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Dream About Fitting Room meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had two dreams last night both concerning this guy im with. [B]
the first one was i was at my house in my living room with B, my mom, sister and grandpa. my grandpa kept saying thinks to B while he was putting on his shoes and B rushed out of the house, well i grabbed him and asked him what was wrong and he said why does your grandpa have to be an a** and started crying. Then we decided to hide in my backyard which was filled with like tarps and my grandpa followed us and we hid. that all i remember of that one.
the next one my grandma had passed away and i had found myself rushing to his house and when i got there he wasn't there but ended up showing up without me telling him.
back round information: my grandpa hates i means hates B and B doesnt really ever cry. i have no tarps in my backyard. my grandma is the most important person in my life and is very ill.
please help!

Anyone with a reasonable imagination could make up an interesting explanation for your dreams - but it wouldn't be true. Here's why:

The purpose of dreams, as far as we understand them, is to process the vast amount of information that comes in through your senses each day whilst you're awake.

On this basis the "meaning" of your dreams is simply that you are making sense of information which previously didn't have a "meaning", for you, because it hadn't been processed so as to fit into your mental maps of the world (all your existing beliefs, ideas, values, etc.).

Given what seems to be going on, it's not really surprising that lots of things appear in your dreams that have nothing to do with what has been happening in your life just before the dream occurs. Things can appear in your dreams that have been part of your memories as far back as you started forming memories - or anytime in between then and now.

Nor do the things in your dreams have to be obviously related to each other. Like I said, dreaming is a process of finding/making meaning, and the brain can draw from anywhere in its huge store of memories in order to carry out that process.

By the way, there is nothing random about this process, but your subconscious mind can come up with connections that your conscious mind would never dream of (!), which is why dreams often seem pretty weird.

So when, if ever, you happen to notice yourself having what seems like a weird dream in future you can literally rest assured that everything is OK. Your brain is actually doing, with great skill, one of the jobs it was designed to do

Example: Dream Meaning?

This happen a while back:

In my dream I was sleeping in my bedroom. It was exactly like my room. I think I was sleeping in my dream and then I suddenly woke up IN MY DREAM NOT REAL LIFE.

I looked at my door and it flew open and standing there was like a black smoke or fog with eyes. It look like it was in the shape of a hurricane but it had eyes and was just staring at me.

I started to scream "mom" but it did nothing. It just stared at me and I think I overreacted in my dream. I don't think it meant me no harm but I do not know. When I realized it was just staring after I said mom I woke up IN REAL LIFE.

What does a black fog/smoke with eyes mean? It was not like a shadow. It was like a hurricane.

Thanks in advance.

Example: Strange dreams? meaning?

okay so ive been having very vivid dreams recently. i don't usually remember my dreams, but i've been able to recall mine for 3 days in a row now.

1. i dreamt i was living with my good friend and her brother. i was pregnant and they were both disappointed that i was irresponsible and let this happen (i'm 15). i took the criticism and never told them that, in my dream, i was secretly raped and that's why i was pregnant. (i havent been raped in real life)

2. i dreamt i was talking to my mom in our living room, and all of a sudden it was hard to breathe, like the air was thicker or something. she told me to go upstairs and see what was going on, so i did. when i got to my room, there was this smoke, but it was kind of like the steam from a sauna, except it was very dry. i had turned on my heater and it was blowing all this dry air and i had to hold my breath and turn it off because the dry air was so thick i couldn't breathe.

3. last night, i dreamt i was in an airplane with my parents. it was a very small airplane, only fit the three of us and it was on autopilot. it was giving us a tour of some sort. about half way through the flight, i realized we were going too high. i had this feeling that we all know the plane was broken and we were going to crash, but no one did anything. we just sat in there and pretended that the tour was interesting. i knew that they knew we were going to crash, and didn't know why they didn't do anything. at one point, we went so high, we broke into the clouds and suddenly we were very cold. then, i remember my dad said he could see my aunts house. she lives very far away from us, and the way it looked in the dream was totally different to reality. she lived on a big farm in my dream. finally, i took matters into my own hands and ended up gently crashing the plane into her yard. she came out and asked us what happened and my parents both kept saying how they thought they were going to die. we were all fine.

any ideas on what any/all of these dreams mean? i feel like they have symbollism but i can't pick it up.
thanks :]

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I won't bore you with every detail, but, I'll tell you the main point about them;
For about two weeks, I've been having nightmares, but only during the weekdays. Here they are in order of night -
1(monday) - I was at a funeral, but I didn't know who it was for. Plus, when I looked around, I saw what looked like my friends and family in the future, like, how they would look about ten years or so from now.
2(tuesday) - I was at school, and there was a guy with a gun going through the halls. I kept hearing gunshots and screaming. After a while, like right by the room that I was in, there was a final gunshot and the screaming stopped. Then, I noticed that there was a girl missing who had been in all the previous classes.
3(Wednesday) - I was following a hearse, but I'm not sure who was in it. I immediately thought back to my dream on Monday, but, when I looked over to my mom who was driving the car, she looked like she does now.
4(Thursday) - I was on a plane, and it started crashing, but I was the only one who knew. I know I didn't die, because at the end of this dream, I woke up in a hospital.
5(friday) - I was in the park with some of my friends, when a guy came and started shooting people at random. None of my friends were killed, but one of them was shot in the arm. Other people who were at the park were killed, though.
6(monday) - I was in a car, and there was a terrible accident on the side of the road. I saw a body bag and a bunch of blood. The commotion almost made our car crash too. But we didn't.
7(tuesday) - I was in a pool and someone drowned. I don't know who, but they did.
8(wednesday) - This is my most recent dream: I was at the park with my best friend. I can't remember what we were talking about, but I kept looking down at my hands. Then, some guy came in and shot my friend right in the forehead. I remember leaning over her dead body and crying "Come on, Autumn, you have to wake up! I can't live my life at school without you! Come on, Oopie, wake up!"
I've notice that in all of my dreams, there is death. I have been losing sleep over this. Am I just going crazy? Is this a sign of some sort? Please help me! I'm just so scared that that last dream will end up coming true...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had it a while ago (July 4th, 2007) and it's been bugging me to ask what it means. Here's what I wrote in my journal:

"I had a dream last night that was very strange and extensive. A girl and a group of her friends were riding in an old Volkswagen Beetle-- a 1970s model. They drove out of a forest and reached a very large lake. The cavity where the water was wasn't filled up all the way, and an old, winding, decrepit bridge was the only way across it. The group of friends (there were probably three or four people) decided to carefully take the bridge, which seemed liable to fall down at any second. They carefully drove along, but suddenly, part of the bridge broke, and the girl fell out of the car and plunged into the water. Her friends threw down a rope to try and pull her back up, but I believe they failed."

I had the same dream the next night, but it was a little different. (I can't fit anything else, so I'll add the rest as details.)

Example: What do these dreams mean?

This has happened twice to me in the past couple of months, and it is beginning to scare me.
In the first dream, I was Jewish, and so were some of my friends. We were at a church (one where I had recently attended a lock-in), but it was like a mass hiding for Jews. The main area was dark. Once we were settled into our rooms, we were told to search around for our hiding places if the Nazis ever came. My good friend and I headed into the bathroom (which was like the ones at our school), where we searched frantically for a hiding place. We climbed up on the counter, pulled a mirror out like a medicine cabinet, and hid behind there. The thing was, we were too big to fit back there, so the mirror didn't swing shut completely. We waited there to see if anyone would find us, just as a test. When we initially entered, there were other girls in there. However, when we were hiding, some boys entered and began using the mirror we were hiding behind. They didn't see us, even though we were hanging halfway out. Then the Nazis came, and I woke up.
The second dream occurred a few weeks after this one. This time, the Nazis were marching my friends and myself into a giant auditorium, where I found another friend and ran to her. I was crying and I was scared. I can't remember what happened next, but all of a sudden I was watching a fishing boat with tons of food on it, and the two fishermen were freaking out because some sort of animal-- a whale, I think-- was knocking the boat around. The food fell off and all of a sudden, I was on the boat. The owner of the boat came out and told me that I was safe with them, and then left. The boat was suddenly a cement loading dock, and the owner went up a set of stairs. I followed him to a very fancy restaurant or lounge, where people looked at me like I was filth. I left the lounge and then woke up.
NOTE: Both of these dreams occurred in modern-day settings, with electricity and modern clothes and everything. What do they mean?

Example: What did my dream mean?

i have dreamt this dream a few times now and want to no the meaning to it!

my family and i moved out of our last home about a month ago and i keep dreaming that we go back and have a look in the house when the new owner was out. Except that when we go we always get caught. She either comes home early or sees us.
The house was exactly the same as when we left it apart from my room which they painted a lime green from purple.

We are about to start buliding a house. Does this mean i am going to paint my new room green or they painted my old room green or a different meaning alltogether?

Example: What does it mean that I constantly dream about not being able to fit through a door or down a hallway?

I constantly have dreams in which there are spaces that everyone else seems to fit into, but I struggle to even try knowing that they're too small. Sometimes there will be a very, very small door leading to a room where people are, and no one else seems to have a problem getting through. Or sometimes there will be a hallway that's very, very narrow, but nobody else has trouble getting through it. Can anyone offer a dream interpretation of this for me?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay here is some background, so me and my fiancée are thinking about having a baby :-) and he's been hounding me hard for the answer and I want one too I am just scared of what my family will think and say (LOL don't worry I am 19) and all my life I have tried to fit their expectations and make them proud. My dream went as followed; Me and my grandmother and my great uncle mike (who ive never been close too) were speeding down the road headed toward my old elementary school and then it turned in to me, my mom, a woman who I didn't know and a doctor all in one room. I didn't know what was going on but the woman was crying and my mom and the doctor were reinsuring her it would be okay. Then the doctor pulls out this needle (shot needle) cuts the womans stomach open and sucks out the baby through the needle (giving her an abortion). Now we and my family are VERY strongly AGAINST abortion so I have no idea what this means, PLEASE HELP!

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

I'm just kind of curious what this could mean...
I've had a couple dreams recently where I've been in/seen a cramped house building with only two walls, so two other walls are exposed. They're usually cramped, the first one was some kind of school house where the floors were about three feet tall and you had to lay down to fit. It was in the architecture to a big house though, not a school house. It just happened to be a school.
The other one was where I had a home overlooking another one, this one was very tall and each floor was one room. There were again, only two walls, and the roof managed to protect the exposed walls from the weather. I just remember a lady and her baby lived there, and I don't remember there being any stairs in each building to get from floor-to-floor. I kept staring at the lady's building, interested. For some reason I think each of these dreams took place in New England (I'm from Michigan...I don't know why this would be).
Um...I don't get it...help?

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