge thing I fell asleep in the car for like 2 seconds and we were home. It was like night time in the other city but when we got home it was still sunny out. And the house looked the same but when I went up to the porch it was a completely different house that was painted white on the outside, and when you stepped on the porch you turned into an old person. Yeah I don't know. So I went inside and I saw an old man sitting on the couch and I think he was wearing something green and white like a shirt or a jacket or something, and I looked across the room and I saw a fish tank (The fish tank from the Sims 2) so I went over to feed the fish, and that part felt very real for some reason. Then I woke up. I was awake for about 4 or 5 seconds then I fell asleep to see those fish again, but I looked normal again and it was a different house. I was feeding the fish, then I backed up away from the tank and I saw a fish that looked like Dory from Finding Nemo floating in the air in front of me. All of a sudden I started falling backwards, and I think I was trying to stay on my feet but it felt like something was pulling me to the floor. The floor was turquoise and patterned by the way. And when I fell I woke up. Does this mean anything at all?

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