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Dream About Getting Lost meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that I got lost in a post office and then a blue wolf rescued me.?

What does this mean?

getting lost in a dream indicates that you don't know where you are going in your life.. the fact that it was in a post office means that you feel that you need to be some where other than you are. that you are being sent to some other place in your life but you don't know where. i am part Native American and i hold a strong belief that we all ,whether Native Americans or not are connected to our world through animal spirits that are our guides in our world. the wolf is the strongest guide. it is of the earth. it is a survivor guide and is usually sent to guide someone to find their destiny. their way in life. the blue wolf is supposed to be one of the of the strongest of all the guides and can and should be followed with out fear or question. it will lead you without harm to where you are supposed to be in this world. i realize that many white men in this world think that is a lot of non-sense but after knowing me for awhile my husband who is all white has learned the hard way to believe in this. so open up your mind to that which is not part of your normal world and see what happens. you just might be surprised if you allow yourself to follow that wolf next time and becom

Example: What does it mean to dream about getting lost in the woods and find out your a wolf?

Well I dreamt that I got lost in the woods in a very remote and eerie place. I found out that I was a wolf and got taken in by a wolf pack, and I was related to the alpha. Apparently I had wolf pups who had been looking along the river for me for a while... They were all looking for me I guess. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean you dream that your own kid gets lost?

My mom had a dream that we were at a mall, and that I got lost. She wants to know what that means. Thank you!

Example: Dream meaning? Lost hearing and eyesight?

I was in a restaurant with friends and then when left. My friend was a bit ahead of me when we were walking out. Then they yelled: "You have to run, hurry!" and there were fire hydrants that had exploded and were releasing toxic gases. So I was running, but then I couldn't like move. I got stuck and I started losing my eyesight and hearing because of the toxic gases. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

Example: Dream Meaning: Getting lost and flowers?

Ok, I apologize if I go in to too much detail here, but I've been having these dreams pretty much my whole life and I'm wondering if anyone knows what they mean. In general I know getting lost represents being emotionally lost or unhappy, Flowers usually mean happiness. I think the meaning must lie in the details:

In almost every dream I start out lost. Generally a little stressed because I can't find where I was going- but not fearful or anything. Always a different lost situation. It's not like I'm having the exact same dream over and over, but the situation is the same. Upon searching for wherever I'm going I come across flowers. Not just any flowers, always something special. Like if it's night, the flowers are glowing. Or I come across gigantic flowers, or a field of flowers. (I'm not talking a few, like millions, in intricate patterns. The last dream they were iris, for example, but it's always something different. I never smell the flowers, but I'm always so moved by them. In some cases I'm sad I don't have my husband with me to witness how amazing they are. (I'm always alone) In others, like one at night where these huge clusters of flowerd in the trees were glowing and illuminating a path) I am joyous and dancing. They are always wonderful dreams, so much color, and so vivid. I remember every.singe. one. in detail.

Any ideas?

Example: What does it mean to dream you are lost?

I got into a lift in a big builiding ,but when I got out of the lift
I ended up in a small builiding or house was being used as a talent school?

I walked out to the st [which I thought I knew] but then I realised it was the wrong street.I tried to go back to the lift but could not find the house/talent school and was completely lost.

The neighbourhood looked like a very rich surburb with very well trimmed lawns.A rich old couple dragged me into their house they were having a party there was beautiful Art everywhere,they gave me two pastries?

Then another lady wanted to invite me in but I did'nt want to go into a strangers house.I ended up finding the talent school/lift but it was closed and all the lights were out but there was a security lady sitting out the front who I thought would let me in.

Example: Getting lost on railroad track dream?

i always have this dream that i go downtown and cross this railroad as a shortcut to get to something (usually a fair that's going on). but when i cross it it leads to more and more and more railroads and i keep crossing then to get there, but they never end so i retrace my steps to go back home.
last night i had the dream but instead of going the way i usually go, i went another way, but still got lost. and ended up coming back.
when ihavve the dream im always with atleast one other person, and i feel scared while im dreaming it. it sort of freaks me out. what do you think this mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream about wandering and getting lost?

I was dreaming about my crush. I stopped by her house to see her and a guy we work with came there too. I decided to take a walk to see the neighborhood, got lost, and couldn't find my way back. In reality, I recently gave up on her because she's dating someone else, and I finally found peace by accepting that it wasn't meant to be.

Example: I have a recurring dream I get lost in hospital and ride an elevator?

I have a recurring dream I get lost in hospital and ride an elevator. Everytime I get lost inside or the parking lot. And each time an elevator is involved. Why is this dudes ?

Example: I''ve had a couple of dreams where my sister got lost. What does it mean?

The first dream, I had a really sad feeling in the pit of my stomach, like i wasn't going to see my sister again. She was just lost, and only then I realized how important she is in my life.

In the second dream, my sister was lost, but she had a gps tracker attached to her that kept on blinking. The gps tracker blinking in my dream meant that she was alive somewhere out there, but I just didn't know how to find her.

Could anybody suggest to me what it could be? Thanks!

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