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Dream About Food Poisoning meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

when i was little, about 8 years old, i had a reoccuring dream every night for about 4 months. there was a little girl that went to my elementary school that was in it. anyway, it was a dream of me sleeping in my room and i would wakeup and look over and there was that girl in a button up dress. it looked like she was a flower girl for a wedding. and she would be about 5 feet from my bed and than there was a grown man in front of her that was kneeling down and buttoning her dress. and they were partially transparent. like, i could see through them. and then they would look over at me and just stare. then i would try to scream but nothing came out. and then i would wakeup. does this mean anything?

Perhaps it was just nebulous fears on your part or perhaps the little girl was in trouble in real life. Perhaps she was being abused. Difficult to say. It may not mean anything. The fact that YOU tried to scream would indicate fears on your part.

I paste below some info I often give people who are suffering anxiety, weird dreams and visions etc. It's not very well put together but it's all good information.

Are you on any new medication? This includes scripted medication and all over-the-counter medications, anti-fungal creams, shampoos, moisturisers, absolutely EVERYTHING you put on or take into your body. The number of chemicals we take in and are subjected to is amazing. New foodstuffs or antacids etc. ALL are suspect. Stop all caffeine consumption including tea, coffee, chocolate. Guarna is also pure caffeine and in a number of these energy drinks. Caffeine causes anxiety, depression and thought and sleep disorders. Get yourself a hypoallergenic body wash and use it for everything including your hair. Don't use conditioners or moisturisers you leave on your hair, if you are chemically sensitive all these things can affect your nervous system. Stop using toothpaste and mouthwash for a time, they have fluoride in them which is deadly poison. This is actually very easy, just use a little salt to clean your teeth, much better for you and equally as effective. Use filtered water if at all possible. If you have one totally CLEAN day, you will see the difference. Be careful with coming off caffeine if you've been on it a long time. It is accumulative and highly addictive so you will get a monster headache if you come off it too fast. Also Google any medication you are on with 'side effects' after it. All medications can have side effects, even over the counter medications and antibiotics eg Flagyl has horrible side effects and can give you panic attacks etc. Don’t ever take medication unless you have a life threatening brain infection or something. Although some studies have shown that antidepressants can help somewhat with severe endogenous depression, the theory behind antidepressants is wrong. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) for instance are for stopping the reuptake of serotonin once it has been released by the nerve cells on the premise that there is not enough serotonin in the system. However when you take SSRIs, the body registers that there is too much serotonin in the body and cuts productions CAUSING the condition that the drug companies purport SSRIs cure. The side-effects from anti-depressants can be horrendous.
Of course, don’t touch alcohol or cannabis. Cannabis is the cause of the vast majority of admissions into psychiatric wards – ask any psychiatrist.
Also, go on a NO GRAIN diet. That is ALL grain including rice and ‘processed corn like corn chips’ and every product that contains any grain. It is well documented that grain causes anxiety and depression and lots of other problems. We are loaded down every day with grain products (and whole grain is no exception) when grain, and especially processed grain which converts to sugar and thus fat), and it is a very unnatural food. Go on a no grain diet and watch your anxiety melt away. There are many who insist on a no grain, no dairy, not sugar diet which is the best one of all. Just eat meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, nuts and a little fruit. Brilliant and you will lose weight and not be one bit hungry. Grain and sugar MAKE you hungry.

Example: What does this dream/nightmare mean?

It started as a dream then ended as a nightmare. As soon as I woke up I wrote it down, so I have a LOTTTT to write.

Okay so me and my 5th grade class (and one girl from the other class) were on a chicken farm. We were in this room where there were chickens in pens all around us. We were split off into groups of 4 and our goal was to build a tower/pyramid of sugar. The sugar wasn't in cubes, but the ground up kind you put into your coffee. For some reason my group was horrible at making a simple tower out of sugar so I yelled at them to do a better job ( like I would do in real life :D). The people in my group (including the girl from the other class) kept on accidentally throwing sugar out of the wooden container we were supposed to build the sugar tower in so it was all over the floor. I scooped up the sugar and threw it back onto our pile and for some reason I ate some. ( Eating sugar from the floor in a chicken plant = salmonella ) :P So at the end of the dream I kind of (cont..)

Example: What does this dream mean?

When I was little I had a couple of dreams about the world ending but not a lot. But, now that I've gotten older it seems to be getting worse. I'm 14 and having disturbingly vivid dreams is normal for me. I hardly ever forget my dreams and if I do they usually weren't that important, didn't last long, or vivid enough. The most vivid dream I remember having of the world ending when I was little was that a news cast was saying that there was "going to be mass destruction happening all over the U.S. in most parts of the..." and I can't remember what they said after that. But my parents took me and put me in our truck and I remember that they brought a lot of water. I also remember the news saying that there were going to be a lot of wrecks like car crashes and stuff.My parents started driving towards downtown trying to get of of Georgia (which is where we lived at the time) and my dad was barely swerving out of the way of a bunch of collisions and cars that were completely out of control. For some reason there were bees flying everywhere and people were also crashing because they were being attacked and stung by them. As a child I had a terrifying fear of bees so that may explain why the bees were there. Before we could get to the the stop light we got into a crash and that's all I remember. My most recent dream of the world ending is very confusing and vivid. I was at a school I've never seen before and I was about 17 and had a motorcycle I was driving down a long endless road and next to it was a clean up crew type thing and they were trying to get the pollution and litter off of the side of the road where the trees were. And with each level of destruction the trees would get more and more bare and destroyed and it just scared me to death and absolutely depressed me to see nature and humanity like this. I'm not exactly sensitive when it comes to subjects like humanity and stuff like that but seeing people trying so hard to fix this just sort of tugged at my heart strings a bit. The man who was supposedly the principle of the made up school I went to told me to race to the school and warn the teachers and students and everyone there that they had to get to safety because there was unfortunately no way to fix the pollution. Also next to the trees was a marshy land that used to be a clear ocean *I'm not sure how I knew or understood this but I just did* but each day they tried to fix the pollution the water just kept getting browner and foamier and more disgustingg. So I raced to the school and one teacher and another girl already knew and were trying to get everyone evacuated. So we all went to this church down the long endless road and stayed in the highest part which was where the bells are (I can't remember what it's called but it's where the bells are that ring when it's time to go to church). Well there were about a hundred of these things and the children (mostly teens about 15 to 19) were all crammed into these things (which were actually massive and had no bells inside them) and I was with 2 other girls and one of them was a girl who had a little baby and was angry at herself and started crying because the baby wouldn't eat and she thought it wouldn't eat because she ate too much food and didn't leave enough. I offered my own but she refused. I offered again and again she refused. She then bordered a bus that somehow was on a platform type thing connected to the bell tower thing. I'm not sure what happened to the other girl, she may have bordered the school bus as well. But, then after that I woke up. Can anyone help me understand the meaning in these 2 dreams? Thnx. P.S I probably pray the most between me and my mom and dad but I'm not a very spiritual person. I'm not obsessed with God but when I do pray it's usually to thank him if I had a good day or if I just haven't prayed in a while. I like to pray for other people a lot especially my friends and a lot of times when I look up meanings to my dreams the dream has something to do with my spirituality. I don't know if this little bit of P.S. info helps but I just wanted to clear some stuff up or help a little. Please help me figure this out. Thank you for having the patience and curiosity to read this far.:).

Example: Weird dream about food poisoning?

I had a dream yesterday about food poisoning. that someone poisoned a restaurant's tomato soup and everyone thought that i did it, and they got mad at me. What does this mean?

Example: What does seeing two full moons in a dream mean? Red ink? Poison? Peas?

I remember the dream (this part of the dream, there were three separate dreams in total that all ended up tying together.) with a lot of detail, so I'm sorry that this might be long.

The dream: It was nighttime and I was standing on my driveway with my boyfriend about to get in his car to go some where. I looked up at the sky and saw two big, bright full moons (both white/gray like a normal moon.) I acknowledged them and thought maybe it was strange but wasn't too concerned about them. Then my boyfriend ask me if I "heard that?" I didn't know what he was talking about but he was convinced he heard a noise. He said, "Never mind, just get in the car quickly."

I opened the door and on the passenger seat was a long list, words in red ink on a long white single sheet of paper. The top of the paper was taped to the head rest of the passenger seat and the list draped down. I was expecting the list to be there but when I went to move it out of the way/untape it, I noticed that a few words were not in my boyfriend's handwriting and had been changed. I can't remember what any of the words said though, unfortunately. I said, "This isn't your list." He looked concerned and confused but we shrugged it off and got in his car. My car was parked nearby, except it wasn't my car in real life. It was an expensive looking car, white. As we were sitting in my boyfriend's car, I saw the breaklights on my car turn on. I whispered, "my car." Then I said louder, "he's in my car!" My car started to drive away slowly and my boyfriend drove passed him but fishtailed and somehow, my car was now in front of us and we were stuck behind three other cars.

We followed my car to a park across the street from my house and I see that it's my grandmother driving my car (Note: In real life, I live with my grandparents who raised me. My grandmother is like my mother.) Now, suddenly, it's daytime. We're standing in the parking lot and my grandmother walked toward us. I noticed a big wet spot in the middle of her back, she's wearing a blue-grey long sleeved shirt. She smiled at me, touched my back, and then collapsed and died. Somehow I knew that she had been poisoned or hypnotized or something, but she wasn't behaving on her own accord. Then all of a sudden I'm paralyzed, laying face-down on the parking lot pavement. Also, I couldn't speak because I was choking on a massive amounts of peas.

I'm not sure if some of the details in this dream mean anything or if it's all just random, but I certainly woke up quite disturbed. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

Example: I had a dream last night that my grandmother tried to poison me, but she's been dead for almost two years. What could this dream mean?

Let me explain further: my grandmother and I had a very one sided relationship.

I was actually in many ways her favorite grandchild. Her and my grandpa would spoil me on my birthday and give me twice as many gifts as my brothers or my cousins.

Despite all of this I would always act very nervous around her, either because I was worried she would ask me to work or because I was worried that she would ridicule something I was doing (i'm not a bad kid or anything, but every time my brothers would do something like have a girl over, these would usually be girls that they had serious relationships with, or get a tattoo she would threaten me by saying that if I ever got a tattoo I would be out of the will).

In August of 2013, we found out that she had a brain tumor growing on her frontal lobe. We are a somewhat religious family and more oddly told by her that she would be "going home in 67 days" and she died 67 days later. Her death was felt the worst by my mom because she doesn't have a good relationship with her own parents. I handled her death pretty well, but lately I've been almost overcome with guilt.

Now, onto the dream. I had a dream that somehow she was alive again but for some reason she poisoned my food. She didn't give a reason behind it and was still smiling and laughing, I couldn't figure out why she did it. And I don't understand the point of the dream, obviously maybe dreams don't always have to be symbolic but why would I have this dream?

Example: I dreamed of my family tring to poison me can someone please tell me what this means?

we were in this old house it was 2 story everyone was in old fashioned clothes like sweeney todd, there was another girl in my dream and through the whole dinner they compare me to her. torwards the end my mother and father tried to force me to drink some red wine. the other girl that was taking my place was behind them cheering them on.. i knew it was poison at last i drank the poison and then i woke i never had this dream again...

Example: What does this creepy dream mean? ?

My gramma had moved to a mashion and my mom had HORRIBLE food poisoning and I literally woke up with a very uncomfortable feeling disturbing feeling that was really strong, and me and my sister were upstairs trying on prom dresses (idk why)

Example: What did my dream mean?

I had a dream that a woman tried to kill everyone using poisoned candy. Me and my friends tried to stop her, but after we had eaten the candy. My other friends and family were dying. The woman had killed everyone in the world except twelve people, including me and my two friends. We began chasing her down a hill leading to the factory that made the poisoned candy. We were coughing and slowly dying as we chased her. One by one the remaining twelve died. The three were us and I was the first to die. I watched as my friends failed to defeat the woman...

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night, I had an unusual dream. My dreams are usually vivid and I remember them well the next morning on most occasions.
So in my dream there was a train, a steam train. Me and my friends weren't ON the train, but there was a connection to the train, like we were kind of walking alongside the tracks. A modern train crashed into the steam train and me and my friends got lost (although we never actually moved on). A huge train carrying huge cargo boxes (the huge metal ones like on ships) came by and all of the boxes fell off. Me and my friends started walking down the train tracks. I dont know where we were headed, we werent in any rush, but it seemed important that we got there. We ended up in an furniture shop, like IKEA, with lots of vases and other knick knacks, but vases were prominent. As we were going through the shop, I was tempted to take some of the items, but I didnt. We then ended up in a fast-food type restaraunt where I struggled to pick between apple juice and orange juice. Then basically, I woke up.

Usually, I can understand my dreams, but this one has literally baffled me and its one of my more normal dreams! Its still stuck in my mind now and I can still see the trains when I daydream. It wasnt a nightmare or anything, but it seemed important. Do you know what it means?
Thank you (:

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