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Dream About Fox'S Fur meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Has anyone ever had an experience with, or have any knowledge of, a cat-like demon?

I have never played with 'magik' or Ouija boards, I have never done drugs and I am not schizophrenic... but yet I have had a few mysterious and frightening encounters--I will not list them all.

I am curious about this one particular encounter, as it was brought up in conversation recently...

Years ago, When I was about half asleep, I heard a deep voice, almost like a low growl-- rough and edgy. It spoke to me, taunting me, I couldn't understand all it said--but I did understand that it wanted to make me suffer--the voice came from under my bed, I realized-- and then I hear its hissy laughter. I was paralyzed.
The bed started to shake, and furry class reached out from one side of the bed, clawing, clawing, while I laid there helpless and in excruciating pain. The bed rattle and shook, then finally it rose above the ground, shaking violently and I wash lashed back and forth.
The bed was lowered to the ground, and then I saw it looming over me, claws outstretched. Glowing red eyes, sharp and angular, and shining teeth that shone like the moon. Its fur was long and dark, probably back. It evil grin was large and wide almost like a Cheshire cat.
It went on, I don't know all it said, but it told me...that It wanted to kill me, slowly. Then it leaped into the air over me, and dived into my chest. I then felt an pain in my heart, which I cannot describe with words.
I jolted fully awake then, and quickly felt my chest for any sign of damage. There were no scratch marks, but ever since then my heart has felt very heavy and dark.

Does anyone know of any demons from folklore that match my tail? Has anyone had similar experience?

Your story sounds similar to the Bakeneko or the Pesanta.

Bakeneko - a cat with supernatural abilities akin to those of the fox or raccoon dog. A cat may become a bakeneko in a number of ways: it may reach a certain age, be kept for a certain number of years, grow to a certain size, or be allowed to keep a long tail. A bakeneko will haunt any household it is kept in, creating ghostly fireballs, menacing sleepers, walking on its hind legs, changing its shape into that of a human, and even devouring its own mistress in order to shapeshift and take her place. When it is finally killed, its body may be as much as five feet in length.

Grimalkin - From Celtic mythology, an old or evil-looking female cat. Scottish legend makes reference to the grimalkin as a faery cat which dwells in the highlands.

Raiju - A Japanese demon whose name means "Thunder Animal", often depicted in the form of a cat, badger or weasel.  It may also fly about as a ball of lightning or fire. Its cry sounds like thunder. While the beast is generally calm and harmless, during thunderstorms, it becomes agitated and leaps about in trees, fields, and even buildings.
Cat Sidhe – a Fairy Cat said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its breast. Legend has it that the spectral cat haunts the Scottish Highlands.

Matagot, Magot - a spirit under the form of an animal, mostly undetermined, frequently a black cat, but rat, fox, dog or cow types are said to exist too. Matagots are generally evil, but some may prove helpful .

Pesanta - an enormous dog (or sometimes a cat) that goes into people's houses in the night and puts itself on their chests making it difficult for them to breathe and causing them the most horrible nightmares. The Pesanta is black and hairy, with steel paws, but with holes so it can't take anything.

Werecat - Feline-human shapeshifter. Depending on the story in question, the species involved can be a domestic cat, a tiger, a lion, a leopard...‡ or any other type.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream with a blind girl in it. She looked like she was about 11, she had long blonde really wavy hair, blue eyes, pale skin with a few very faint freckles, and a slender frame. I loved her so much but not as a partner, not as if she was my child or sibling either. I simply loved her. I was her guide, and she would only talk to me using telepathy. I don't know why I was her guide though when she could feel everything around her and move around as if she had perfect vision.

The dream started off as me trying to capture this dog that was causing trouble for my mother, it was my way of telling my mother sorry for breaking her light fixture that had glass human heads on it. I was trying to do it with a pillow fort, soon after the fort was built the girl appeared. I felt like I had known her forever. The girl and I then went to find the dog, we came apon this place where people were trying to pet this white wolf. The wolf was white with a few black/grey flecks in its fur and brown eyes. The people were petting it but the wolf didn't like it, it was growling but didn't bite. The girl wanted to pet it so we waited in line but the wolf ran off. I hugged the girl tight and told her I was sorry. We then went to the window where the wolf was at and there was a beautiful world filled with all these birds and animals. The sky was so blue and the plants almost didn't look real. At that point I realized I was the queen, so I yelled "THE QUEEN OF NARNIA HAS RETURNED!" All the animals rejoiced and cheered. A few rats then came up to me to tell me I had to navigate a ship, I wanted to take the girl with me but my mother tried stopping me (she didn't know the girl could get around fine since the girl only talked to me telepathically) she finally let me but we never went to the ship. We then came to this place we had to get across but the part we had to walk on was maybe 2-3 inches wide. The girl then turned into a mouse and started balancing, but I didn't want to take chances so I then turned into a opossum and I took her across because she couldn't see the platform for some reason. After that I was a human and she was a fox, she was saving me by running with me and getting me out of this place. There were special doors for fox that she was running through and I kept hitting my hip since the doors were small and we were going so fast.

That's about it, Thank you for reading and I hope somebody can give some sort of meaning to this.

Example: What is the most random and pointless fact you know?

Example: Is this story any good I've started on?

The sky darkened until it was just a fine dark gray mist. A silver cat’s claw shone as the moon in the gray fogged sky, the sounds of day fluttered into silence. All that was heard was the occasional hoot of a great-horned owl, or the crunching of leaves as foxes seek their sleeping prey. A rogue cat prowled the darkness, seeking a meal. The sharpness of his ribs was clearly visible underneath his ragged, matted pelt. The rogue’s eyes were bloodthirsty and hungry, for anything even if it led him to complete and utter cannibalism. The rogue tensed his weak muscles and sprung at a chipmunk, which quickly receded back to its hole. The rogue went hungry another night. Too weak to find shelter, the rogue dropped where he was, tired, cold and hungry.
The next morning the rogue spotted a stupid, fat thrush. In his hunger, the rogue sprang to his feet, ignoring his stiff aching muscles and un-groomed fur. Dropping into an instinctive crouch the rogue stalked up to his meal and pounced, nipping its neck to kill it swiftly. The thrush’s sweet warm and delicious scent flooded his nose and mouth. Dropping his kill in the middle of the clearing, the rogue finished the fat thrush in several famished bites. Still starved, the rogue felt some strength flood into his body. The rogue licked his maw, and then proceeded to do so to his pelt.
The rogue went to rest by a tree stump. It had some catmint around it and the sweet tempting scent flooded to rogues mouth. The rogue tensed his muscles but resisted the temptation to roll around in the sweet smelling plant. Letting out a sigh, he saw a small white speck fall onto his nose then vanish. More of these white flakes fell onto his body. They were cold! The rogue hissed and ran around under a bramble bush. The thorns broke easily into his skin and the rogue yowled in protest as the brambles broke skin and the flakes still yet made him shiver. It was the first snowfall.
The rogue slept in an abandoned fox hollow that night, sheltered from the snowflakes that left a thin sheet over the forest floor. Two mice carcass laid in the fox hollow, the rogue too tired and cold to drag them away from his campsite. Breathing heavily, the rogue pulled himself to his paws and glanced out of the fox hole. There was movement in between the fog and falling flakes. It looked like a famished cat, moving quickly and trying to get away from something. The rogue walked cautiously out of his make-shift home and approached this loner with caution, tensing his muscles. The rogue’s ribs were now barely visible, but they were coming back to show with winter approaching.
The other cat turned around swiftly. “Scourge! Is that you?”
The rogue looked at the cat intently, his eyes went wide. “Flame!” The rogue bounded over to the cat and twined his tail with hers, “Are you still tamed?” Scourge purred with delight.
“No, I ran away from them to find you!” Flame answered worriedly. “I didn’t think you would find the other cats.”
Scourge purred and rubbed his head up against Flame’s neck, “I’m glad you came looking for me Flame.”
The two cats, black and orange, walked away and into Scourge’s found fox hole. They curled deep undercover so they could feel each other’s warmth and stay completely dry. Scourge covered the entrance with leaves, rocks, and sticks to keep out the flakes and wind. Once in the questions and statements started bubbling out of Flame’s mouth.
“I knew it was you! I couldn’t mistake that fluffy black pelt of yours!” Flame purred amusement at Scourge.
Scourge scoffed, and then laughed. “Yes well I couldn’t mistake your smell of stinky tame food!” Scourge mused.
Flame cuffed Scourge over the ear, then curled up next to him and closed her eyes. Scourge sighed and licked his own fur along with hers, then too closed his eyes and drifted off into a deep, warm sleep and dreamt dreams of certain imagination, or would this dream, this warning really happen?

Alright, so if you just skimmed it or only read part of it that's alright. Just wanted to know how it's turning out, and also just if it seems boring now Scourge and Flame are going to go on an adventure to make it exciting. <3 Thanks for the feedback and critisism.

Example: What creature, hands down, is the scariest you have ever seen.?

Whether in life or on television or movies. This can mean actual creature or mythical creature or...

Example: What does my dream mean, it was about a dog. vicious devil dog.?

He had the body shape of a fox but it was a dog, big he had red fur, he was strong, super fast. Besides that i could see in his face and attitude the was was no nice dog. he was mean, the most vicious dog. he could of destroyed me within secs. later in my dream after running and avoiding getting destroyed by it. i found a rifle and shot him in the stomach, and died well at least i thought he did. so when i come back i see it's moving. so i shot him again in his face/head. but it wouldn't die and i felt bad i didn't want to harm him anymore.. and yeah that's my nightmare.. any ideas what it could mean?

Example: A Dream About a Pack of wolves?

Alright So I had this dream the I still question. It starts out at my maternal grandmothers house, and it's dark inside. I jumped on top of like a dresser or something, I was a red fox (I could tell because I got a flash of red fur and white tip from my tail out of the corner of my eye), I was keeping away from a pack of wolves naturally because I didn't know whether or not they wanted to hurt me. I jumped down to slip past them, but eventually get tackled and caught.

I struggled the first time, but then this HUGE black male wolf tackled me to my back by my neck, not hard enough to puncture my skin but enough for me to feel with one flex of his jaw he could snap my neck in two. He had beautiful amber eyes. Then I noticed a row of wolves sitting in front of me and the other wolves. There were seven and they were calm and steadily watching me. In the middle was a white wolf, I could swear was female, watching me the most with, actually, kind and intelligent eyes. I addressed it as "Luna" and immediately I felt the black wolves jaws loosen and felt my body grow and my fur was no longer red fur but grey-ish white (again because I caught a glimpse of my tail).

So can someone tell me what this dream might mean? Thank you

Example: I had a messed up dream about a dog...? Why do I feel this way?

Okay so I woke up a few minutes ago after having the most disgusting, horrible dream I've ever had in MY LIFE! And it was really scary because I could hear my heart beat inside my dream and after I woke up startled, I could still hear it loud and clear.

This dream I just had is so messed up... (Continue at your own risk...)

I was jogging down the street when I passed by a furry-faced man with no eyes, mouth or nose (just fur all over -- which didn't creep me out o.o) walking a fox. It was really cute so I stopped the man and asked him for its name. It was really weird because once I asked for his name, the fox turned into a massive golden retriever. He started to kiss me like dogs usually 'kiss/lick' their owners. And then the man's friend came over and he introduced me to him.

I was about to walk away but I couldn't because the now turned fox-to-dog tackled me to the ground and continued licking and kissing me. I thought nothing of it because I mean, it was a dog... I just thought he liked people a lot? So here comes the disgusting part. I remember laughing and trying to push the dog out of my way because he was huge. When I tried to close my mouth from laughing, I couldn't. The dog's TONGUE was shoved into my throat! EW. I heard the man in the background say something like, "Oh that's disgusting. There he goes again..."
But the man and his friend didn't even try once to help! They just stood their watching the dog shove his tongue down my throat as I struggled to breathe!

IT WAS SCARY! The dog wouldn't move no matter how hard I tried to push it away! I became frantic. I couldn't close my mouth or else I'd be chomping down on some slick huge tongue and I did not want to try. It was DISGUSTING! I could feel his tongue roam inside my throat thrashing about, let alone in my mouth! The dog even pushed me onto the ground, sat on me, and tried to stick his gross slippery tongue further down my throat O__O And then after some long painful moment, the dog's tongue slipped out of me and ran off to his owner, where they both climbed into a van and drove off.

I lied on the ground helplessly and I couldn't move. I could hear my heart beat really fast and then I woke up from the shock. It was more scary to hear my heart beat loud and clear even after I woke up from the dream. I was - let me tell you - DISGUSTED. SHOCKED. MORTIFIED. And all the other words you can possibly think of. That dream was the most horrible dream I have ever had in my life! (I said this at the very beginning.)

So after that dream, I had this strange feeling of something moving in my throat. I didn't know what so I logged onto Google and searched up anything that had to do with bugs or worms in throats. I came to conclusion that while I was sleeping, something crawled into my mouth and is stuck... in my throat... I can feel something when I stay still and my suspicions grow worse when I swallow because it feels as if my saliva is rolling off of something wet and slick. I don't know what to do! I need help! I'm afraid to eat anything at all! Please help me!

Thank you for listening to my rant that no one will ever care about.

But really, if you can or want to answer, feel free to leave something... I desperately want help/answers because I tend to go overboard with everything...

Example: Classic Rock road trip playlist?

I'm looking for a list of Classic Rock songs to play during a road trip.

Example: Anyone would like to rp with me?

~Character info~

Name: Mimi

Race: Neko/human

age: looks 12 but is 18

eye color: hazel brown

Hair color: Light brown/ grey


BG: she is a white fox which just recently turned into a human, only knowing how to act like a fox. She want to learn how to act like a human so people wont think she wich craft with all her ability. She always dreamed of going on a pirate ship and sailing the seas although she hates the water unless it her bath water. The only time she will consider on going into the water is when she wants fish, she will do anything to have fish ( it's her favorite food to eat, right before cheese). looking at her you may assume she is 11-13 years old but she is 18 years old in human years but in fox years she 10. she may seem innocent by the way she looks but she loves to drink wine and stay up till dawn and sleep all day. Even though her life dream is to become a pirate, she hate working unless she has to. Having a girl body and fox ears and tail she has to hide them because there are these people who try to catch them and sell them for a huge fortune. She is a rare kind on fox, she is worth over million. She looking for someone to teach how to be more human and not weird and noticable

Personality:childish/ odd / awkward/ don't care who's looking/ does her own thing

* as your crew is hauling barrels of wine and boxes of bottle beer on the ship, there had been an incident around the corner involving Mimi and two crook who tried kidnapping. She soon got away from them and had to hide quick before the caught her. When she came upon medium size boxe of beer that had enough room for her to fit. As the time past she had drunk all the beer and got drunk and past out in a ball with her cloak covering her tail and ears. She didn't realized she got into a box that was going on ship and sailing across the ocean with a crew of all boys

( ya your proble thinking I am stupid or I need help, the truth Is I am different, but I love who I am and maybe people who are different like me knows what I am talking about. I don't want to change a thing. I would rather be diffrent and happy then not who I am and miserable)

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