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Dream About Fishing Boat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to have a dream of turtles swimming then i c fishes swimming in the deeper part of the water?

Ok well it was me and this man i go to church with who claims me as his daughter.We was in the car and we so happen to get on a fairy. As we were on the fairy i got out of the car i looked into the water and saw HUGE turtles swimming in the water then as we got half way in the trip the water got deeper and then i was two little fishes swimming into the deeper part of the water laughing like little kids.So when we reached to the other side um stuff that was on the boat was basically dumped into the water but my stuff stayed.As i walked off the fairy my backpack was laying there and a bag with my homework.This lady tried to throw it away because she claimed it was trash but i snatched it out her hand and walked away...Yes i have been sexually active and did have unprotected sex about 5 days ago.During that 5 day period i did have a dream i was at the airport and one of my friends was pregos but shes still a virgin.So HELP what does it mean?

To me, it would mean I am searching for my father, through land car, air (fairy) you did mean fairy and not ferry? and water. I am looking deeply for my inner child fish swimming laughing like kids. and people under value my ideas claming my back pack was trash, as for the dream within the dream that is a mystery to me.

Example: Fish Dreams?

Ok, I have heard if you dream of fish it means you or someone close to you is going to have a baby. Is this true. I had a dream that I was a fish the other night. It was weird. Has anyone ever actualy experienced this and ended up being PG or someone close to them being PG?


I had 2 really weird dreams last night…..

The first dream: Ok first off the dream was about me and about 3 different girls (in the dream we were really close friends). We were on a little boat in the middle of a really huge ocean with really big waves. Each time we would go over a wave lots of dolphins would jump out the water over our heads; once we made it to the top of the wave we could look over and see this really pretty place with lots of huge animals running around playing (some fighting) I’m not sure if they where dinosaurs are not I can’t remember I just know that they were beautiful. It’s almost like we could reach over and touch them because they were so large. The dream was very peaceful, the water was crystal clear and the sky was a pretty light blue…it ended with all of us just swimming in the ocean playing with the dolphins having a really laughing and having a really good time.

The second dream: I was at my mothers’ house and she has this really beautiful aquarium full of colorful fish and a big weird looking frog. All of a sudden the fish got out the fish tank and started swimming all around me and at first I thought I was seeing things then I realized they were really floating so I was trying my best to catch all of them and put them back in the tank because I was afraid they were going to die. I panicked so I ran to the back to tell my mom but when we got back they were all laying on the couch gasping for breath and my brother started putting them all back in the tank and they just started back swimming.

Can anyone tell me what either of these dreams mean…….I really would like to know

Example: What does it mean to dream about fishing and climbing on wooden structures?

OK so here's how it starts... first I'm watching two guys each sitting in their own small boat doing some fishing. They were floating around near a wharf or a pier. The water was dark (not dirty) and you could not see through it.

I was not in the boat with them but I was kind of still there present with them (weird!)... They were happy and enjoying themselves.

One of the guys decided that they had enough and were leaving. So then I took his place instead. I got into the boat. I realized it was very small and I was worried that I would tip over.

The other guy caught a small fish (a bream)... he was kind happy about it but we both knew that that was not what we were after. In fact I dont know what we were after and I dont even remember holding onto a fishing rod or anything. But what I did know was that neither of us were after that small bream that he caught.

After this I decided that I had had enough too... and decided to pull myself up the pier, which was a large wooden structure, but it was weird. It was not a typical pier but it was just like a complex wooden framework with bits sticking out everywhere. I climbed to the top and noticed other people there. I was kinda glad to see them there.

Anyway that's it. Would love to hear any ideas you have on this.

Thank you.

Example: What does dreaming about fish mean?

Last night I dreamt that I went out on a boat and caught a bunch of fish. I hate fish, and would never go fishing but in the dream I had no fear of them, and felt proud and happy to have caught them. What does this mean?

Example: What does dreams about fish mean?

About three days ago,my mom say she had a dream about fish.Last night,I had a dream someone was in a boat fishing and I remember seeing three big fish.I'm not sure if it was the same fish three times or three different fish.What is the meaning?Is it true someone is pregnant or going to get pregnant?Thanks for the help.

Example: What my fish dream meant?

I was on a lake in a boat with some people. I had this big fish who bit the line but then he let go.
I could see him near the line then I finally made it move where he hooked himself. I proceeded to reel him which was alittle hard but I got him into the boat. When I pulled the line up and got the fish by me I woke up

Example: What is your dream fishing boat?

Whether it's a bass boat, a deep-v-hulled boat, a kayak, a conoe, a rubber boat, a Zodiak-lookin' boat, a skiff, a saltwater flats boat, a trawler, a commercial sportfishing boat, a cabin cruiser, anything. What's your absolute dream boat?

Example: Meaning of dream - snakes/water boat?

Hi all! I need help with what I dreamed of two nights ago and last night.

Two nights ago, I dreamed I was surrounded by many green snakes, some white, and one or two red snakes. They weren't trying to hurt me but the one I focused on most was the red one. I didn't feel scared either. Like they were just there.

The last night. I dreamed that this guy I talk to cut up a fish in and gave me one or two slices. The we ended up in boat, him and I, and I think I might have been the one driving. Anyway, we were in the ocean/big lake, the water was a little bit rocky but not too bad. It wasn't clear, but it wasn't dirty, like ocean water. He wanted to go to the seafood restaurant that was on the water, but I looked at the building, and for some reason, I didn't want to go there. Then he jumped out of the boat and I kept going but I didn't know where I was going.

Weird. Thank you guys!

Example: What do my dreams mean? Water/boats/fish/drowning?

I always dream about water. Every single night I dream about water. Usually I am on a boat on the water, rather than in it. The boat is usually traveling quickly through the water, and sometimes I fall off the boat. The water is usually dark or dirty. Sometimes when I am in the water, I am able to see that there are millions and millions of fish of various sizes and colors, as well as huge fields of kelp/seaweed. It is almost always night time in my dreams and I often feel scared because I cannot see what is under the surface.

For example: Three nights ago, I dreamed that I was in a ravine, 100 feet under a huge bridge way out in the wilderness by a small river/creek. It was early morning and I heard/saw a vehicle coming down a dirt road so I waded upstream and eventually came to the ocean. The water from the mouth of the river forced me far out into a cold, white-capped sea, and I spent hours swimming back to shore, all the while afraid to look under the water even once. When I got to shore, there was a wooden platform at the bottom of a huge rock face. I got on the platform and it began to ascend up the cliff. I remember thinking that my hotel was at the top of the cliff. About half way up, I woke up.

Another from two nights ago: It was pitch black outside and me and two of my friends were on a small inflatable sea boat with eight sides, slowly motoring across a very rough and dark ocean. In the distance we see lights, but just then we hit turbulent waters and the boat capsizes. The three of us hold onto the boat and begin a conversation (I can't recall what about) and start swimming toward the lights. When we get closer, we stop talking and we realize the lights are from a Police/FBI boat. When they see us, the agents shine bright lights on us, jump into the water and proceed to push all three of us under. I wake up when I can't breath anymore.

And finally from last night: I am on the shore of a small lake at dusk with a wake-board/ski boat tethered to my arm. There are people and families with kids all around the shore of this lake. One of the boats from across the lake starts heading my way and I get in my boat and head out to meet it. As we come nearer each other, we begin speeding up, and eventually are doing full speed toward each other. When we meet in the middle, we both start doing hard circles with our boats, sort of circling each other. The water becomes very turbulent and I fall out of my boat. I yell for help from the other driver (don't know who he/she is), but receive none and begin to sink. I can see for what seems like miles under water. I can see millions and millions of colorful fish, octopus, shark, even whales, and tons of different kinds of colorful plants/seaweed. Some of the fish take interest in me and start circling me. This whole time I sink further and further down into darker and darker water. I remember being afraid the darkness and of these creatures, but making no attempt to flee and/or defend myself. I wake up when the water turns to black. Note: I have had this particular dream, or a very similar version of it at least a half dozen times.

Those are just some examples. I looked up a few of these things in a "Dream Dictionary", but have not found any real explanations of what these dreams could mean. Someone please help me figure this out, because its starting to affect my life. I can't sleep as well as I used to and I sometimes can't focus on anything other than my dream for the first few hours after waking up. I think this is why I can remember them in such detail and they seem so real to me. Anyway, I would love to get some feedback on my dreams. I hope to get some help and look forward to reading some responses. Thanks so much! Have a good day!

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