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Dream About Forging Money meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Reincarnated In Dream?

Ok, b4 i start if your just going to say "it's just a dream. It means nothing" don't even bother replying.
This was the most vivid dream I've ever had I remember every little detail. It starts off I'm walking down a street in a group scavenging for supplies in a post-apocalypse setting. Then as we come to an intersecting street we pass another group that was scavenging. We bumped into and stared at each other and as we were at the other end of the street I felt a sharp pain in my left butt cheek and relized one of them shot me in the butt I started to hop away then I felt the most painful feeling in my left kidney and realized they shot me again and 3 more times real fast after that(with an old school rifle). I blacked out from the pain almost instantly(I died). And everything was black for a about 2 sec and then I started coming back(in a lot of pain) I try to keep my eyes open and from passing out again. I look over and I see a dead modern Soldier and I realize I'm in a war zone. At that time i was being carried away on a stretcher. I then look down at my body and I'm not in my body anymore. Now I'm this big(fat) black guy. It was like he died and I died but hes spirit left and my spirt went into his body. So since I got wounded I got to leave the war and go home. This guys body I was in so happened to live a couple of streets over from my family. But I couldn't just go to my family and say " hey, it's Michael" they would think I'm crazy...my family didn't know I was dead yet...so I went to the black guys home (the body I was in) and his mother was this straight African woman that a real thick accent. The house was disgusting (like on Hoarders) and she was treating me like ****. All she wanted was my money from the military. And I was thinking "how the hell did he put up with this crap?!". So I told her to go shove it, left and never looked back...it gets very very strange but I'm not going to keep writing cause it would go for a while...but at the very end these Demons that ruled the world saw that I was a good spirit in a different body and said "THERES ONE OF EM', GET HIM! And they pulled my spirit out of that body and started beating my soul back and forth between each other (they formed a circle around a circuclar metal forge). they all had weapons but I only remember 1 in piticular and it looked like Thor's hammer. But as they were smacking me back n forth over the metal forge type thing it hurt soooooo bad like they were trying to destroy my soul. Then I woke up sweating. it freaked me out cause this dream was so vivid and the pain felt so real it was like no other vivid dream I had. But if someone could maybe tell me what it means I would greatly appreciate it...PLEASE DON'T SAY " IT MEANS NOTHIN, IT'S JUST A DREAM"

Changing identity in your dreams usually reflects some uncertainty over the roles you are leading in your daily life. Perhaps you are uncertain of what direction you are taking, or feel that you are missing something of fundamental importance to you, or circumstances are pushing you into being or acting like someone you don't want to be, or you are changing on a fundamental level. All the elements of the dream reflect a breakdown of identity - the collapsed society, the body swap, the physical destruction of your soul by demons.

I'm guessing you're going through a turbulent time or something about your current life jars you on a deeply personal level. I don't know how old you are but these kind of dreams can also be associated with passing through major life stages such as puberty.

Example: How to ask my parents about Warped?

I've been wanting to attend Warped Tour for a while, and am currently saving up the money to buy tickets for myself, and one of my parents. The venue is about 3 hours away from where I live, so gas may be an issue. My parents aren't a big fan of my music taste, and that's also an issue. But Warped Tour means a lot to me, and attending it has been a dream of mine for a while. I really want to ask my parents about going, but I don't know how to bring it up. Help?

P.S. - If you've attended Warped, do you have any tips for a hopeful first-time attender?

Example: What does this nightmare mean? It really scared me!?

Hi guys, this had to be the weirdest but freakiest dream I ever had and I really wanna know what this means

I was on a tour in some building so I wasn't alone, but everywhere I looked I saw small piles of dead bodies, and I didn't recognize any of them. Plus.. you know that expression on your face when you are in shock? They all had that expression on their faces and it scared the sh*t outta me. What scared me the most though, was that none of the tourists saw the dead bodies, and whenever I turned around to see if the bodies were still there, someone had skinned them eww! So there was blood everywhere but they still had their eyes and they were looking right at me.
I suddenly woke up which was a relief ;)

Seriously, what in the world does this dream mean at all?

Also, anyone else had a weirder nightmare than this?

Example: I would like to buy a 2003 eclipse GT?

And i really dont wanna shift all the time.
But i would learn if i got the manuel
this would be my first car (that i own)
Ive driven prolly 10 cars.
but all automatic
So can you really mod a autoamtic?
Cold air intake/megan headers.
Is it worth moding automatic or should i go with manual?
Please give lots of info(:
And tell me how much mods would run me thanks:)
BTW I AM A GUY not my profile.

Example: Movie : Knights Tale questions for exa?

I need big help on the movie called Knights Tal
I wasnt watching the movie cause i didnt think it was really that important but found out that it was for a exam...

please help me answer these questions i need help on :

How does William Thatcher?
Who helps him?
What obstacle did he have?
What good/bad luck did they have?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about money? (This is a good dream for you story writers)?

Hi I'm 15 years old male and I was dreaming about my mom giving like $10 and we went to Peter Piper Pizza and I was ordering a Pizza and all of a sudden those $10 dollars turned to $300 then I let her know and I had to give the money back (she thought I stole from her or something). Then all of a sudden I start dreaming that we went home and I started getting $1000 through mail everyday then I go to best buy and ask some employee if I can buy a Mac he says yeah and I tell him i'll give him $4000 if in cash if I don't have to sign anything no contracts no agreements no nothing and I get to take my Mac book before I leave the store and he says yes and I give him the money and he forges everything and gives me my Mac then when I get back home all of a sudden my room flooded with money that came through the window (someone must of took down the spring) so I'm curious what does this all mean?

Example: Are 18 year olds always meant to feel down?

Perhaps all late teenagers are supposed to feel down all the time. A parent is like this and i think i have picked up the always-look-at-the-negative-side-of-a-si... perspective from them. They are also a chronic worrier & have stress problems. Could this also be affecting me? I do get fed up from it but since they live in the same house I have to cope with it. This and other private things that have happened has created a gigantic sensation of bitterness & irritability towards negative people because of what i have to listen to from them all the time.

What can i do?

My mood is always unstable because of this.

I have devestating lows and irritable highs sometimes.

I have always felt a deep sense of loneliness because i was bullied throughout my school years and i distrust people (although i always hide my true feelings from others as a coping mechanism) because of it.

I don't know how to keep moods stable (without any synthetic man made drugs please!) or whether they are even normal.

I've been like this since i was about 10.

I've never had a boyfriend and i have about 3 friends altogether.

I usually dislike going out with people so i tend to stay in or go out by myself.

Any advice?

Example: How would i find some one who could hand forge a gun?

Example: My mon don''t support my dreams.?

I don't wanna hear anything about what I wanna do. But here it goes.
Ever since I was seven I always wanted to be professional wrestler. I'm fourteen now. I plan on doing this since its the only thing that interests me anymore. (I'm not getting into the story) she wants me to be a pediatrician and to have a normal low key life..but I want to be a wrestler. She also wants me to get married and have kids and all that but to be honest wrestling is my only goal in life. If your anti violence or whatever you may be I'm not in the mood to hear 'wrestling is fake' or 'you can do better than that's because I've heard it all my life and it motivates me more to make YOU eat your words.

My dad and mom lives together and they're not dating they just agreed to put their differences aside to raise me. Well, they argue almost ever day and were barely making it off food stamps. I'm tire of living like this and I'm NOT gonna do anything to myself..I just need some advice cause I don't know anymore.nobody cares and nobody supports me.

Example: Does anyone know how to make money from writing poetry..?

does anyone know how to make money from writing poetry, i have quite a lot of poetry written and wondering what to do with it. Lyrics for songs too.

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