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Dream About Friendship On The Road meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I lived with my family in a cute little European town, kind of like Tallin, Estonia. My best friend lived nearby. As we were walking together on the cobblestone roads, I noticed this really really cute guy. (In waking life, my BFF and I met him last week while we were trick-or-treating. Let's call him Jim. My BFF and I both developed a slight crush on him, me more than her.) Anyway, long story short, Jim and I became an item.

I was so ecstatic that I had Jim. I was really in love with him, and I'd wanted to be in a relationship for so long--I'd been single for a while. Needless to say, I flaunted it as much as I could, but not in a bad way. my BFF and I were sitting in a cafe, drinking coffee, and I was telling her all about Jim. She nodded and smiled and seemed happy for me, but her eyes were so sad.
That's when I woke up.
I really want to know what this dream means. For some reason, I feel kind of bad about it, and I feel like I have 2 tell my BFF. Wat should i do?

This dream was just ur way of expressing that u feel lonely.u said u hav been single 4 awhile so in ur subconscience mind u are expressing how sad u are. Ur friend in this dream represents that no matter what happens to u she will always b there. She is a true friend. She is sad that u got the guy in the end but will remain ur best friend b/c u guys hav a true friendship. U will never let a guy get between u.

Example: What does my dreams mean?

Last night I had a dream that it was me and a bunch of family members in this old building, running away from a HUGE animal, it looked like King Kong, and I had my little sister in my arms packing her and a couple of times she got away from me, but she always came back to let me protect her. But I wasn't afraid of the monster, I just kept her in my arms and kept running from it to protect her. Then I had a dream that it was me, my Pastor and my best friend (a guy) at this little town getting something to eat, we were leaving and I saw this amusement park, I got scared and the next thing i know is we were riding a roller coaster, i kept closing my eyes to see where we were going then once we got off of the roller coaster, I wasn't afraid anymore. Then I had a dream that kept coming in through those other 2 dreams. The dream was, it was me and this boy, im assuming he was my boyfriend, we where sitting in a trailblazer at night parked on the side of the road, i was crying because he was trying to get me to do "it" with him and i didn't want to, then he raped me. That is all i can remember. What did those dreams mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night and I'm a bit uncertian and not too sure exactly how it ended nor what it mean's? So if you guys can help me out I would really appreciate it!

My dream: 10/13/12
So I was walking alone in my high school on the first floor with my backpack on, walking and I exited out from the back doors of the school and arrived at the football fields (I don't know why, my dreams and real life events have had something to do with sports in one way or another?) I saw through the windows on the back door and it was sunset (maybe aroound 7:00-7:30pm, as for what I was doing at school at this time is beyond me?) Once I came outside I quickly put on my sweater (which was inside my backpack), since it was a bit cold and brezzy as well. And after I put on my sweater, I saw two of my school friends "Diego" and this girl named "Kaitlyn" (This has been my second dream with her, so far.)

Since I saw them both I decided to walk up to them, to the picnic tables they were sitting on (as in real life there are picnic tables behind the school close to the football fields.) Once I got up to them both we were talking about something (I honestly don't know what we were all talking about?) But we all talked to each other till the sunset was gone, and it was getting late and dark outside. Diego looked at his watch and said, "It's 8:00pm, I'm going to start heading home." Kaitlyn and me said, "Bye Diego" together. Kaitlyn then said, "I'm going to stay here for awhile more," and I replied back to her saing, "Well I'm going to start walking home now," she replied back to me saying, "Okay then, see you later." And she waved her hand a goodbye and i waved my hand back the same, too.

I then walked alone from behind the school, around, towards the front of the school (maybe because the school door's were locked or something?) Once I arrived at the front of the school it was getting darker and I saw bright lights flashing in a repeating style close to the traffic lights (since my high school is pretty close to a major highway, and a bit urban.) Once I walked from the front of the school and arrived to the traffic lights on the highway, I did indead see bright lights which were on the telephone poles and various stores around the highway) it turned out to be Christmas lights in various colors ranging from white, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, red and much more pleasent colors (I'm assuming it was Christmas time in my dream, as in reallife it's actually Fall where I live, kinda weird if you asked me?)

I then had to close the highway and the cars were going through the road, so I had to click/push on that traffic light button which makes the traffic lights turn red, it stopped the cars, and I could walk safely through the highway to the other side, were my home was. I continued to see Christmas lights on telephone poles as I walked, I continued to walked until I heard some girl yell out, "Wait up, wait up, wait up!" I quickly turned around and I couldn't tell who it was, she was far away, and it was dark outside. She was running towards me (I thought someone was attacking me, at this point) she kept running closer, till around 10-15ft away I noticed who it was and it turned out to be Kaitlyn (when it was her I felt a bit more safe as it was really dark, with only the Christmas lights and car lights illuminating the way.)

I then asked her, "What were you doing?" She replied saying, "I didn't want to walk home alone!" And I said, "Me neither, I was kinda getting a bit loney and scard as well." I then asked her, "why did you stay behind?" She said, "I had to turn an assignment to my math teacher," I said, "Okay it's good to know!" We finally both walk together home talking to each other (as for what we were talking about after that I can't remember exactly?) However it was nice walking home with Kaitlyn and just the two of us together talking to each other (with only the Christmas lights on the telephone poles and car lights illuminating the way, since it was night.) The dream just continues with us two walking and talking to each other, towards home in the cold. It personally was a good dream, however it fads to white at the end of the dream. :( I honestly don't know what happened after that, regardless of me not knowing, I'm pretty sure it ended out to be nice and peacefully!

So... What do you think my dream mean's? :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

Couple nights ago i had a dream that i was in the back yard with my family than some how my dogs ran out on the street i turned my head the whole family were at the front yard than somehow ended up on the road and i heard a bang that my dogs have died what does this dream mean :/

Example: What does this dream mean?

My dreams are pretty detailed but this particular dream I have been wondering about...

I was walking down some sort of old country dirt road that you would probably find somewhere in eurpoe or somewhere old since it has a soft sunny glow about it. it was all grassy hills to the left and right but up ahead there was starting to be trees, not really enough to be called a forest but still, trees. before the clusters of trees started there was one tree right by the road underneath this tree was a rabbi that looked about 60 wearing a black hat and a robe with the beard and all. He was debating or talking to this indian boy who was about 11-13 who seemed he knew what he was talking about and firmly but not angrily believed he was the right one in this debate or what not. the rabbi just seemed to be using his wisdom in this debate but as I was passing along the road the rabbi called out to me and asked me about my opinion of their discussion. I gave some sort of neutral answer that appeased both of them. After that, the rabbi and the indian boy were ready to be on their way down the road and offered me to join them and I agreed since I was going down that way anyway.. the whole time the indian boy and the rabbi re talking and what not until we finally got to a more tree filled area. While we were in the tree covered area they indicated that they were going away from the road off to the side wher emore trees were going so I sort of just followed them. We finally came to this old Southern looking house with chippy white paint but not terribly old. the second floor was sort of covered with 2 big trees but, you knew it was there inbetween the leaves, and there was a nice long veranda or porch. As we came nearer tot he hosue the rabbi and little boy started to argue about something and I completely stayed out of it and they sort of ignored me too... even walking up the steps they were just int heir own little arguing world and went inside the door without me... leaving me at the screen door wondering if I should go in or not... I walked around on the big porch wondering if I should go in or not when the door opened slightly and revealed this cute little boy who was about 3-5 and had salt and pepper colored hair and dark olive complexion he was very cute and was giving me compliments and was pretty happy I was there and wanted to invite me inside the house and show me around so I figured it was ok. Walking int he house he started getting more energetic in showing me the different rooms as a little tour guide~ he showed me a room to the left of the door that looked like some sort of dining room and stuff then he rushed back to the door to show me the room that was on the right side that seemed to be some sor tof living room... as he was showing me the different little nicknacks int he room I noticed across the room there was this asian guy who was about 18-23 who was sort of standing there leaning on the wall but staring at me with this sort of blank emotionless but fixed stare that sort of creeped me out. he was wearing pretty neat clothes, like a leather jacket and a choker and what not but still the stare was very creepy.. but what was sort of odd is that the little boy didn't even acknowledge he was in the room and I sort of didn't know what to say so I figured it would be ok to ignore him too since the little boy had already rushed up the stairs and I tried to keep up with him...
up the stairs was a hall way with lots of doors and the little boy started to get more excited and wanting to show me every room that I eventually lost track of which room he went into... I didn't want to look in the different rooms because I sort of thought that would of been impolite or i might disturb something so I decided that I would wait for him down stairs. turning around preparing to go down stairs I bonk into something, I look up and it is that asian dude from downstairs staring at me still but now 1 foot infront of my face... he just stared for 10 seconds of painful silence and then finally he said something in a firm, deep voice something quickly in another language. I was so suprized by it I woke up XD~

I was wondering if anyone knows what that sort of dream means 'o'.. I think it is pretty interesting since I noticed afterwards that it was 4 guys with different ages and different ethnicities 'o'

I also found it interesting that the little boy would have such hair that was sort of extreme premature greying XD it was cute on him though 'o'

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had pretty vivid dreams lately. There are two that really strike out in my memory. In the first one, I'm in a really posh, old fashioned room that is bare except for a unlit fireplace. The room is pretty bright and in the corner there is a little girl in a white dress. For some reason my friends (nobody too close personally) from school turn up and don't like her- almost like she's ruining our fun day out. They leave and I go over to talk to her, she becomes a rebellious teenager with red streaks in her hair and piercings, I try to ask her to not be mean and not ruin things (I'm not sure what me and my friends were planning to do). Anyways I say she can come with us but only if she's nice. She declines my invitation but doesn't ruin anything and leaves somewhat more peaceful.

The second dream is a lot shorter but more vivid. I open the window early in the morning and see that it's snowing- I love snow it makes everything seem more beautiful and just looks pure. I run outside and the lie on the snow in my PJs. It's dawn and the warm sunlight gives the whole road a serene feel. I'm just lying there happy and notice I start to get colder but I don't mind so much and I just lie there in the sun and snow. I was so angry when I woke up! I just want to go back to that feeling.

Anyways if you stayed around to listen thanks- could you please try and make sense of these dreams? Thank you in advance.

Example: What does my dream mean about him?

I was seeing a guy for about 6 months. We never dated though. I'm 18 & he's 22. On top of working together, we had a lot of issues. But there was something there no one will ever understand and he helped me through the worst time of my life and it recently (couple days ago) ended for good. All the fighting and hurting was too much. We fight because we can't be together with work and the age difference and all this other stuff so it just became too much. I still & always love him. And I have some serious medical issues that result in me might only having 5 months left to live. Which he knows. But lately he's been in my dreams all the time. And in my dreams he's happy and I'm happy and I can see us together. But I wake up and I'm back in reality.

Example: What can my dream mean?

i was at a city and i was taking a walk then a little later i saw all the roads (or freeways) were all bendy and curvy. so i walked up and i look everywhere and it looks like all roads are the same to and i got confused. so i was hungry and i saw a dog and i told him ot go and get me a small hamburger and that dog just went fast in a blink of an eye. so he came back with the food and i walked on. then i found a building that had full of martial arts people and boxing people. then all of a sudden i get chosen for a fight with someone and it aint just a guy vs. guy fight... i was fighting against a girl. i was speechless to see that i was fighting a girl and that girl never show mercy to me. so the fight began and she attempts to hit me but i blocked it and when the fight went on i hit on something cold and that was a block of ice. as the fight continued on, i didnt took a single hit by her and got nearly hit when she almost surprised attack me and blocked that hit as well and the announcer said that i was like a ninja and not having any fear of her. but somehow i manage to get her by the legs and threw her into a wall or something (i cant remember that part).

does anyone know what my dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i had a dream a while back about a guy that i now know. i was crying and running away from him up my back alleyway but then he caught up to me and comforted me, then we kissed. the dream cut out because i woke up but then when i fell asleep again, we were there again wearing the same clothes but this time we were happy and lying on a field up my local park. he told me he had feelings towards me and we kissed. in reality he got my number and kissed me. can anyone help me understand this dream and if its linked to whats happening between me and this guy?

Example: What does this dream mean?

There was a butterfly cobra thing in it and a bunch of dead people lying in the road. It really freaked me out. All these people ran onto the highway and just died and the butterfly cobra had something to do with it. What does this dream mean?

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