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Dream About Fringes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamed of my best friend being stabbed what does that mean?

My best friend and I were having trouble at school with this other kid and one night i dreamt that my best freind had been stabbed by him. Someone please tell me what this might mean.

Two boys were sitting on the wall by the jetty playing dice. A man was reading a newspaper on the steps of a monument in the shadow of a hero wielding a sabre. A young girl was filling her tub with water at a fountain. A fruit seller was lying close to his produce and looking out to sea. Through the empty openings of the door and window of a bar two men could be seen drinking wine in the back. The landlord was sitting at a table in the front dozing. A small boat glided lightly into the small harbour, as if it were being carried over the water. A man in a blue jacket climbed out onto land and pulled the ropes through the rings. Behind the man from the boat, two other men in dark coats with silver buttons carried a bier, on which, under a large silk scarf with a floral pattern and fringe, a man was obviously lying.
No one bothered with the newcomers on the jetty, even when they set the bier down to wait for their helmsman, who was still working with the ropes. No one came up to them, no one asked them any questions, no one took a closer look at them.
The helmsman was further held up a little by a woman with disheveled hair, who now appeared on deck with a child at her breast. Then he came on, pointing to a yellowish two-story house which rose close by, directly on the left near the water. The bearers took up their load and carried it through the low door furnished with slender columns. A small boy opened a window, noticed immediately how the group was disappearing into the house, and quickly shut the window again. The door closed. It had been fashioned with care out of black oak wood. A flock of doves, which up to this point had been flying around the bell tower, came down in front of the house. The doves gathered before the door, as if their food was stored inside the house. One flew right up to the first floor and pecked at the window pane. They were brightly coloured, well cared for, lively animals. With a large sweep of her hand the woman on the boat threw some seeds towards them. They ate them up and then flew over to the woman.
A man in a top hat with a mourning ribbon came down one of the small, narrow, steeply descending lanes which led to the harbour. He looked around him attentively. Everything upset him. He winced at the sight of some garbage in a corner. There were fruit peels on the steps of the monument. As he went by, he pushed them off with his cane. He knocked on the door of the house, while at the same time taking off his top hat with his black-gloved right hand. It was opened immediately, and about fifty small boys, lined up in two rows in a long corridor, bowed to him.
The helmsman came down the stairs, met the gentleman, and led him upstairs. On the first floor he accompanied him around the slight, delicately built balcony surrounding the courtyard, and, as the boys crowded behind them at a respectful distance, both men stepped into a large cool room at the back. From it one could not see a facing house, only a bare gray-black rock wall. Those who had carried the bier were busy setting up and lighting some long candles at its head. But these provided no light. They only made the previously still shadows jump and flicker across the walls. The shawl was pulled back off the bier. On it lay a man with wildly unkempt hair and beard and a brown skin—he looked rather like a hunter. He lay there motionless, apparently without breathing, his eyes closed, although his surroundings were the only the only thing indicating that it could be a corpse.
The gentleman stepped over to the bier, laid a hand on the forehead of the man lying there, then knelt down and prayed. The helmsman gave a sign to the bearers to leave the room. They went out, drove away the boys who had gathered outside, and shut the door. The gentleman, however, was apparently still not satisfied with this stillness. He looked at the helmsman. The latter understood and went through a side door into the next room. The man on the bier immediately opened his eyes, turned his face with a painful smile towards the gentleman, and said, “Who are you?” Without any surprise, the gentleman got up from his kneeling position and answered, “The burgomaster of Riva.”

The man on the bier nodded, pointed to a chair by stretching his arm out feebly, and then, after the burgomaster had accepted his invitation, said, “Yes, I knew that, Burgomaster, but when I first glance around I’ve always forgotten it all—everything is going in circles around me, and it’s better for me to ask, even when I know everything. You also presumably know that I am the hunter Gracchus.”

“Of course,” said the burgomaster. “I received the news today, during the night. We had been sleeping for some time. Then around midnight my wife called, ‘Salvatore’—that’s my name—‘look at the dove in the window!’ It was really a dove, but as large as a rooster. It flew up to my ear and said, ‘Tomorrow the dead hunter Gracchus is coming. Welcome him in the name of the city.”

The hunter nodded and pushed the tip of his tongue between his lips. “Yes, the doves fly here before me. But do you believe, Burgomaster, that I am to remain in Riva?”

“That I cannot yet say,” answered the burgomaster. “Are you dead?”

“Yes,” said the hunter, “as you see. Many years ago—it must have been a great many years ago—I fell from a rock in the Black Forest—that’s in Germany—as I was tracking a chamois. Since then I’ve been dead.”

“But you’re also alive,” said the burgomaster.

“To a certain extent,” said the hunter, “to a certain extent I am also alive. My death ship lost its way—a wrong turn of the helm, a moment when the helmsman was not paying attention, a distraction from my wonderful homeland—I don’t know what it was. I only know that I remain on the earth and that since that time my ship has journeyed over earthly waters. So I—who only wanted to live in my own mountains—travel on after my death through all the countries of the earth.”

“And have you no share in the world beyond?” asked the burgomaster wrinkling his brow.

The hunter answered, “I am always on the immense staircase leading up to it. I roam around on this infinitely wide flight of steps, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, always in motion. From being a hunter I’ve become a butterfly. Don’t laugh.”

“I’m not laughing,” answered the burgomaster.

“That’s very considerate of you,” said the hunter. “I am always moving. But when I go through the greatest upward motion and the door is shining right above me, I wake up on my old ship, still drearily stranded in some earthly stretch of water. The basic mistake of my earlier death grins at me in my cabin. Julia, the wife of the helmsman, knocks and brings to me on the bier the morning drink of the country whose coast we are sailing by at the time. I lie on a wooden plank bed, wearing—I’m no delight to look at—a filthy shroud, my hair and beard, black and gray, are inextricably intertangled, my legs covered by a large silk women’s scarf, with a floral pattern and long fringes. At my head stands a church candle which illuminates me. On the wall opposite me is a small picture, evidently of a bushman aiming his spear at me and concealing himself as much as possible behind a splendidly painted shield. On board ship one comes across many stupid pictures, but this is one of the stupidest. Beyond that my wooden cage is completely empty. Through a hole in the side wall the warm air of the southern nights comes in, and I hear the water lapping against the old boat.

I have been lying here since the time when I—the still living hunter Gracchus—was pursuing a chamois to its home in the Black Forest and fell. Everything took place as it should. I followed, fell down, bled to death in a ravine, was dead, and this boat was supposed to carry me to the other side. I still remember how happily I stretched myself out here on the planking for the first time. The mountains have never heart me singing the way these four still shadowy walls did then.

I had been happy to be alive and was happy to be dead. Before I came on board, I gladly threw away my rag-tag collection of guns and bags, even the hunting rifle which I had always carried so proudly, and slipped into the shroud like a young girl into her wedding dress. There I lay down and waited. Then the accident happened.”

“A nasty fate,” said the burgomaster, raising his hand in a gesture of depreciation, “and you are not to blame for it in any way?”

“No,” said the hunter. “I was a hunter. Is there any blame in that? I was raised to be a hunter in the Black Forest, where at that time there were still wolves. I lay in wait, shot, hit the target, removed the skin—is there any blame in that? My work was blessed. ‘The great hunter of the Black Forest’—that’s what they called me. Is that something bad?”

“It not up to me to decide that,” said the burgomaster, “but it seems to me as well that there’s no blame there. But then who is to blame?”

“The boatman,” said the hunter. “No one will read what I write here, no one will come to help me. If people were assigned the task of helping me, all the doors of all the houses would remain closed, all the windows would be shut, they would all lie in bed, with sheets thrown over their heads, the entire earth would be a hostel for the night. And that makes good sense, for no one knows of me, and if he did, he would have no idea of where I was staying, and if he knew that, he would still not know how to keep me there, and so he would not know how to help me. The thought of wanting to help me is a sickness and has to be cured with bed rest.

“I know that, and so I do not cry out to summon help, even if at moments when I have no self-control, for example right now, I do think about that very seriously. But to get rid of such ideas I need only look around and recall where I am and where—and this I can assert with full confidence—I have lived for centuries.

“That’s extraordinary,” said the burgomaster, “extraordinary. And now are you intending to remain with us in Riva?”

“I have no intentions,” said the hunter with a smile and, to make up for his mocking tone, laid a hand on the burgomaster’s knee. “I am here. I don’t know any more than that. There’s nothing more I can do. My boat is without a helm—it journeys with the wind which blows in the deepest regions of death.”

Example: I dreamt of evil, left me shaken. Literally. What is this all mean?

Can you help me understand why am I having these dreams?

Dream One: This had happened couple of years ago. I can’t remember much, because wasn’t much of a dream, but I think in my dream I was in my bedroom and I felt evil surrounding me. I didn’t see or smell anything except felt it. As I was coming to awake I was very scared and shaking with goose bumps all over me. I was afraid to go back to sleep after that.

Dream Two: Happened few months ago. Very same dream. I feel the evil surrounding me and wake up shaking with goose bumps all over me again.

Dream Three: Now this had happened a couple of days ago. I am dreaming … I am in my bed room. Everything looked the same as my real room, with all the details, except there was darkness to the room all around, perhaps a tint of redness as well. In my dream I get out of the bed and stand beside it. Felt more like I was floating into that position. Everything I see, I see it through my eyes just like in reality. As I stand beside my bed I feel the evil around me, I can’t breathe and scared. Then I hear laughing behind me, but this laugh is a laugh of an evil male. Still scared, don’t know what to do. Then the only thing seamed rational is to call up on my guardian angel. When I did, the evil and darkness slowly dissolved and I was going back to my bed, again like floating backwards into sleeping position. Then I wake up. Checking the time and I realized I was only asleep for a few minutes.

Example: What dose my dream mean?

ok it all started off where i want to my ants house ,
i was with my cousins saryna and jenna. and there morman . and it was a sunday so we whent to church
where i met the an attractive guy
he was tall about 6 feet tall , long ish black hair like he wore a hat and it fringed out , he had brown eyes
ok so on with the dream
at frst we just exchanged glances and smiles but then we were getting in line to get on a buss to some where
somone had cut in front of me so i turned around and saw him beaing fine with it all i stayed where i was , we were about to bored the buss when the line was hulted then he got really close to me and said , "hey "
i reternd heys" and we kept talking , i can't remeber what we were talking about for sure , but after when the line started moving he asked me to sit with him n the buss , he sat in close to the window and i sat beside him
he said i looked cold and was about to give me his red and black zip up hoddie but i declined and leand beside him as he put his arm around me ,
he said "here " as he took off the zipper from his sweater and put it on a string he had in is pocket and said" where this as a neklace and we can allways be togeather "
at this point of the dream i was starting to wake up from it and i asked his name in a frantic befor i woke up , he said Decarlo
and the dream ended with him and me sitting on the buss with his arm around me

iv never been treeted so nice by my own dream befor , i kinda wish he was real cause i felt his arms rap tight around me and i felt the warmth of him
and when i woke up!
i noticed on his sweater that it was black and red X patters going down the arms of his sweater
and i looked at my arms this morning and i seen X imprents about 3 of them on my right arm , the same arm he was holding me with ,
its a freeky dream
what dose this mean!

Example: What does this dream mean involving my being exorcised of a demon?

I have never had a dream like this before and I am wondering why. I was having trouble controlling my thoughts and was thinking evil and also pessimistic things so a priest was brought in. He made a big deal about me finding my old crucifix to use it for the ritual. During the exorcism I remember seeing the priests face change into disturibing monsters and such, hearing my voice shout obscence things but not being in control of it, and even seeing a very scary looking androgynous but somewhat female whispering things into my ear. The exorcism was never finished and the priest ran away in terror. Does this have something to do with my recent decision to abandon conservative Christianity and become an agnostic?

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Hey, i saw a dream last night where i was at school and my school principle said that shes doing very well im impressed. İ saw myself in a cinema room we were watching a movie, my friend (old friend) was tickling me. She gave me her number : 931 someting like that and is saw the numers 98 & 99. İ saw my dad we were drinking water & we were going inside of an apartment, there was a door and my dad fixed it, it was brokern. İ saw myself in the mirror , i had a fringe and my hair was tied up i went to a evelator and when i went every where was blue. We were on a vacation with my family, i saw colourful socks & underwear. Then i saw a writing on the wall saying " he likes me". Then i saw my sister wiping it off. Thank you :)

Example: What does it mean when you dream your teeth are falling out?

Example: What does this dream mean ? ?

I had a dreAm that I was on a school bus snd it was really dark outside and then we stopped near my friends house so I text him then I woke up...

Example: Any idea what this dream means?

I'll start by explaining my dream as best I can...

I was sat on a bus which was driving though the countryside somewhere that looks similar to where I live, it was summer and everything was bathed in that warm, golden, late afternoon light. I don't remember where I was going exactly. I was talking to a girl; I don't know her name, but she had a feminine face, bright blue eyes and jet black hair that she had tied up besides two bangs at the sides of her face that merged into her fringe. She was wearing blue jeans and a black Chrystal Castles t-shirt. She was beautiful, perfect even?
We were talking, I don't know what about but she kept looking me in the eye and smiling then getting bashful and looking away then straight back at me. I couldn't stop staring at her, the way I felt was so hard to describe. Euphoric, content, safe like nothing in the world mattered, and everything would be alright forever. I was so happy. The dream lasted what seemed like hours and this feeling grew until I finally woke up.
When I realized it was all a dream I felt AWFUL. It was the worst feeling I have ever experienced in my life. I can only describe it as like being dragged back to earth after going to heaven.

Have any of you had a dream that made you feel like this? Or any idea what this means? I normally have terrible nightmares and this was a welcome change, although it came with an awful feeling instead of relief...

Example: What do these two dreams mean?

1st dream: my family & i had to move, we moved into a house that was in the middle of no where. outside had no grass, it was all just dirt. there were a couple trees, but they were dead..we had no neighbors, no other houses were around. the house that my family & i moved into looked really crappy & old.. i was carrying one of my boxes that had my stuff in it upstairs to my bedroom, as soon as i got in the doorway of my room, i stopped walking & i dropped the box that i was carrying, i remember getting startled because i saw my dead cat(toby) laying on my bed. he was staring at me, i just stood there staring at toby, watching him as he slowly faded away. that's all i can remember...i guess he was spirit in my dream.

2nd dream: i was in my house. my online friend was there too(i've never met him in person or even seen him before in real life). he & i were in the kitchen talking, he was getting mad me, he said to me ''everything you told me was a lie, wasn't it?'' i replied ''um...yeah...im really very sorry'' he said ''f**k, i had a feeling that you were! everything you said was a little hard to believe...that's the last time i will ever trust what someone says over the internet!'' then he looked at me & asked ''why'd you lie!?'' i didn't give him an answer, i don't believe i had one, i just said to him, in a low voice ''im sorry...'' he said to me ''not gonna answer?...well im going back home tomorrow, just so you know, you & i are no longer friends. i can't trust you, not after all those lies you told me'' i didn't say anything. i remember feeling really sad, and i started to cry, then i walked out of the kitchen & into the bathroom. i remember not wanting him to see me cry. after i stopped crying i went back into the kitchen, i kept looking over at my friend, i was feeling sad, he & i ignored each other..i opened the fringe and i grabbed a red apple, i started eating it, then my friend asked me to throw him an apple, which i did... i think theres more to this dream, but i can't remember...

what do both these dreams mean? you don't have to tell me what both the dreams might mean if you don't want, but tell me at least one dream, please. thanks :)

and, i guess i should probably tell you that the online friend in the 2nd dream, i really did lie to him in real life, lies about being raped & abused. dont even know why i lied, to be honest...i stopped talking to him 10 months ago, but he still doesn't know that i lied. i didn't tell him i was going to stop talking to him or anything, i just stopped...which was hard for me to do. he & i only knew each other over the internet, but i loved talking to him. i miss him...im 17, female. i feel very guilty for lying, regret it so much. he didn't deserve it at all...oh and, my cat that i was talking about in the 1st dream, he died 2 years ago, at age 6. i was very very close to him, he followed me everywhere around the house, all day, everyday. i cried for 3 days straight after he died...

Example: What could this seriously random dream mean?

I had such a vivid dream last night that when I woke up I felt more exhausted than I had when I first went to bed.

I dreamt that I was appearing in a music video that was being shot at some old house (bizarrely there was some mention that the video was for a Joss Stone song!) it emerged that it was for the song that was being recorded by a female friend of my ex boyfriend.

Everyone was wandering about this house and waiting to be called for make-up and styling to be done. My hair was bleached white blonde and a fringe had been cut into it. I was also wearing glasses with thick black frames. My ex was also wandering around with the girl whose song the video was being made for but nobody was talking to me.

I spotted some people sat in a corner smoking and wandered over to them. I asked one guy why nobody was speaking to me and he nodded towards my ex and the girl saying "You don't really want anything to do with them anyway."

Then I woke up!

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