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Dream About Geography meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

I had a crazy dream that's really disturbed me. haha.
well in my dream this guy in my geography class just comes up to me and kisses me. but it repeated. over and over again! and it made one of my guy friends jealous when he saw us kissing. even though it's only a dream, it felt so real and i'm wondering if it means anything. it's so weird.i look at the guy in a totally different way now.all because of a dream!

this is a dream about desire for attention, and confusion. Confusion as to why a guy not your b/f would keep kissing you over and over, and liking it because you get attention that way, from other guys. it doesn't even matter whether you like this guy for real. dreams are symbolic of things in your real life -- they are not to be taken literally.

for example, the kissing over and over is repetitious, but pleasing. it could represent something in your real life that you do everyday that you either LIKE doing, or is fun cause it's a little bit risky. the jealousy represents worries/concerns you may have as to how your future will turn out, and has NOTHING to do with boys

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay I've had a Geography test and I'm kinda nervous about it, since it will show in my matriculation certificate, and I think I'll get a relatively low grade. What makes me more nervous is that I have no idea how I made the test (I know, it's dumb). In the dream I saw a mistake I thought I made, but it wasn't completely wrong, it was more or less O.K. It wasn't as big as I thought it was. What does it mean? I know the dream is pretty simple but sometimes one thing means the opposite in dreams.

Example: What do tornadoes in a dream mean?

In my dream there was a huge thunderstorm. I was watching through the window with my niece and nephew. Then me and my family were sat watching the news on TV and they said a tornado had touched down in my the area i lived and i remember it being f***** huge!. Anyway we were stood outside and we saw it coming but as it was coming to my house it stopped at the fence and went straight back up to the sky. And then everything went from dark cloudy skies to blue sunny skies. What does this mean?.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt I was in school in a D.T. lesson, and it was a normal lesson, except I was wearing a bathrobe, and so was this one other kid I don't like, but we were the only ones. I had to get something, so I went downstairs for a few minutes, and when I came back up, it was now a geography lesson, in my D.T. classroom and with my D.T. teacher.

At the end of the day, I was going to where my mum normally parks her car at the end of a school day to wait for me to come out of school, except she wasn't there. I was starving, so I went to the shop to get a snack, but it was a shop from Lanzarote. I went to buy it, but I didn't have any money, so I couldn't, and that was where the dream ended.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I had a dream. (Duhh. ;] )

And I can vaguely remember what happened in it...
But I'll try my best:

Ok, so (in real life) I live in a two-story house. (In my dream) I live in a two-story house a LOT more elegant than my real-life house. (Like, with gold stuff. =] )

And (in real life) there is a man-made lake in my backyard. It's not really too big. In my dream, there is a HUGE lake in my back yard. It's kind of weird, though, because on the side we lived on, there were a lot of houses. But on the other side was just a forest.

So in my dream (I'm not sure if this was the same dream or not...) I was at school. The school I'm going to (in real life) is one level. The school in my dream had many different floors. So it was the end of a class and I was packing up my backpack to go to the next class. (The only time we are allowed to use backpacks during classtime is at the beginning of the year.) I was packing up my stuff, but I had a lot to put away into my backpack. So I was hurrying to put it all in my bag. I was only halfway done putting my stuff away when I noticed the rest of the class had already left the room. Then I freaked out because I knew the bell was going to ring any second. (Even though it didn't.) When I got to my next class, my little sister (who is two grades lower than me) was in the same class. (?) The teacher was my 7th grade geography teacher. (This makes sense, though, because he said he would be teaching 8th grade geography this year.) I forgot what we did in that class... Oddly enough, a window in the classroom showed the same lake that was in the backyard of my house. There were gray clouds covering the sky that made everything outside look dull.

When I got home (I can't remember what happened between those two times) my family went out to the lake for a boat ride. (We don't have a boat in real life.) The wind was blowing VERY hard and the grey clouds were still outside. While we were sitting on the boat, I saw the STRANGEST thing. You know how when there is a cyclone, it forms the same way as a tornado only it is above water and is sucking up water? Well, instead of that, the WATER came up in a tube form and touched the CLOUDS to form a cyclone. And this all happened in a split second. So I screamed and I told my parents to head back toward the house, but there were HUGE waves pushing us closer and closer to the shore. When we hit the shore, we all went flying out and crashed through our roof. (Considering the elevation of the shore compared to the height of our roof, that would have been impossible.) We hurried to grab a bunch of our things to put in the car. There were puppies running around the house (I think they were mini poodles. ;] ) that were apparently ours. (We only have cats in real life.) I picked up the cats and put them in the downstairs bathtub and put a mattress over the tub. But then my parents yelled at me because I was supposed to take the cats out to the car. I put the cats in the car. I ran back inside and grabbed my backpack, of all the things I could take, and ran back in the car. And all the while, I was worried that I would get in trouble for not doing my HOMEWORK.

And that is the end of my dream.

What the heck does all of this mean?!

Hehe. Thanks. =]

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so i'm at school & I see this teacher from my primary school and I say hi & I go to shake his hand but I can't do it properly because I can't open my fist. Then I go to geography class and they tell us to do our english work. So I sit between "Xta" and some other girl i've never seen before. Xta and I exchange greetings, then proceed to stare at eachother for a long time. Then she's like, "This is about "Chs", isn't it?" And I was totally taken aback, so I was like, "What? What did you do to Chs?" And she's like, "He cut my hair so I cut holes in his mushrooms." And i'm just like, "Okay". I get out my english book and try to put it down but this girl's arm is right over my desk. And i'm just like, "Thanks." (Sarcasm) So the girl moves her arm and I put my book down. I then turn to Xta and talk to her again. Then I start looking for my english book in my bag even though it's on my desk. But when I look in my bag, ALL my books are gone. I look back to my desk and all of my books are under that girl's arm! But it's actually really blurry and that girl doesn't even look real anymore. I turn to look to Xta but she's gone. I turn back to the girl and say, "Get off my books!" She doesn't move. So i'm just like, "GET OFF! GIVE ME MY STUFF BACK! GET OFFFFF!" And then I'm trying to use her as a punching bag, but I can't reach her. Instead I start shaking really hard and I turn into a purple pokemon.

What does this mean? Any interpretations would be appreciated.

Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

I had a really weird dream last night. This is what happened:

I was in my home but it wasn't actually my home. It was like a mansion and a lot of people live it though. Outside it looked like where I live (I live in Massachusetts) so there's a lot of snow outside. The sky is cloudy but you can see stars in the sky. I was sitting around a round table and I was sitting right next to my crush. We were doing math homework and we started talking. I don't remember what we were talking about but soon he was like "Ya I forced myself to get over you once you met that guy from New York?" I replied. "I never met any guy in New York. I don't have and never have had a boyfriend." He looked pretty excited about that. Then my world geography teacher walks in and said, "You guys better get practicing if you want to make it to Mars." I looked outside and there was the planet Mars right by us. So me and my crush started practicing our instruments. I was playing the flute like always but he was playing the clarinet instead of the saxophone which is what he normally plays.

That's all I remember. What does my dream mean? Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

last night I had a dream that I was at school, on the middle floor of the tower block, in my psychology class (I don't usually have psychology in there, I have it on the floor below), and I had a supply teacher. The supply teacher, very strangely, was Penny from Casualty! She was stood in the corner by the window, teaching, and then she jumped, backwards, out of the window and killed herself. After this, I cried throughout the rest of the dream as I walked around the empty corridors. I then made my way to the top of the tower block, to a geography class, and the class was full and the teacher was present. I then wrote something down, though I can't remember what, and handed it to him. I then walked away, and woke up. When I woke up, I had tears streaming down my face and I felt extremely upset, though I knew the dream wasn't real. What does this dream mean? Could someone possibly interpret it for me? Thanks

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was sitting in geography class, printing of essays and putting them together, when a group of young people came in, they were looking round the school and I could tell that they looked out of place. One of which was an odd looking girl - she caught my attention (there is abit of a blank here) but the next thing I can remember was going down the stairs ar school into biology trying to copy down her number, but I ran out of time and I knew I was going to get told of for being late, so she gave me a phone and said she would call me on it. (There is another blank here, but I remember just fidling about with the phone) and the next thing I remember was sitting in geography again and my head teacher walking in with my house phone saying something about a girl who left a message for me - "attic .99" I remember grabbing the phone and running out of class into art. I knew I needed to find her as somehow I knew she was out of place, and I doubted that I would find her. So I went to my art teacher and told her everything as I knew she would understand. (Yet another blank) the next thing I remember is walking down the street, counting houses till I got to number 99. I went in with my mul and sister. My sister tried to stop my mum from getting in, but I let her in. Then I remember searching and serching, and being sad as I didn't thein I would find her. Then, a door opened, I walked in to a massive light filled room like a modern space facility. It was filled with living ghosts of people from the war. So I knew, the girl I was looking for must have died in the war and this place was like a facility for all of them in 2012. I then saw her I was so happy, I couldn't leave her, when she wanted to go to the bathroom in thhe facility, I was scared incase i didn't see her again .. But luckily i did :) i remember just being so hapy. I then stayed there, got a job as staff at the facility, so i could be with her. As i found out we would age together, even though she wasa ghost.

Example: What does it mean if you dream of a fat and a bit old woman who hugs you strongly?

The dream was like this: I was sitting at the table and seemingly I was studying on a school book, perhaps it was geography... Then I spoke and said to that woman that I had been good, I don't remember exactly how I said that, and then literally I also said: "what more do you want?". And the next thing that lady had a smile on her face and hugged me very tightly, so tightly that I woke up... It was a morning dream.

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