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Dream About Food Truck meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Please help! What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that my mother lived at an apartment or an old folk's home. I was walking with a lady I do not recognize, taking her to this place. She had a baby in her hand. We walked through the back and came upon this stone room outside, and she began talking about her baby's disease. The baby had one of those very rare diseases that deform them. It seemed the woman assumed I found this to be uncomfortable (which I did) but I continued telling her that her baby is beautiful and I can remember believing it whole-heartedly as I lifted the child into my arms.


Another part of my dream is of me in a city. I was shopping with my aunties at first but they all left me. It ended up I stayed behind, munching on food if I can remember. It gets very complicated here because I do not know where I was going or why, but I was leaving the parking lot and I took off my sweater and put it on the back of a trailer. I was about to grab the sweater again when this big dog jumped out at me and I ran backwards until it was stopped by its leash. I tried this one more time, and eventually a (sort of) good-looking guy came out of the truck. He was hitting on me and I can remember feeling flattered but uncomfortable because I have a boyfriend. Anyway, I went inside this building and got one of my friends out from there. My friend, whom is an older male, seen the guy and started making rude remarks, assuming I was trying to hook up with the stranger.

My friend left once I got back my sweater, and the guy offered to drive me home. I sat in the back of the truck and him and his brother sat in the front. They were diddling along and as the time passed I got more frustrated. I just wanted to go home to my boyfriend. I threatened to call my father and they started speeding them. For some reason the traffic was a lot like one you would see on a video game. They had to get in between vehicles and miss obstacles. I ended up waking up after that.

Is there a meaning or a symbol I can look up?

Well, you can look up symbols at a dream dictionary, like dream-of.com , But, a dream dictionary doesn't typically interpret your dream, because often a symbol's meaning depends on context, and on the dreamer's own personal association. You could look up dog, for example, but in your dream, the dog is held back by a leash. So you could also look up leash, and proceed that way - but that is slow going, and still doesn't include your own personal associations which may be important (e.g. how you feel about dogs).

If you really want to learn about dream interpretation, the best website I can recommend is dream.au . Jane Teresa Anderson is the best dream interpreter I know of. You can learn a lot about dream analysis by listening to her podcasts, where she interprets a caller's dream without previously hearing it.

Think of the baby with the disease as representing some part of you - because everything in a dream is saying something about you. So, you yourself have something that is beautiful, young, just starting out in life, but is deformed in some way. You are uncomfortable about this, but you still recognize the beauty - that is positive. It might have something to do with your mother, since you are walking to your mother's apartment/home. Whether the baby was a girl or boy might figure into what the baby represents, and the stone room may also be a clue (stone can represent absence of emotion, as in stone-faced). The fact that you were approaching from the back may indicate that the issue that the baby represents is private, not out front in public view.

I may not have enough room to do a decent job on the rest of your dream (there is a limit on answers). But, notice that this second part of the dream has male characters, and references to male characters (your father, and boyfriend). This is not about them, though, its about you. When a guy hits on you in a dream, something in your life that may be male-like may be "hitting on you". This gets hard to explain, but you can check out "anima and animus" by googling. The males are animus figures, that represent some part of you trying to get your attention (by hitting on you). But you resist (you are hesitant, frustrated, threatening to call your father, wanting your familiar boyfriend). There is something arcade-like or hit-and-miss about this whole experience of checking out some aspect of your own self that is male-like and unfamiliar (neither boyfriend nor father). That's too bad, because it is good to check out these unfamiliar aspects of yourself, even if they are not entirely comfortable, because it stretches you, makes you grow. But it is also good to be cautious and not throw yourself out of balance (think of masculine and feminine as yin and yang, needing to be in balance).

Hope that helps.

Example: Whats my dream mean?

I dream..i was somewhere...there was alot of people..maybe a mall can't really remember...then i dream that this little girl..was walking towards me but she was myguyfriends lil girl supposely in my dream...and we were both walking down the street to get to the house and then we saw myfriend and another guy and they walked behind us...so we get to this house...and i went to sit down with his little girl and we were drawing stuff on a paper..and me and her were leaning on each others heads...and we were just laughing..i was teaching her how to draw..so then my friend stayed at the table..and me and her went inside this semi truck...never been in one in real life lol so then we saw pictures like hung in the semi...and his little girl told me o..yeah thats my mom..she's like thats in the past the old pictures..and i said yeah..i assumed it was her..so then we walked out of the semi...then we went inside the house...and his little girl went to watch t.v. so i walk in a room and i saw my friend there..and there was a knife on the top counter..and i got scared..and i saw him grab it and go through a window and then he flew...away like really flying in the sky...like superman haha..so then i looked out the window and he was cutting flowers with a knife..and he came back and gave them to me lol..and i wasn't scared no more..and then i walk out of the house and i see alot of people sitting like if there were a celebration going on...tables etc..

Example: What does my dream mean?

I saw this horse standing at the side of the road. Just before a car would come, it would charge and then stumble back to the road side. It never made it all the way across the road. Then a pickup truck came and swerved up on the grass and the horse turned into a deer. It chased after the truck. Now a dog was chasing the deer. The deer ran as fast as it could and jumped up into the truck bed. I just knew it was safe. It could no longer be hit by a car or scare drivers.

It was the weirdest dream. What does it mean?

Example: I had weird dreams what do they mean?

Hi, well I had two dreams lastnight and they are bothering me the first one my neighbor was killing a dear in a tree the deer was hanging by a rope. I cut the dear down and he ran off and my neighbor was mad at me. Thats all I remember on that one. Then I had a dream I was with a girl that I did not reconize and we went to her house and other people where there all sitting quitely and the mom was kidnapping me. The daughter helped her I had a suit case a winn dixie bag with wet clothes in it and my purse. The mom was trying to get me to drink coffee but for some reason I reconized the situation and knew that the coffee would do something to me (Poisenes or something) so I said
" I dont drink that coffee I will go get my own" and the daughter begged me not to go she said her mom would kill her. Well while everyone walked out of the room I grabbed my suitcase bag of wet clothes and purse and ran out the door. I went outside to get ion my truck and it was not there the mom came outside with her purse and keys to take me somewhere and the girl came out too and she had a look or pure fear on her face. Its like I reconized the situation and knew the mom was gonna kill me if I didnt get out. then I woke up. What does this mean? I woke up in a sweat I was soaked. What does it mean?

Example: What does my freaky dream mean? War/boobs?

The earliest part of the dream I remember is, well, I was on a school bus wit a bunch of kids and everyone was talking! It was filled, it was almost like a lunch room, or a really large bus. I saw Tad(my crush), me, my friend who is a lesbian (Bri) and a girl at my school that everyone makes fun of in real life (Tay) , And a teacher at my school, Ms Wood! Chad was Talking to Ms Wood about about girls and she wanted to know who he liked, he said Tay's name but he meant it only to be mean. I was sitting next to bri and ms wood told bri to come talk to Tad because she was pretty. I was telling someone, *(I think Tay) that No, she can't go because she's gay, she's A lesbian, it isn't going to work. Another things is I forgot my pants ( I didn't have pants on, but I did not see myself naked) and I remember think about blue jeans that I had and I guess I put them on.

Here's another clip of the dream I remember. We were at this place, it was for kids, it was really big. Bri's 5 year old cousin was with her and it was me And even Tay. 5 yr old needed to use the bathroom and she picked me to instead of Tay, I was kinda flattered. She said she wanted to go the the little girls bathroom, I couldn't use it because the mirrors and stalls were so small, so I told her I'm gonna use the bigger bathroom, well there was a playground, inside the place and me Tay, and Bri were playin in it, I had no shirt, or no bra on (I'm 14). I was jumping around and ofcourse, my boobs were flopping everywhere. There was a little boy, about 12 and when he saw me his eyes were wide open and is jaw was dropped, like he couldn't believe what he was seeing. No one made it a big deal but him, I didn't care, I was actually flattered that I got such a reaction from him.

Here's another clip. I was at home and me and my siblins were watching a show. it was called kate, and it was pretty much about a girl who talked about bras. we thought it was weird at first, but we all agreed that it was educational, not sexual so we watched. kate was laying on the bed and it was supposed to be night ime. all throughout the show,her boobs kept oming out the bra she was wearing. the we realied that kate was also a brand and tht had bar soaps and stuff

the next day i decided to got to the "kate" meetup with some friends. When we go to the door some random guy asked this girl if she was kate, but she obviously wasnt, Kate is white.

another clip: i was looking outside and the sky moved, fast, the i saw red explosions in the sky. i went to tell my mom and she said the war was starting. the i saw flashes of thes cylinder, pill shaped trucks that had dirt and dust all over them and rockers ere shooting off from the sides, fast and gard. then i get a first person of how it felt to be in one of the, it was like mario cart or something and I was on an all dirt highway. the there were a bunch of guys on the highway with plastic yekllow suits on and toxic chemical jugs on their backs. one the jug sho off like a rocket, they did, thy were moaning and it sounded so weird. it sounded like it hurt, and te chemicals were having an affect on them. at the end thre was some white guy with long yellow gloves on picking up the left over trash and dead soldiers in the chemical fight. It was Fbi ish. the this screen popped up, saying everyone who was involved on the army chose to devote and risk their lives, even if it meant death. I remember thinking why would anyone want to do that, are these soldiers actually prisoners forced to do suicides? then I got a flash of a guy in a grocery story like place, but instead of food, there were these labels with laws on the and a few of them said people in jail could be used in the war.

Example: What does the dream mean? HELP!

i had a dream and i have no idea what it means, or like, what it means with my life right now. so here it is: i was in the parking lot with my mom, and an RV with this girl i know as the driver, trying to get out of a parking space, and in the process, she runs over alot of cars, including my moms. then, this other girl i kno says and does something (i cant remember). then, my mom's like, "what do we do?" and we walk to the front of the shopping center and stand at the curb. then, a guy i know pulls up and i say, "lets hitch a ride with him, then call a tow truck." at first she's like, "no, i dont think so" but then she said "sure". then, the dream cuts to a different thing. and i'm not sure but i think the restaurant it cuts to was in the shopping center and we were standing in front of it when we decided to hitch a ride. idk though.so here it goes: i was at a restaurant with alot of my family and relatives, and there was this guy sitting with us, he was hot and blonde and a jock, and i liked him, my family kinda did too. but then, in another room of the restaurant, there was another guy, brown hair and i really liked him too, i think i liked him more than the blond, but i cant remember. so i'd keep going back and forth to talk to them, and so i was with thte brown hair guy, and we were messing with packs of pens in bags, and i've got them between my hands, and i ask him, "how old are you?" i can remember what he says, it was like, 18 or something, and i told him to guess how old i was. he said 14, and i said, "close, 13." (which is how old i really am.) and i said, "i'll be 14 in 10 days, wait, is today july 31? (which was yesterday, today is aug 1) i dont know what today is." and he held my hands aroud the bags of pens, which were very slim, and then, i had to go back to the other guy, and my family. there, one of my family members came in and needed napkins so i gave them to her, and she complains about how all this food that fell off other plates is in her area, and all that, so i'm standing up and talking with the blond, and something bounces and hits the top of his head, and i'm like, sorry, and my mom kinda laughs, and then, i ask him how old he is and he doesn't reply (i'm not sure but he might have said, 18 or somewhere around there). then, i go to the brown hair guy, and i say, "write your number down really fast on a number or sumthing, and he does with one of the pens. then, i go back to my family, and my mom says, what are you doing over there? and i say, "oh, my friend jessica is over there", and she goes over and i say" look, its eugene-ee" and the guy turns around and its not him, but it looked like him from the back. so then, we go into a room, further into the restaurant, and i'm lookin for this girl that could pretend to be jessica, and this girl waves to me, so i'm like, "jessica!". then, she goes somewhere, and i'm like "where'd she go?" and my mom says,"yea, where'd she go?" (she said it in an attitude that was like, "i call your bluff".) then, i see her and i'm like, "she's right there, in the pink shirt with blond hair". and then my mom goes up to this random table with a man and his family i think and says" my daughter wants to be the kind of girl who is over here with one guy, and when her brother's friend is over, throws her brother out to be with that guy". and i'm lookin really embarrassed. then, the dream ends. please help me figure out what it means to my life right now! or what it means for my near future! sorry if it was confusing and ask if you need any more details in some parts. THANKS SO MUCH~

Example: What do these dreams mean?

This has happened twice to me in the past couple of months, and it is beginning to scare me.
In the first dream, I was Jewish, and so were some of my friends. We were at a church (one where I had recently attended a lock-in), but it was like a mass hiding for Jews. The main area was dark. Once we were settled into our rooms, we were told to search around for our hiding places if the Nazis ever came. My good friend and I headed into the bathroom (which was like the ones at our school), where we searched frantically for a hiding place. We climbed up on the counter, pulled a mirror out like a medicine cabinet, and hid behind there. The thing was, we were too big to fit back there, so the mirror didn't swing shut completely. We waited there to see if anyone would find us, just as a test. When we initially entered, there were other girls in there. However, when we were hiding, some boys entered and began using the mirror we were hiding behind. They didn't see us, even though we were hanging halfway out. Then the Nazis came, and I woke up.
The second dream occurred a few weeks after this one. This time, the Nazis were marching my friends and myself into a giant auditorium, where I found another friend and ran to her. I was crying and I was scared. I can't remember what happened next, but all of a sudden I was watching a fishing boat with tons of food on it, and the two fishermen were freaking out because some sort of animal-- a whale, I think-- was knocking the boat around. The food fell off and all of a sudden, I was on the boat. The owner of the boat came out and told me that I was safe with them, and then left. The boat was suddenly a cement loading dock, and the owner went up a set of stairs. I followed him to a very fancy restaurant or lounge, where people looked at me like I was filth. I left the lounge and then woke up.
NOTE: Both of these dreams occurred in modern-day settings, with electricity and modern clothes and everything. What do they mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dream has parts that may be irrelevant but bare with me.

It started with my mom asking my cousin [let's say his name is Nick] and i to get waffles o.O from the supermarket [i haven't seen him for about 4-6 years but he looked as if he were 6 again]

Nick and i leave and somehow i end up holding 2 skateboards. One has only one set of trucks with wheels and the other board is ride-able. We walk up to this really steep hill and i just look down, seeing all the cars pass. I look back up and Nick is already half way down. I get on my board to go down this hill but with one foot on it, balancing. I told myself to put both feet on the board. Instead, while im going down this hill, i end up grabbing the other board with only on truck on it, setting it in front of the good board and skidding the rest of the way down.

When I stop, Nick and I walk into the supermarket looking for the freezers. On our way to the freezers, there are two workers putting food into the meat section. On his trolley [what ever you want to call it] it looked like a TV dinner was about to fall so i grabbed it, set it on top of the other items and somehow it fell, making it worse. The workers just stared at me and i turned around to walk away embarrassed and with a grin on my face.

Nick and I eventually got to the freezers but the waffles weren't there. We go upstairs, not there either. We ended up asking this tall, bald, black guy who looks like my moms friend in real life. At this point, Nick disappeared. So this guy shows me another floor that him and his co-worker used to make homemade waffles and put them into the Eggo boxes. He disappears too, so im alone in this small boxed room look in the freezer for the waffles. When i find them i grab a plastic bag put all of them in there and start going back downstairs. When im at the middle of the staircase i look to see who's in the market and no ones in here. I go outside and it's dark now. I find Nick and as i'm about to leave the guy that pointed me to the waffles pulls up in a car with his wife. His wife gets out gives me a hug says hello then we hear a kid laughing in the supermarket. The guy gets out his car walks inside the market and calls out the name Vinny. When the man and I look up, we see these little soldier action figures, the size of my palm, fall down to the floor. The toys landed upright pointing straight at us with the plastic gun. We look up again and the ceiling is starting to collapse. We run outside, and I turn around to face the entrance of the market and this staircase appears and you see the little boy on his stomach, on hand reaching out to me and the other hand on a stair giving his torso a lift. Then out of nowhere fire starts to flame around him and everything fades to black and i wake up.

i know that's pretty long but lately, as crazy as it sounds, i think my dreams have been trying to tell me something. Couple nights before, i had a dream that there was a hole in my arm and the first time i looked at it it was a bright flesh color pink. Like when you pick a scab and its pink cause it's not fully healed, that color and when i looked at it again it was black so i touched it and it was like car oil or something similar to that. Couples days later, in another dream i had a bucket of paint in my hands and it spilled and this gray/silver paint splattered all over the floor. I looked up what colors in dreams meant and they told me this "Gray indicates fear, fright, depression, ill health, ambivalence and confusion. You may feel emotionally distant or detached. Silver represents justice and purity. It is symbolic of some protective energy."

I just want a better understanding of all this.

Example: I had a bizarre dream. What does it mean?

Ok I had a dream that I went to visit a someone ( I haven't a clue who they are, but it felt relative-ish). I never did see they're face, but I remember spending the night in a room upstairs. the bed faced a different way than I'm used to and it was next to a window ( also not used to) . there was no curtains and I could see a huge tree with no leaves outside. I couldn't sleep.

So next day Im at a festival with my friend Morgan and her husband, we stop at a booth that had neat goth Accessories, but I didn't buy anything because I couldn't find anything I liked.

Then a Christmas toy parade started to come through the festival. After the parade, Santa Clause said he had gifts on a truck (I was like 30ft from it and I notice that there were alot of Mexican kids there and not nearly enough toys. So I book it over to the truck and get a free toy for my son (he was with grandma on the other side the parade). I got a really good one!
Right next to the truck was some cool train sets, but they didn't end up being the free toy. A Mexican lady just happened to be selling them right there, so I bought one. it was only like $8, but when I set down the train to get the money out, another mexican lady snatched it up thinking it was free toy from santa. So I hurry up and pay and go running after this lady and shes acting like she didn't understand.
So I tel her "Este mi huegetes!" ( its my toy!) and I snatch it from her.
I was ready to fight her for it but she walked away.

I go back the the apartment to put it in a safe place. I hadn't noticed before but there was no furniture in it, the walls were all off white, and it was huge. About 3 stories with high ceiling in the living room. the design was kind of "modern adobe" . There were stairs inside the condo, but the weird part was the little adobe flight of stair leading to a crawl space in the living room. there was no door, just an opening.
I went in it because I was curious and it was a little passage inter-connecting all the apts. some entrances had decorations on there opening within the passageway. One had a sign that said "party's in here".
I though that was weird so I headed back. I notice the passage had more stairwell in it and went to other places like the roof and different floors. Anyhoo I get back, and moments later I see a teenager at the passage entrance. he begged for food and I had gotten some tamales at the festival so I gave him one.
I went outside to leave and noticed it was getting dark. As I was getting into the back seat of the (person that im visiting and have no idea what they look like's) car, I see the kid I just fed with like 8 other kids and a mom walking through the parking lot pan handling. I do nothing and get in the car.

Ok , what does it all mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I could use my own personal dream interpreter- I have vivid crazy dreams that I can remember every detail of at least once a week.
last night I dreamed that I had a very large house and was telling an acquaintance about how it had a full commercial kitchen. When we got to where the kitchen was, there were bars covering the opening and a bunch of angry wolves inside wanting to attack. I climbed up high and was sitting next to my husband, I reached over and was able to grab 2 knives and I remember giving my husband the smaller one since I knew that he could protect himself just as well with it since he would be better with a knife than I. Then the wolves attack but we get away. Now my big home has turned into a boat that is somehow containing the horse race track where my father would take me when I was younger. I find myself back at the kitchen and digging hand fulls of grease out of a deep fryer and separating out coins and dropping them in a cup.

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