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Dream About Food Court meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my reoccurring dream mean?

I have been having reoccurring dreams about going through out my day in zero gravity. Not floating, or flying, or meditative levitation; Zero gravity like astro/cosmonauts in space. An example in my dream:

I am waiting at a table (holding onto it so I don't float off) for my coffee at a coffee shop when they announce my drink. I kick off the table and float to the "bar" to get my drink. then kick back off the bar and float to my table.
Nobody else in my dream is experiencing 0-G except me. I even had a dream that a whole bunch of children saw me kick off the third floor of the Galleria Mall float to the first floor (food courts) and gracefully land. The group of children tried to replicate what I had done and fell to their deaths.

I asked some family members about it and they jokingly suggested that I need some Lithium.
I haven't watched a scifi movie in a very long time, I haven't been to a theme park in over a decade, and I haven't played and space or flight based games in a long while, nor have been swimming in over a year.

What does it mean?

it could mean a variety of this floating on air means relates to ones mind and mental attitude, idealism or lack of it. implies acceptance, letting go of your problems or worries and just going with the flow. You are experiencing new-found freedom. or it could mean that you believe you have or have aquired something that the people around you dont have aka-you floating but not the rest of them the coffee

suggests that you should gain some insight and knowledge before making a decision or tackling some project/relationship. You may be acting too hasty and need to slow down. Alternatively, it may imply a need for you to change your routine.

so maybe its telling that you need some clarity and real action before believing you are all that or before trying to get a break

Example: Reoccuring dream what does it mean? ?

I keep having this dream about the local mall but bigger. I had a dream my bf and I were at a Halloween event in the mall everything was closed the stores,elevators and somehow the escalator was gone? (other ppl were there as well) and my bf and I tried to go up to the movie part but he was scared I wasn't l knew it was fake and the only way down from the movie part is these steps that are slippery O_O. My other dream involves the same steps and I was by myself and the mall was open ppl were there, I was by the food court and I tried to get on those steps to the movies..again O_O uh explanation plz? :O don't give me the "its just a dream" comment -.-

Example: Weirdest dream.. What does it mean?

so in my dream me and my mom were buying grocery. We went out and suddenly a fox appear and jumped on my arm and starts to hump. I shook it off and I start to run.. and IT STARTS TO FOLLOW ME! I jump on a gate..thingy where cars have to wait and get ticket to get in.. then I'm in Eaton centre food court. I run and run and it kept following me.. I went up on the escalator and then I woke up because my mom kept saying on the phone 'Hello? Can you hear me? Hello? Hello?' so.. That's my dream. What does it mean? When the fox humped on my arm.. it hurted and I tried to wipe it and then I started to run.

Example: What is the Meaning of my Dream?

I had this crazy dream and wanted to see if anyone can help me understand what its deep meaning is:
I start off taking a tour of an immigration building with a coworker of mine. There is a female guide showing us around. The cubicles on the first floor seem to be very hot. Then we continue on to the second story where we continue to see more cubicles in a hot setting and a patio. The patio is overlooking the street. This patio has three glass walls for a full view to the street. There seems to be about 5 fans in it, two of which are hanging vertically from the wall that is connected to the building. The floor seems to be uneven and the guide tells us that it is due to the high change in climate from the first floor beneath it. As I am looking out into the street a ford explorer seems to sink into the pavement because of the heat. It sank like it were to be in quick sand. We continue our tour when we get to some stairs, and my coworker asks me to carry the guide down the stairs because she can’t because of her knees. I carry her down but on the way I ask her about her knees. She states that her knees get numb and she can’t walk for long periods of time.
Back on the first floor, there is a wheelchair awaiting the guide. As we take a couple of steps the setting changes to what seems to be a college campus. Out of nowhere a couple appears on two ostrich. The young lady happens to be my ex girlfriend, who I lost due to my stupidity. I decide to leave the tour and go talk to her but she walks into a classroom. For some odd reason the class is set on an old red train locomotive that was furnished with desk and blackboards. It had a screen door, the type that is just meant to keep the insects out. I climb onto the locomotive and try to convince her to try to come out and talk to me, but I feel awkward because I don’t like to be the center of attention, so I decide to ask her to come outside from behind the screen door. Her fellow students convince her to go talk to me. As she is stepping out to talk to me I start talking about what we had. She breaks out in tears of happiness and asked,” are you willing to leave your family for me?”
As she is asking this question, the setting changes to a food court in a three story mall. We happen to be sitting at a table on the second floor overlooking the first floor. I am left speechless because it is not easy leaving my daughter for the one that I believe to be meant for me. What makes it especially difficult for me is that I would hate myself for letting my daughter grow up in a broken home. I grew up with my step father and my mother, but I have always wondered about my biological father. Since there is a pause in me answering the question she starts to cry out of sadness. Suddenly something happened to her chair and she falls backward and off the second floor. I freak out and my heart breaks as I see her fall. She is left motionless. I run down the stairs to see if she is alive, but as I arrive she is nowhere to be found. Instead there are pennies, nickels, and dimes where her body would be. A little girl from behind me said,” I got this from her before she left”. It was a letter. I try to convince the little girl to give me the letter but she says that it belongs to her. I ask her to borrow her letter for a second. Once she gives it to me it seems to be a futuristic card because it has a video of skeletons in the background and it reads,” Is the appetite for fine looking meat worth humanity?”
The End
I believe this refers to me having to cheat on my ex-girlfriend with my wife. I do doubt that I made the right decision. Can someone please give me some feedback on this dream and what it could mean?

Example: What dies this strange dream mean?

Your Question in Voting: What does this crazy dream mean?

Heres a little back story. I really like this guy who's in one of my classes. he's kinda dorky and hes in the school band, but he's really cute and sweet. Let's call him A.

In my dream, I was at the mall and I saw a guy that I thought was cute (he was not A). He was buying some alcoholic drinks for his parents, as was I (weird right?!?!). We talked a little and he said his name was Nick and we laughed and just had a good time. He was super nice. I later found out that he was one of my moms old friends sons. So both of our families hung out for a bit at a the food court. I was getting hints that he liked me especially from his brothers. They kept whistling and stuff, but I wasnt really paying attention to them. I was paying attention to what Nick was wearing. I found it interesting that Nick was wearing the same sweatshirt A was wearing a few days before. Yes, A existed in my dream but I only barely knew him and only had the tiniest crush on him. Anyway, after dinner at the mall, we headed home. For some reason, nick went in our car with us. That's when I realized that I REALLY liked him. We ended up holding hands and cuddling and I saw my dad look at us through the rearview mirror and keep making excuses to look at us again. This happened the whole way home. The next day, I had to leave and go home ( I have no idea where I was..). I went and said goodbye and we shared a really long hug. My mom was watching and she smirked but didn't say anything. Then, I went to the dentist and the place caught on fire so I ran out to find Nick waiting there for me. I half hugged him and we held hands a stuff until they put the fire out and I went home.

So that was my dream last night. Any ideas about this? And by the way, i do know that dreams are just things that our body or mind wants us to know, but what could this message mean? Thanks! <3

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that I was walking through a forest with some friends, my boyfriend, two of my ex boyfriends and my best friend (who things have been very strained with lately), there was a railway type thing in the middle of the forest and new age type cart thing came along and some of my friends got on it and me, my two exs, my boyfriend and my bestfriend missed it, so we just walked along the cable line type thing until we reached a part where we apparently had to jump off the sides. As I was getting down from there, I noticed I had stilettos on and there were about 20 tunnel web spider homes in the ground. I don't remember a little bit but then I'm in a mall with my mother and best friend and in the dream I had 1 younger brother (in real life I have an older brother) and my mum and brother were sitting in the food court eating while my friend and I went shopping for an outfit I could wear to a party that night, suddenly we were still in the mall but in a part that looked like a house and my friend opened a door underneath some stairs and there was a little room splattered with blood. Any help?

Example: What does it mean if you dream getting married to your ex boyfriend in court?

I had a dream me and my ex were getting married but we had regular clothes on and that nobody knew we were getting married except my friend who was my witness.me and him didnt talk thru out signing papers until we were finally married we started talking

Example: Whats this dream mean?

i had another weird dream and its so... crazy So i was 13 in my dream and i was in school and in class trying to take notes then these police officers came in and said they were looking for a girl named _______ and i said it was me they told me to step out and i got sooooo scared and right away they hand cuffed me and took me to the police station... i had no idea what was happening and they said that i killed someone when i didnt! i had to go to court and i was guilty for murder and i got a death penalty AT 13 years old i was so scared and sad ;( it felt so real but i was so happy when i woke up.
Anyways they were gonna hang me by my neck with a rope in my school in front of everyone it was so so crazy and the police people let me have one last day to do whatever i wanted i spent the day with my mom and we went to go eat pizza(my favorite food), and i told her "are they really gonna kill me" and my mom started to cry and she said that they were then i started crying (i woke up with tears on my pillow) then she drove me to school where my death penlty would take place. i stood in the large gym where everyone was looking at me AND THEN I WOKE UP before i got hanged and i was so relieved it wasnt true :DDD but what could this mean?! is it like a clue to not do bad things in life? its so interesting...

Example: What does this dream mean?

I like two guys. Let's call them "Joey" and "Max". They're both friends of mine. Joey is in a serious relationship, but he's kind of flirty with me; Max is a shyer guy, and he's just really genuine. The thing I like about Max is he never makes me feel jealous or like I'm competing with other girls. But, though I think Max is really cute, but I feel a lot more passion for Joey. I don't know if that makes sense. Max makes me feel warm and fuzzy; Joey makes me feel... um... like I wouldn't mind "scoring" with him. But I wouldn't want to "score" with Max, at least for a number of years. Is that weird or what? I know I should like Max better because he's a nice, cute guy, who seems to like me back, too, and Joey is unavailable. But I don't know what.

Anyway, today, I had a dream that I was at a mall or something. Like in a food court / arcade kind of place. Max was at one table. Then I left that table, 'cause I saw Joey. And we were chasing each other around and stuff. Then he kind of gave up and walked away to another girl. I don't know. :/ Then I went back to the table with Max, and I put my hand on his arm. 'Cause he kind of had his arms crossed. But then he just kind of pushed my hand away and looked p'd off. I woke up feeling kind of sad.

What do you think that meant? What should I do?

Example: What do these dreams mean!?

Okay this is a dream I had around Christmas time.
I was in a mall and Avril Lavigne was my best friend! And we were shopping around and we wanted to go into this book store but you had to have a certain blood type to enter and my blood type wasn't right so they had to give me some long needle so i had the right blood type but i didn't want it so Avril chased me around the mall with a needle and I hide in a store that had everything on sale and a old lady started beating me with a belt.

dream 2-
I'm best friends with Kirsten Dunst (the girl who plays Mary Jane in spider-man) and we're on a school bus and we're talking and everything then out of nowhere she throws me out the window of the bus! Then I shot paint balls at the bus window and get arrested for assault on a school bus or something. The she pays for my bail and she tells me she's my best friend. and I yelled at her and said friends don't throw other friends out of a bus! the we go shopping and I get arrested again for pushing a guy in the food court.

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