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Dream About Fur Coat meanings

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Example: What does this dream mean? spirit animal?

My magical dream from last night! When the dream started I was sitting on a high flat rock in the mountains, the skies were overcast and snow was lightly falling from the sky. I remember the dream being completely silent and the only thing I was aware of was just breathing. I was looking around taking in everything around and partially wondering how I was going to get down, when I turned my head to look back the other way a snow leopard was sitting a few feet away from me on the rock. We both sat there for a minute without moving, then the snow leopard walked over to me and nudged his head against my shoulder. He walked around behind my back rubbing his coat and tail on me, then (ha this is when it gets fun) I turned into a snow leopard. I remember the angle of my vision changing, and I noticed my tail and my big paws under me. I could see everything with so much clarity! After that I remember running off with this other leopard threw rocks and snow racing and playing around.
My dream was short lived due to my alarm going off, but I haven't been able to shake this! I have ALWAYS loved cats and felt a huge connection and love for all of them, im also a leo.
What do you make of this dream?A few friends have said that this animal is probably my spirit animal but i dont know much about the subject.

i just posted a question asking about craziest ever dreams, i dont know much about dreaming of being animals, i was told the horse i dreamed of becoming was my spirit animal (this horse has been in my dreams several times, and the last time he appeared in my dream i learned his name), i dont believe iin spirit animals though. it doesnt lessen my enjoyment of the dreams any. below is my first dream of the horse and my craziest ever dream.
i have had many wild dreams, but 2 stand out...one cuz it was cool...i was running beside a big black horse, like a friesian, then i was riding it, then i was it...pretty awesome being a running stallion... but the second dream was definitely my craziest ever dream... i was living in amarillo, tx at the time, near palo duro canyon. i had just gone to bed and had not realized i had fallen to sleep. but i must have cuz suddenly i was outside, on my hands and knees, running towards the canyon. the thing is, i could feel the ground clearly, as though i were really there. the faster i tried to run the easier it became, until i realized that i was no longer running on my hands and knees, but on all four paws...some where along the way i had become a coyote or wolf...i think a coyote, because there are no wolves in that area. i was so entranced with the feel of the earth beneath my paws, the scents around me and the air flowing through my fur, that i was not paying attention to where i was running, and i ran right off the edge of a shallow ravine. i tumbled head over tail down the bank and crashed into another coyote. what became of that coyote i will never know, because as i got to my feet, i suddenly realized i had to go to the bathroom. as soon as i thought that, i was back in my bed. i sat up, and got up to go into the bathroom. it was difficult to walk, i felt heavy and out of sorts. as i sat on the toilet, just before i started to pee, i suddenly realized that i was not really in the bathroom. again i was immediately back in bed...this time i woke up properly, got up and went to the bathroom.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Over the course of my life, I've rarely had nightmares. At least, what I would consider nightmares. Most people would consider being chased by zombies, bitten by vampires, etc to be nightmares, but to me, it's the dreams that are most realistic that are the nightmares. Another indicator of these nightmares is that when I wake up I'm usually bawling my eyes out. But they occur maybe once every couple of years, and are always different. Here's a few.
The night after my mom got home from the hospital (she had to have surgery) I had a dream that I was visiting her in the same hospital. Everything was realistic, and there was color. The differences were that the people never looked directly at me, and they rushed around these coat racks full of fur coats in a manner of "Don't talk to me; I'm busy." The other stuff was that as I continued down the hallway to my mom's room, there were these shelves near the ceiling that were full of stuffed animals. When I reached my mom, the whole room was filled with expensive and/or large gifts, like giant teddy bears and bunnies and bouquets of flowers. When I entered, I looked down, and in my hands was a small, light green-blue Frisbee made of plastic. So I go to give it to my mom, who at this point is being helped up by a mean looking nurse, and while the only words I can remember my mom saying are "Go away, I don't need your help, don't touch me," I also got the sense of disappointment and that she didn't like my gift. I woke up almost sobbing, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Not to mention I know my mom isn't like that. Quite the opposite. If you've given her a gift, whether it's expensive or cheap, as long as you meant it she'll love it. Plus the real people at the hospital were really nice.

One day I was hunting with my dad in the woods, in this area where there was a deep impression into the ground, almost like someone had pressed a ball into the dirt, and then let the vegetation grow over it. So we're sitting, and then this huge deer comes. So I shoot, and it turns out to be my dog, who is a) really white and small, so I'd be able to tell the difference between her and wildlife and b) who shouldn't have even been there in the first place, because she is too lazy to do anything hunting-wise. My dad goes over and picks up the lifeless body of my dog, and the whole time I'm telling him that it wasn't my fault and that I didn't mean to shoot her and that she shouldn't have been there in the first place. So we put her body in the truck and go home. Well, we get home and no one is outright saying that it was my fault, but they kept giving me looks and not believing me. Then suddenly we're in this 70s style-ish living room, with my dad in his reclining chair, my mom on the sofa, my dog on her dog pillow, and me just standing there. Then my dog starts hacking and first throws up a plate of waffles, and then starts throwing up her internal bones. I'm on my knees next to her trying to help her, and everyone else is just sitting around. It ends up when she stops, the only thing on the pillow is a plate of waffles, a pile of dog bones, and her baggy skin. Then my parents look at me and are like, "That's your fault. You killed her." I woke up bawling so badly my parents heard me on the floor below. My dog is still alive.

Last but not least. I was on my way to my junior high school, and I was walking. But when i arrived, it was already 3rd hour. So even though I know I'm late, I'm nonchalant when i get to my locker and grab my things. This whole time I'm also thinking, "It's Sunday; there shouldn't be school on Sunday." The bell rings for the end of 3rd hour, and then the halls fill up with the other students. So i'm running around when the tardy bell goes off, trying to find my class. But each classroom i go in, the people tell me that that's not my class. And by this time I'm getting really worried because i hate being super late to things. After running to all of the classrooms, I throw my books on the ground and run out. When I wake up, I'm crying again, though not a total sob.

Also, all of these were realistic, despite the bizarre environments Like the coats in the hospital. While you would never really see those in an actual hospital, there wasn't really anything strange about them. Also, each and every one of these dreams were, like my normal dreams, in color and with sound.
So what do they mean? I'd really like to know if they're my mind's way of getting me to face my (illogical) fears? And if so, why?

Example: What dose this dream mean?

What dose this dream mean? Info needed: In dream i was a Female Unknown Age And pregnant How is also unknown. I was at the hospital and the Baby (or so it seemed) just got out of me then it skips to sometime home the baby wasn't a baby but a newborn fox and then i am talking then it skips again and finally it skipped like 2-4 hrs later and the Fox looked like a 1-2 month old fox with a fur coat that was beautiful the fox was a Boy and then i said "Fox" as the name. What could this mean? its somewhat scary i had the dream but i feel like it had a message of some sort i should know.

Example: What in the world does my dream mean?

I had the oddest dream the other night. I dreamed I was in a church or something with my friend and we were having a religious conversation and she said that I was a better Christian than her because I had been a Christian longer. I told her that I am no longer a Christian, that I am now an Agnostic Theist (which I am). And she asked why and for some reason I said that I didn't believe that the Noah's Ark story was true. And she goes off to say "Why? Because you don't believe that Noah had two arks?" I have absolutely no idea where that came from because I have never heard of Noah having two arks so I just nodded and agreed. She then went on to say that the "Smaller animals made nests in the fur coats of the bigger animals" which makes me think of t-rex and mammoths. So they either A) died or B) Molted. And then she said something about the king and queen of the ark. (Which, btw, was not Noah and his wife, but a lion and a giraffe...)

Yeah, I have no idea. I was completely sober when I went to sleep that night too.

Any comments?

Example: I've recently dreamed about rabbits, snakes and ducks. What does it mean?

In one dream a red rat snake was wrapped around 2 baby ducks and about to swallow them. I beat the snake and got the baby ducks and "straightened" them out (he had crushed them) and the ducks were okay. And in my other dream I was sitting outside near some woods and I had a soft brown rabbit in my lap. I could feel her fur and see how her coat was lighter colored on the bottom of her feet and belly. The dreams were very vivid and every detail of the animals was perfect. Me and my fiancé are trying to conceive an I start a fertility drug in 2 weeks. I thought that maybe I'm just having vivid dreams because of that? Anyone know what these animals represent in dream lore?

Example: Anyone know what this dream means?

My cat aged 13 died two years ago, we buried her in the garden. In my dream I was with my dad at my home when this cat came up to him and nestled on his chest. I said that was pebbles but she's dead when we went to investigate the area where she was buried was dug up and she looked like she needed a good meal and her fur was faded.

Example: I need help with this very long and detailed dream. What does all this mean?

My boyfriend was showing me the state of Florida, where we live on the computer lap top. He told me 2 storms were coming. I looked but could not see them. Paul picked up the computer and turned it upside down. He pointed out all these black clouds and said see, here they are. I think other people appeared around us at the table. I asked out loud, well what if there is a tornado or hurricane? Where will we hide, how will we be safe. We have no cellars or basements so we have no where to go. No one said anything, it was completely silent because everyone knew I had a point. The storms never ended up happening. We looked on the computer and it rained and then the sun came out. It all happened very fast and we were all like ok, it's over and we are safe. wow that was quick.
I then got on a train and must have gone to the state where I was born because when I got off the train I was walking through the terminal in that state and saw my mom and two older sisters. I was wearing a beautiful long dark brown fur coat. It had many shades of brown in it. I was walking by my family ignoring them and one of my sisters was shocked because I looked so good and she said wow, you look so different.
In the next part of the dream, I had on the same brown fur coat. My mom told me I should give the coat to my older sister. For a small amount of time I contemplated it but then I think I decided not to because my older sister stole everything from our home and my mom told me to give things to her that were mine and I did what she told me not anymore. I had to catch myself and remind myself that the coat was mine and I didn't have to give it to her.
My boyfriend and I were then in an airport. He was leaving to go somewhere and he was not coming back to stay with me. He told me he was going to go out with these two women and then stay with them for the night. I had put a very large tan envelope filled with money in his bag. When he told me he was not coming back that night I took my envelope out and put it with my bag because I knew I would need my money.
I was then seated at a table with my ex brother in law and Oprah Winfrey. The three of us were talking and then Oprah came to my store. I was at my cash register and when I opened it it was full of 100's, 50's and 20's. I needed smaller bills and Oprah said she would change it for me. So the hundreds and fifties etc.. that I gave her, she exchanged for 20's, 10's and 5's etc... for me for the cash register.
I then was at my house and had a moving box that I was going to pack. A man called me and told me that he needed the box back right away. He was very insistent. Somehow his documents and passport were inside the box. I found them and gave them to him.
My boyfriend and I were at a light at a crosswalk. I crossed the path and turned around to see where he was and he stayed on the other side of the street. He never crossed. When I turned back around I was standing under this beautiful very large tree. I felt like the tree was from the dinosaur times because the trees were so large. Then Jasmine, my girl cat came and she was staying under the trees. I was very worried for her because there were large animals around and I didn't want her to get hurt.
Something about me at my house and there were nuns there and one of my older sisters. I wanted to make food and had frozen chicken wings but then decided that I already enough food and didn't make them.
whew! Many thanks to all who have helped with this!

Example: What did this dream mean? It had a moose in it?

I've been having a dream that's persisted for a couple months now...I've had it on and off...

In it, I'm somewhere that involve mountains and sloped prairies and forests all at the same place. I was walking--maybe I was sketching the trees, because it was summer and it was warm in the dream--and I came across this moose. It was wonder; in every single dream, it lifts its head from eating grass, its coat is so sleek, thick and shiny, its antlers are large and defined, and its eyes always glow like dark stars. It walks to me slowly and I run my hands along its coat. I walk with the moose through the forest--it's really amazing, it's just so majestic--and eventually night falls. The moose lays down and I rest against it, and it lets me sleep against it because it's fur (do moose even have "fur"? I think it's called something else...) is just so comfortable.

In the morning I walk with the moose again, and I feel so at peace...but then we come across train tracks, old and rusty, and then there's this giant explosion. We eventually find men blowing up the side of the mountain. They want to kill the moose. Scared, I get on the moose and I force it to run across the forest to the other side of the mountain. We ride away from the mountain--we can still hear it explode--and eventually I get off the moose and we walk along the train tracks. Night falls again and its so peaceful. We walk past a lake that's dark and reflecting the stars in the sky, and the moose looks up.

That's the end. What does this mean?

Example: Weird dream about piglets... what does this mean?

I had a very weird dream about 2 pet piglets that i named them simba & nala (lol) i took care of them feed them washed them etc
They were at my mums house in her hallway just potting around
then they grew striped fur coats like a tiger cub/tabby cat

also my partner told me that i woke him up a few times last night saying that we should go out with our cameras and take some photos (i was fully asleep!) ha ha :-)

What could these mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Fishtanks and Snails...?

I had a dream the other night whereby I and a girl I like were both attending simultaneous job interviews in a sea-life centre or something (tanks full of fish and stuff, all around inlaid into the walls in this BIG room... - like a round-ish cinema or lecture theatre) but the group interviews were for some reason same-sex only (i.e. women in one smaller better-lit room and men in the big dark-ish cinema room).

Basically both groups had some sort of explanatory lecture and we had a break for lunch, doing the interview or (individual) interviews afterwards . I went out to lunch alone (deliberately, I think...either that or lunch times were slightly different between the 2 groups) and met my mate by chance, so we had a wander for a few minutes then I went back to this lecture hall to actually eat before the interview.

For some reason when I went back in there, I ate then wrecked this fishtank full of sea-snails (causing a LOT of commotion in the guys room...water going everywhere, people trying to stop me from doing it and calling me disgusting because I was having a laugh teasing them with these things) - I got a LARGE handful of these sea-snails...(basically a bundle the size of a basketball between both hands) and I went into the girl's room and there was this girl I like sitting quietly eating. We'd not seen each other all day, I went up to her and she said "HI!" all cheery and friendly, and grabbed one of these snails and rubbed her face against it (like someone would a brand new fur coat or something...closing her eyes enjoying it like "Mmmm..." kind of thing - similar to a cat rubbing itself against it's owners face) and I chucked these slimy sea-snails all over her...basically all over her head/hair/face/chest/back and she started squealing because she's squeamish (and the others were joining in) and I felt a REAL sense of satisfaction.

I then walked into the guy's room and everyone was packing up and leaving (in fact 70% of them had already gone)...I asked one of the interviewers "Hey, I haven't had my interview yet" and he replied "well, you've missed it - we're packing up and leaving now..." so I just picked up the remainder of my lunch (in a paper bag on the floor by my seat) and left feeling disappointed...

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