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Dream About Fur meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: HELP what does my dream mean? [short]?

i dreamed that there was this dead cat in my front yard,i mean like crispy dead,flatter than a pancake dead. I picked it up and washed it and pretty fluffy orange fur came up and it came to life. Then i fed it and it was really nice and happy.

does this mean anything?

p.s. this is the second time ive dreamed about giving a dirty cat a bath but this time it was dead then alive.

In general dream-interpretation terms, Amy is quite correct, I think. However, only you can understand the dream in complete detail.

For example, cats seem to be a recurrent symbol. Don't bother to look up "cat" in a dream interpretation dictionary. Instead, think about cats. What do they mean to you? What do you associate with them?

Whatever the cat represents, that is what you "clean up" and "bring back to life".

Also, though it probably has nothing to do with anything, the old saying "cleanliness is next to godliness" comes to mind...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep having a dream about a cartoon with an alligator in it. The alligator goes into the reeds and kills something and eats it, but I don't see what it is or any blood, bones, fur, or feathers, all I see is it chewing. Then it slips into a river. The ground is dry and cracked, like a desert's. I've been having it for years. What does it mean?

Example: What could this dream mean ?

It was about me and some dude and we were getting trained to rob Macy's and the trainer was Usher :) And we had to learn how to fly using these cloak thingies , though once we were done with that , on the day that i was supposed to rob it ,though the guy flew off to rob it ,but i chickened out and i just hid and ran outside . I then saw a little boat out by the ocean and i and i jumped on to the boat and i rode off . Though that boat went started to sink and it went underwater , while i was underwater i started to freak out and i turned into a dolphin , and i started to swim off i don't remember where . I'm just curious , Thank you :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about my mom taking me to some mountain and then we got out of the car. It was sometime in the middle of the night and we were sitting on a ledge. This dragon flew right by us. It was red and it had furs on it. It had brilliant blue eyes. It flew back around and landed where we were. I felt this fear, excitement, and I felt confused. I touched it and it just look at me and closed its eyes. It flew away. We drove off and I saw all of the people protesting at my house. These government officials came over to my house asking "have you ever seen this?" And it was a picture of the dragon. I told them "no." They said if you see it please call this number. It was on a card. I took it and said I will and shacked there hands. I remember going back up on those mountains and I jumped on its back and it flew me away to a island. It had volcanoes and we were the only 2 there. I woke up after that from a loud noise but that dream, it makes me wonder what it meant. Please if you have any answers please tell me. My mom and I are very curious about this dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was holding the hand of my ex-boyfriend, and it was covered in fur. Not hair, but fur. Does anyone know what this means?

Example: Aggressive cat with black and white fur dream meaning?

In my dream the cat was trying to bite me and attack me but it couldn't touch me. What could this mean?

Example: I had a dream that a diseased squirrel with no fur and bloody chasing me, what does this mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream you are a rabbit with fake fur and you're talking with snoop dog at a party

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay, well last night I had this weird dream. I kept getting trapped in this scary house that I was being treated like an animal being skinned for it's fur (NO, I don't support fur or leather. It's so cruel!). Okay, well I kept escaping & I would run against traffic on the highway. I lived & I stopped at this place that takes a picture of you that was on the side of the road. I met Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco (creepy, right?) & took a picture with him. I eventually got to school (which was a grocery store) because that's where I was supposed to be in the first place. For some reason, Panic! At The Disco was having a concert at my school. So I was bored because I didn't like Panic! At The Disco & I texted my Mom & told her to pick me up early. So she came & I saw her so I ran up to her. We tried to buy a water bottle & get out of the school but this huge guy stopped us. They were checking all the aisles for some reason & every aisle that got checked & was okay, got people --->

Example: PLEASE HELP What does my dream mean?

As this morning is passing I am remembering less and less of my dream. But here is what I remember. There were a bunch of dogs, cats, and bunnies. The other day I saw a women with bunny fur so maybe that's why they were in my dream? I had called the animals to go find someone and sniff out where there were. I can't remember who though. Then when the job was done I released the animals where they could rome free. I opened a portal to hills with grass and flowers for the bunnies to live there lives and so on for the cats and dogs. I was going through all these different places. The technology was very advanced like it was the future. For some reason in some of my dreams everyone knows what I'm thinking they can read my mind. I'm not sure why. Also I was trying to hide and run away from everyone. There was this lion called Simba like from the Lion King, and he was trapped in a storm on this island. So I went and saved him and children cheered for me. The last thing I can think of was this celebrity who is a singer. There were 9 phonies that looked like him but weren't and I was trying to find the real him. And in the end I did. Oh. And it seemed like everyone was hiding something from me. Like they knew something I didn't know and they didn't want me to find out.

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