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Dream About Footprints meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Sorry if it's a little sketchy:

I dreamt that a mate of mine was getting done for murder, there was other people in the dream that I don't know, but there was this guy in it who took me to his flat and he was showing me how he had left muddy footprints across his flat and all the way down the street.
And then there was my mate who was locked up (not in prison but in my house)
I remember telling her.
"If you don't want to get sent down for life, dont tell anyone anything else"
Or something like that.
But that is about all I can recall.

I dont know if it means anything. Mayeb your hiding a secret that your scared will get out and you'll have to deal with the consequences.
OR did you watch a movie or programme similar to your dream before bed, such as C.S.I cause it could be your dreaming about something you saw.

Example: What did my dream mean?

i dreamed i was pregnant and i was about to give birth, an it really hurt but i refused to give birth cuz i wanted to buy a blue jumpsuit for my baby (they only had a pink one...O.O) so i went to the hospital's gift shop but they didn't have it, then i got lost and i saw this kid smoking (i used to smoke) and then i just fell on the floor in pain and i asked the kid to go get help cuz i was giving birth to baby danny (i was in love with this guy named danny and when we were together was the first time i ever considered having a family with someone, he got me into smoking, that was 2 years ago) but the kid was just sitting there smiling at me, and i was crying and he just sat there...

i was dating someone else who i still love, but i moved to another country... what does that dream mean? it was so real, i actually felt a child on my stomach, i felt heavy, and the pain was so real, i even smelled the cigarette...

Example: What does this dream mean?

1) Its a very dark night, not even the stars can be seen in the sky. I’m looking my way out, I don’t of what. I’m standing at the end of the road. Ahead of me, lies a jungle. And suddenly I see an airplane hovering over me. I can hear its noise but I see only its lights. It’s coming down and going up. Then I come inside and I see somebody’s footprints at the door. They are dog’s footprints. They are appearing and disappearing. But no animal or human being I see.

I don’t recall what happens next. And I dreamt another one in sequence.

2) I am walking on the road. It’s a daytime. I see a railway-track and a farm nearby. The track is running parallel with me. I enter the farm. There I see a man who asks me about my education progress. I say that I score about A grade and he says it’s good. Then I ask him an advice for my sister. I say him that my sister is learning the same profession he is in so his view will help us.

Then I don’t recall middle part, but I see a big-red-color bull with abnormally tall and sharp horns coming running towards me. I get frightened and get aside but the bull returns. Then I see two light brown-color cows lying flat on stomach on a wall in front of me. Maybe they are killed. I get frightened and run away from that place. I enter the railway track but it’s a tunnel filled with darkness and I don’t know where it opens. I find another way and I run out from there. There I see one eunuch who tries to talk with me. I get even more frightened and run faster. But He follows me and says, ‘This is what will happen to you if you listen to such people’s advices.’ I don’t look back at him and I see a road which head to a bridge and head towards it.

I don't recall anything after that. I woke up. It was 5.33 in the morning.

I feel that it means something as I never had such a frightening dream.
I seek insightful answers. Please help.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm going through a rough patch in my life that's very complicated, but long story short I've lost hella friends, am on anti-depressants and I'm suicidal, bout a 6/10. My counselor asked me to think about the dreams I've been having, if any have spoken to me more than the others recently, then to try to decode it and tell him about it next week. I was wondering other people's opinion and 'facts' on what my dream really means. About a week ago the night of New Years eve I remember a dream where I was barefooted in a snow white summer dress that went a little past my knees, running through a field.. more a series of endless hills of ankle deep white grass, not waist deep but not recently mowed, enough that I could see my footprints. The grass wasn't snowy, but instead of bright green it was white, like snow, but grass. I felt peaceful and beautiful, and more happy than I have been in months since he left me. The sky was huge, the entire horizon was crystal clear blue with no clouds, I don't remember there being a sun, just a beautiful bright day and I was crazy happy, almost high. I just kept running, for no reason other than the joy and love. Nothing but soft grass was under my feet, no sticks or twigs or stones, just soft soil and grass. Nothing could make me upset, and I wish I never woke up. I felt so.. just happy. There may have been sounds, I can't remember. Smells, can't remember. It was only the visuals, and the happiness that are still crystal clear. That place was way better than this. Does this dream have a specific meaning?

Example: What could this dream mean?

I dreamt I was backstage for some sort of performance. I don't know what for but I know I had to go own because I was waiting. I was in a room on my own with grey carpet and chairs and I door going out onto a side street. I was sitting waiting and this golden labrador came running past and out the door (I'm not sure how it got out perhaps it pushed through the door). Well, I must have known the dog because I screamed: "HOLIDAY!" after it and ran after it. In real life I have no dog, and know of no dog called Holiday except in the book The Lovely Bones.

It was night time so it was dark and I kept running after the dog and could see it in the distance. I wasn't paying attention to how far I was going until I realised I couldn't see the dog and I started paying attention to where I was. I was in a sort of forest, well there were a lot of trees so maybe it was the middle of a park, or the outer rims of it or something. It was eerily silent and I began getting scared. Leaves started rustling and I could sort of hear what sounded like footprints. Someone came up behind me and grabbed me and tried to drag me away. I fought but I couldn't scream loudly only make little squeaks, nothing anyone else would hear. I remember feeling like my forearms and scratching his hands as they were pulling me away by my waist. I don't remember much else I don't even remember if I got away or not. But I remember he was winning and slowly dragging me away despite my struggles so I think he must've.

What could this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamed I went to a huge sewer tunnel with my friend and she strapped me to a coffee table with wheels (?!) and pushed me into the tunnel. Instead of a sewer, it was like some kind of dusty catacombs. The table I was on flew down the tunnel, then down some stairs, and then finally out onto a playground. I fell off the table and landed in a large sort of "dent" in the ground. My friend was there and she said that someone had buried a body there in 2010.

I jumped up really quickly and went back into the tunnel/catacombs on foot. I saw that there were lots of little tunnels leading off the main one, and I went into one of them. There were some footprints that looked like they were made by a large animal, and some knocked-over candles with wax spilling out. It looked like people had run from the animal. The tunnel ended in a locked door and I woke up without being able to open it.

Example: What does snow mean in a dream?

I saw me, my mom, and my cousin in a small cottage in a snowy Boreal (Evergreen) forest. We were sitting next to a fireplace and no one said anything. It was a first-person dream. The problem is that I've been seeing the same dream 2 or 3 times and I think it's trying to tell me something. Right now my cousin is in India and he's applying for a school here in the US. He wants to come and live with us. Since I saw him and my mom, do you think he got the admission?

Example: What does it mean to dream about footprints?

What does it mean to dream about footprints?
I dream about my ex with a footprints embedded on his back. He appeared to be in pain and want to show me about it. Can anyone help me decode my dream? thanks

Example: What does it mean to dream about footprints?

What does it mean to dream about footprints?
What does it mean to dream about footprints?
I dream about my ex with a footprints embedded on his back. He appeared to be in pain and want to show me about it. Can anyone help me decode my dream? thanks

Example: I dreamed that i was leaving muddy footprints in my house. does that mean something?

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