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Dream About Genitals meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Anyone know the meaning of this dream?

I'm a teenage male, and in my adolescence I've had many a weird dream. But the one last night was just... disturbing.

I don't know how it happened. But somehow, I had female genitals. Freaky I know. But I could somehow feel inside my "vagina" and touch a rough spot (my "G-Spot"?) and touch my "clitoris". I would go to the bathroom, and rather than leave, I would masturbate. I also went to one of my female friends (one of my favourite female friends) and asked her how I could pee sideways :S What I think is even creepier is sometimes I had a penis.

You probably think I'm a creepy git now :P But I really wanna know the meaning behind this. I'm guessing it's probably something to do with the epic search for the vagina... but I'm not 100% sure. I'm also kinda scared of what was happening with my fingers as I could "feel" what was going on...

Have you recently been pondering what it would be like to be a woman? Or perhaps you have had a falling out with a female companion? The whole dream centers around sex, but dreams have a way of using puns and literality to make their points. Sex has a couple of meanings, the physical act or identifying gender.
The masturbation would signify to me that perhaps you have been a bit self indulgent regarding the opposite sex. Having both sexual organs alternately seems to show that you need to have equal empathy for both sexes, putting neither above nor below the other. So, in your dream, by putting yourself in the woman's position you learn to be more in tune with a woman's equal need to be understood and appreciated.
The bathroom is where we go to get rid of bad things. So, your (possibly) self indulgent (masturbation) attitude is what needs to be gotten rid of regarding women. If you are unsure about exactly where you go wrong in your thinking about women, ask someone who might be able to point out where your thinking goes astray and needs correction
( how to pee sideways) regarding them. Ask a woman.

Example: Sex with the devil. dream meaning?

I had a dream last night that I sort of had sex with the devil. He was about 7 or 8 feet tall, muscular, pitch black, had horns, very big genitals, did not look human at all. At first it was clear to me that he wanted to impregnate me. I was scared, but then I got really into it. We had oral sex. First he did me and then I him. Then I wanted to have intercourse, but he just left.
Can anyone tell me the meaning of this dream, if it has any? Did anyone ever had a dream like that?
ps. I'm 19, girl, and still a virgin. (aka never did any acts described above). and please no stupid answers.

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming a t-rex (dinosaur)?

i had this dream last night... im saving my family from a t-rex attack.. i'm blocking the door so that the t-rex cant come to us... i let my family run and so on... what does it mean? thank you. . . .

Example: What could this dream mean?

What does it mean when you dream of fish, i have a dream book and i cant find the book anywhere. They were all different sizes and colors. Very pretty ones. Any ideas.

Example: Dream interpretation?

I usually have very odd dreams, this one i just dont seem to know how to interpret. My boyfriends penis was actually two womans arms, and it was as if i wAs fighting with them. We werent having sex in the dream he was just standing up and talking.
I also had cuts on my leg and i was pouring alcohol on them because somone told me it would help even though it hurt real bad and was burning, excruciating pain. What interpretation can this have?

Example: Is this dream totally crazy? What does it mean?

So, first of all, I'm in a large auditorium filled with many people sitting on chairs. There is a football game starting outside of the auditorium and all the people rush out to watch it as the doors open. Once outside there are guys sitting near a large white table. I pass by them and they ask me to come talk to them. They begin introducing themselves to me. As I go down the line shaking hands with them I notice that they look a bit menacing towards me. Also somehow as I go down the line they begin to morph into "monkey/ apes" and their hands turn webbed. They then give me a piece of spiky melted gold. Then my self "in the future" comes out in the dream and I stop myself from getting the gold, because those people were trying to harm me. Whew. That was a lot. well I'd appreciate it very much if u gave me ur thought regarding this.

Example: I dreamed about this weird *** plant- does it mean anything?

I dreamt I was walking down this stairway, and at the bottom, there was this huge red/pink flower on the cieling- except it was alive... and in the middle where the bud would be were these thick crab-like legs slowly moving and swaying around...

I wish I could describe it better it was the weirdest thing I ever seen.

Example: What does it mean when you dream someone stole your wedding ring?

so I had 2 dreams last night... My first dream I woke up in my bed sleeping face down on my pillow. when I got up my 2 teeth in front were cracked! They weren't completely missing or rotted but it looked like someone hit my teeth and some pieces were missing from my teeth like when you shatter a glass but some of it stays together. Well i go to the ER and ask the woman for help from a dentist. The dentist was a tall dark man. Then In my dream I wake up back at home with one tooth in the center where I had my 2 front teeth. The replacement tooth was thin and unrealistic. I dint even remember going to the room with the dentist to get worked on. So I go back to the ER and confront the nurse by telling her that I didn't remember being worked on and I had no idea how I got home. I told her I was going to sue that dentist and then she tells me "oh the doctor is aware he sent you home without supervision while you were highly medicated and he has been briefed again on our policies." I come home and my late father is talking bad about me and calling me stupid which is not like him. Me and my father were close... Then I dream I am in a hotel and there is a dark man handing out refreshments. He hands me a cookie and I go sit down to enjoy it. While I am nibbling on my cookie I notice my wedding finger slightly different. I look down and I saw a different ring! Instead of my white gold princess cut 2 crt diamond ring I had a yellow gold S like ring with 2 Solitaire circle diamonds in each slot of the S. Something that is not me at all. I go up to him and say "you stole my ring!" I took the tray of what was cookies... but now its a tray full of jewelery! rings, nose rings, bracelets and I clear a table that had things on it and empty this tray on the cleared table. I remember opening bags of new jewelery
searching for my ring. I was furious! Then I woke up

Example: What does this dream mean? (self harm)?

I dreamt I was on a boat with my three closest friends whom I haven't seen in a few months. I was completely nude, and very uncomfortable and I had a pair of socks, so I put one sock on my foot and the other I tried to use to cover my genitals in front of my friends so they wouldn't see me naked.
Also, I had for some reason put hundreds of little nails into my calves on both legs and they started to bleed more and more, it seemed logical to drive the nails into my skin since I had no clothes.
I started asking my friends for help when I realized how much blood I was using, and it took much convincing before one of my friends, the only female, helped by taking the nails out of my calves. They wanted to drift to the nearest fed ex for help.

Also I had this dream while I slept on a crab boat.


Okay so lately I have been having really weird dreams. A lot of them have been pretty violent and they are mostly consecutive. I have had four memorable dreams within the last two weeks. I will tell you them in chronological order. If anyone has an idea of what they mean then please tell me.

1.) I don't remember a lot about this dream but I remember I was talking to my Mom and my sister and I was screaming at them. Then I went over to a wall and attacked it as hard as I could. I was screaming and violently hitting the wall and it was hurting me but I kept doing it anyway. Then I woke up
2.) My second dream was about a haunted house. I went to a haunted house with my Mom and before we entered I went to the bathroom. In the bathroom there was a clown and it tried to stab me. Where he tried to stab me was REALLY weird but I guess I'll tell you anyway. He tried to stab me in my lady genitals. Please don't laugh :p But luckily, I got away from him before he could do it. i don't really remember the dream after that.

3.) The third dream happened two nights ago. I don't remember where I was in the dream. I think I was in a gym. But some girl who I didn't know came up to me and started swearing at me and screaming. It got me really angry. She didn't even know me. I think I yelled back. Then she attacked me, harshly. She kept attacking me and I think some one called security or the cops or something. The girl tried to choke me before the cops would get there. There were witnesses but they didn't do anything. They just let the girl choke me then I woke up.

4.) My last dream was the one I had last night. this one particularly scared me a lot. I was with my sister, I think, and some people we had just met. It was night and we were out on my street. We met a guy and I guess we were walking to meet him. When we met him we just kept walking on the street. I live in a wooded area. Out of the edge of the woods we saw a coyote. The guy who we met warned us to run. My sister and him ran the opposite way as me and I ran towards my house. I could hear the guy screaming things to her and they ran away. Like "Go! Run!" There were more coyotes because I could hear them barking or howling. One was chasing me but I made it to my house just in time. I then woke up.

If anyone knows what these weird dreams could mean then I would really appreciate it. (SORRY THIS IS SO LONG. THANKS TO WHO EVER TOOK THE TIME TO READ IT ALL) ILL TRY TO ANSWER EVERYONE ELSE'S.

ALSO. I don't remember any dreams I had in between these one. I only remember these ones.

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