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Dream About Forests meanings

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Example: Dream symbolism/meaning?

So, I usually don't remember my dreams, but the other night I had this crazy weird dream. One of the things I remember from it is walking down a gravel road and looking to the side where there were some trees and there were two female heads (with faces, hair, everything) growing out of the ground. I remember thinking they were growing out of the ground like mushrooms.

What could this symbolize, if anything? I'm just curious as to what you guys think. c:

Your dream sounds eerily similar to suicide forest in Japan in real life; in this park in Japan, you can find human remains, desmbered body parts, etc. lying throughout the forest from suicide victims (such a chilling place). The fact that you saw two heads with flesh on it in the forests may suggest that you have some guilt in real life for not helping two people with similar problems that you could have solved, and due to the consequences of not helping these two individuals they ended up in a terrible situation. Not neccasarily death. The fact that both were female may indicate that this situation involved feminine matters. The fact that you though they were like Mushrooms, indicates you see these people rebounded from a failure in the past, perhaps inflicted by yourself. If the faces are rotting, then it is a sign that they will plot a terrible revenge against you. If the faces are fresh and clean, they will forgive you for whatever you may have caused.

Example: What does this recurring dream mean?

I am in a dark forest and am being chased by really mean midgit George Michaels. And their voices are squeeky like little midgits and they won't stop chasing me until I wake up! And when they take off their sunglasses, they have no eyeballs! Make it go away! Make it go awayyyy!

Example: Dream meaning?

I had a dream where a long-time friend tell me she likes me. That is the first time any girl has said that to me on a dream, which is weird since nobody usually talks in my dreams. Also in this dream there seemed to be low gravity and it setting was in what it seemed to be an university town with too many houses crowded inside the university, I'm freaking out, we also had what seemed a talk for around 45 minutes. Is a first and its making me lose it.

P.S. I'm not really freaking out, just found the dream a bit peculiar since almost all my dreams are silent and located in the forest or inside a building.

Example: Dream meaning?

Last night i dreamed that i was on a mission for some medical company to this far-off place. We, three other people and myself, were on this huge ship and it sank in this lake. there were huge sharks in the water and there was this huge monolith sticking out fo the water. There was only room for 2 people to sit on the top, but we managed to get everyone out of the water. suddenly we were near the shore, and i was really sunburned. We got to the shore and a cop was there. she was bangning on some can drinks like a bell and yelling that there was a fire. She didnt try to help save us or anything. Then i saw some loons, the birds, and they were getting ready to mate. Then i woke up. I would love some interpretation.

Example: Forest Face Dream meaning?

I'm having trouble working out what a dream means. I was in this forest, that was like another world, separate from earth, and there was this weird fence portal thing that lead between the forest and the earth. While in the forest mother nature spoke to me. I knew it was her. She was just a pretty voice, no form. As I looked out over a river and trees, She told me she knows how much I loved this forest, so she would paint it in my face. An image suddenly grew on my face, two rivers under my eyes, and green trees everywhere. She said every time I cry I would have something to laugh about cause the tears would be going down the little rivers she painted into my skin. She said that "my cheeks are the trees" lol. In the end of the dream though, I left the forest of paradise to go back to the Earth, / the "real world"... What could this all mean?

Example: What does dreaming of picking very large mushrooms in a forest mean?

i saw 2 kinds of mushrooms. one was a brownish color, very large, like the size of my head and had flies on it, i touched it in the intention of picking it but then i changed my mind and didn't. then i saw another one, it was red with large white dots on it, it was just as large as the brown one but it was clean so i picked it.
what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of snow forest?

Example: What does it mean to dream about a forest?

I had the most awckward dream. It was funny but very vivid. I had a dream that a friend of mine had a party in a forest. The menu consisted of chicken and orange juice. The type of orange juice that comes in gallons that look like milk. I was just wondering if anyone knows what this means?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a snowed forest?

last night i dreamed that i was in a forest but the trees where covered in ice and snow and through out the dream i kept waiting for the bus that picks me up . Also in the dream the sky was blue and purple like in a fantasy story and for a couple of days now i dream of a snake and i was very scared of it in every dream hope someone can help me

Example: Dream meaning of a haunted forest? Please help!?

I'm 19, and commuting in college right now. In a year I'm going away to college, but I'm not sure where because I think I'm going to miss my family too much if I go out of state, and it's really been racking my brain! In this dream, I went to a place like up north Michigan and met up with these teenage people I can't recall in real life. We road our bikes on a main road and got off in a field, and there was an opening in the trees towards the edge of the field into a famously known haunted woods. If you went in there, you could be cursed for life, but the people I was with all wanted to go in and kept persisting me to come with. Also later on, more people started to pull to the side of the main road and there were crowds lighting their lanterns or candles and also embarked into the woods as I watched. When I finally decided to join them, I got separated from my friends and fell down these steps that were part of the path and got terribly hurt. I was covered with debris (as if a roof had collapsed and no one could find me). Hours/days went by and a kind man came back to rescue me. The whole woods was devastated with debris from wrecked houses for some reason and we had to carefully make our way out to the clearing before ghosts started showing themselves or hurting us. When I came out, a crowd was waiting for us, looking like a volunteer rescue group because they were waiting with blankets and food, and there were candles lit and signs everywhere saying "Find the Lost Kid" or "Missing Girl, We Won't Give Up!" They were all welcoming with open arms. I felt like I had this dream before I long time ago. Any ideas?

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