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Dream About Frosting meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dreams...what does it mean?

well, basically this dream I remember in full detail, it was very very strange and I somehow tricked myself in it, like one of those movies where you are like WHAT?!?! at the end...

It started with me being in a class-room, all of a sudden there was a weird sound kind of like lazer beams and the walls and windows turned purple and yellow really fast for about a second and i was just like man the hell was that? all of a sudden im at work (pizzahut) and this person comes up to me and has a frozen baby, saying she just gave birth to it. Another lady now comes and has a second frozen baby, saying she just gave birth too and that both of them won some kind of world wide pregnancy award or something and thats what the sound & lights were. so they put the babys and sweet potatoe fries into a freezer and left. after that these two hydras (were long neck dinosaurs though) were coming out of a river and they had the two frost babys on their back and the landscape was filled with a beach full of evergreen trees and my friend tyler was throwing rocks and fries at them and he needed food so i scouted the trees and found blocks of butter, jello and lollipops (i remember this like it literally happened) and i gave it to him, then we were infront of a school walking around and we were going to go into a pool when someone asked me if i was going to his party, i said i could that I had work and proceeded by telling him that I am going to the pool; he said good luck the guard will never let. Turns out the guard was one of the frost baby bearers and let us, when we got there I was randomly in this holy shrine-like room with statues and weird pillars and all of a sudden a big long head and neck rolls in, I tell Tyler to be quiet so it doesnt attack us, it couldnt see clearly but it was sniffing around and tyler started making weird noises so i flicked a rock away and it hit the far wall and it turned and went for it.. turns out the neck with the head was just a badger? after this a weird man in a purple suite comes in and says good luck. followed by a little girl who says her mom wont give her any art supplies, so i pulled out some paint brushes and equipped her. After that she just decimated into the wind and dissapeared, so we went outside the room and saw a schoolbus outside. we got in and it started driving full speed towards the river. I asked tyler what would you do if it went right into the river? he said " i wouldnt like that lake anymore!" and as it was about to go right into the river and I started to panic a bit and all of a sudden the bus did a drift on the sand, but really fast, fast enough that it shot me out the back and I could see myself flying far across and i just saw the land under me moving.. (like 1kilometer up in the air) ... all of a sudden i wake up (in the dream) and people are surrounding me, I woke up as one of the frost babies..when I looked over, Tyler woke up.. as the second frost baby. kinda a mindfuck just woke up and was like what the **** just happened?! I told my friend tyler in real life and he was like the hell?! post it on yahoo answers see what you get! so I am.. I know it's probably nothing but theres some type of theory to such dreams, why did I remember it so well? how could you possibly mindfuck yourself? not sure. might've just had a higher release of dimethyltriptamine during my sleep.

if you actually read all this congrats :P

Okay, I can't sleep, so I am actually a captive audience for you psychedelic, magic mystery tour, acid induced dream. I have absolutely no idea what it means, but it is refreshing to find someone who still seems to a have a firm grip on the English language and know how to employ the spell checker. And know, after your Tolkien like saga, I'm not sure if I want to sleep with that novelette so fresh in my mind for fear of the dreaded ice babies. Oh and also it pisses me off when no one answers my awesome questions, so I didn't want you to feel the disappointment when you checked back. There, hope your happy

Example: What did this dream mean?

The dream started out weird and in the middle of an event as all my dreams do. I had just moved to a new town up north. It always had snow on the ground and blizzards most of the time. I don’t know how I knew as I had only been there one day, but I did. It was the first day of school. There were a few kids from my old school, but there was one smaller shorter girl, who was always wearing a grey sweatshirt and a purple winter hat, she looked at least three years younger than everyone else in the class. I did not recognize her. There were two rows of desks on each side of the room facing each other. I smelled the air conditioning in the room. The smell has always reminded me of the camping trips my family and I always went on when I was younger.
The teacher had been there but had left before the dream had started. It was time to go to the next class. The girl I did not recognize came up to me and asked me something about the assignment. I was talking to Heidi, from my old school, at the time. Heidi left us and I told this unfamiliar girl about the assignment as we walked to our next class together.
Then the dream skipped forward. We were now in a valley, just me and her. The snow covered the ground the air stabbed needles into your exposed skin. We were on a balcony of a short building. The balcony looked like a blade wrapped around this small igloo shaped building. There were two more identical buildings I noticed behind the girl. In the pitch black night, the only sound heard was the slight breeze flowing down the valley. The only light was dispersing from the building we were standing on. The radius of the light was small.
She was standing no more than two feet away from me. I had to look down at nearly a 45 degree angle in order to look into her eyes. They were a pure, dark blue. Her face was smooth. I was unable to see her hair as it was under the purple winter hat. She then told me, “Cole, I would give everything for you.”
Then the dream went forward again. This time it went to a blazing fire outside the building that we were in. All I saw was my brother’s face; however, I knew my sister and mother were also there standing next to the fire. I told my brother what she had said. He responded, “Dude, her father is rich. She has, like, 62 billion dollars.”
Somehow I was now away from the group I had been collecting firewood my head began to spin, for some reason I thought I was now worth 62 billion dollars. I thought I heard the crunch of the hard, smooth snow behind me. I made out the sight of the others next to the fire; my brother was walking from the building back to the fire. I ran as fast as I had ever done before back to the undersized house. It seemed to take forever, but when I finally did get there, I did not even speak to my family or the rich girl which was now by the fire. I simply ran into the miniature house and shut the door.
The door was completely electronic. It had one yellow light on the left side of it and two yellow lights along with a red one on the right side of it. Its shape was the shape of a parabola reflected across the x-axis of a coordinate plane. The door was small. It wasn’t even at shoulder height. I had to duck to get in. I turned around and looked at the door, there was nothing. I turned back around and saw the door to the balcony above me. I decided it would be a good escape route if I needed one.
I laid down in a sleeping bag on the smooth cold stone floor. I smelled the frost and the stone. My breath was smoke in the frozen air. It was colder in this house than it had been outside. I was totally scared and frightened, but I realized after about half an hour laying on the hard stone floor this whole thing about people coming to get me was all in my head. I poked my head up and looked at the metallic door. Nothing had happened and nothing was going to happen.

Example: What does it mean to dream about frosting a cake?

Example: I had a dream of cake?

I had a dream about a rectangular frosted cake. what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i dreamed that a bald headed guy carrying a spatula with lemon frosting on it and a tiger with barbie legs, came to take me and brought me to the inside of a whale. They then proceeded to shove dorritos repeatedly in my mouth and french braided my hair. Next one of my relatives who had passed on came. They're face was rotted over and their eyes were hollow. The relative had about, hmm.. 5 ft of hair and started to wrap it around my legs... and then my dream ended

Example: Dream:was in bathroom when window swung open revealing some1 whos head was wrapped in bandages,meaning?

it was a small poorly lit bathroom with a frosted glass window,wich led out to the street. person looked like the invisible man,didnt speak,didnt move,but i was sure they were going to kill me. its really creeped me out,what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream i have blue and purple poop? (different times, one time blue one time purple)?

I keep having dreams of me having a BM, then I look in the toilet and it's a color. The ifrst time it was purple. It looked like purple frosting. The second time it was blue. help? what does this mean?

Example: What does my Dream mean?

The dream starts where I'm walking through nothing but darkness. I come across a cave that i enter, and its soo damn dark i can't even see if there are objects in front of me (i also sometimes flinch as i walk cause i afraid i might bump into something or someone). I walk for the longest time into the cave until finally i stop, with out any cause or reason. I look up and see spider webs. But they're no like real spider webs! There like these little glowing strands of glowing web weaved within another. They even have some dew droplets on them, that are glowing to (the glow being seen is a light blue). It kinda looks like the cave has a window into like the galaxy or something. Then i look down, and i see my arms and legs are covered in frost and im shivering, but im not cold. And sitting at my feet is a white tiger. And (yes i know this is majorly lame but) he talks. He says "Breath." and like fog comes out of his mouth when he says it (like hot breath in the winter). Then i look up and the webs are gone and it starts to snow. I start to spin around under the snow and smile. Then i always end up closing my eyes and take a deep breath in and then...

i wake up.

WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! I've had that dream for months now! almost a year!

help?! :[

Example: Yesterday, I had a dream that I was frosting a white cake with yellow frosting. What could this dream possibly mean?

Example: What does the poem, A Dream Pang, by Robert Frost mean?

Is this a lost love sentiment poem? I do so like his poems relating seasons and the land to sentiments. Luis Lamore did this well in his writings and I would like to know how to find some of his poetry?

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