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Dream About Getting Married meanings

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Example: What does it mean when I dream of getting married?

in my dream, i get married to a guy friend i met at work. the venue was in my high school. there's like a grotto in the middle of my school's lawn, with a path that can leading up to the statue of mary. that served as the aisle in the wedding. then after the ceremony, since it was scorching hot, the priest suggested that we move to the school chapel.

the guy and i are happy after getting married. some of the scenes i remember is that we took a road trip in an RV but along the highway, the RV suddenly fell on its side. the both of us pushed it upright then the next scene had a lot of hooters girls in the RV. a weird man was also there and kept commenting that the RV's bathroom (which was unbelievable huge, like that of a hotel suite) was full of molds. i took a bath then when i emerged from the bathroom, my husband was gone with the man. the hooters-type girls were commenting on how i shouldn't be married to him.

in the next scene, we were parked in a forest and i noticed that there was this angry-looking tree parked next to us. my husband didn't notice but then a family member of mine arrived and said that this was an enchanted forest, and that there are creatures that i couldn't see. she asked me if i wanted to have the gift of seeing them, and since i was curious, i said yes. then i was able to see all the trees with faces, the elves, etc.

then i woke up. i don't know if what's been happening the past few days of my life affected the dream, but this guy from work and i used to have a thing for each other but now he has a thing for this other girl from work. i can't seem to move on so i wrote him a letter last night explaining all of my feelings. i just don't seem to get the connection between this and me getting married to him.

please help! thanks!

I wouldn't think too much of it. Dreams are a way of seeing our thoughts, or desires, or things that happen to us.
Certainly, they can be intriguing and exciting, but usually they don't actually mean anything.


Hi guys I just wanted to know what this dream might mean. Thanks

I had a dream when i was wearing a wedding dress and i was at the altar in front of everyone and i was exchanging my vows to This guy ( Which I knew and i also have a crush on. And he seems to like me also because , he teases me, hugs me, stares at me nonstop, ) The dream seems like a vision everything was white and the way i was seeing it everything seems really bright. ended waking up with this very bright light shining. WHat might this dream mean>>?

Example: What does it mean to dream about getting married?

The rings were a key component to the dream as they seemed to be the focus of my attention.

(I would research this stuff myself, but I have to use a proxy server that continues to block me from dream interpretation sites!)

Example: What does it mean to dream about getting married?

Ok, so I remember my dream sorta well. I remember first of all, that i don't know who i was marrying. Ok well, i never acknowledged who it was in my dream, but i guess that's because i don't need to tell myself the obvious? anyways i remember wanting to put on my wedding dress but it was too soon, but then eventually i did. I remember it was a sweetheart neckline, and it had a tight torso, but it had a ballgown skirt. I also remember seeing the person i liked, because i think he was invited to my wedding and he was wearing a suit with a green tie. We joked around a little about me marrying him, but im pretty sure i wasn't. That's all of the main basics, so what does this possibly mean? Oh and btw, i am a girl despite my username being a boy's name.

Example: What those it mean to dream you are getting married?

In my dream I am wearing a white wedding dress and a black veil. Iam out in a forest my family is their and I am waiting for the man to get their. I start crying. And I am not the only one getting married.

Example: Meaning of my dream.. getting married?

basically, in my dream my boyfriend proposed to me.. we were engaged yet to be married.. then when i was trying some wedding dresses on, i went to the toilet and there was some scary figures shown in the dark i was scared so ran away.. one of the men chased me and my boyfriend killed him.. my boyfriend then got arrested.. and i went to see him in jail and said as if we cant have kids together or get married then i said unless you have sperm in a tube and get IVF done.. but he gave me a weird look, and i said obviously not at this age.. my boyfriend was released we then went on to get married.. apparantly it represents death but i am unsure.. someone please tell me thank you

Example: What does it mean when you dream about getting married?

last night i had a dream that i was in church about to marry my boyfriend of 2 years. when we were in church this woman came up to him and asked him if he could take her to the rest room and he did. i told him "i see how it is". after i was waiting for a long time and he wouldn't come back then one of my uncles said i was still young and asked me if i thought any of the guys at church were cute and i said no. i hugged my dad and he was crying after that i woke up. what does this mean?

Example: What it means when you dream of getting married?

And just some details to help you guys - the wedding was "disaster", no one was dressed like for a wedding, there were no flowers noting. The bride (my girlfriend) she didn't like here dress at all, cuz it was her aunt's old dress. If there wasn't that similarity with wedding ceremony a would say that was just a normal party but no ...

Example: What does the dream like getting married mean?

A dream like getting married to the person you are engaged means what? This dream occured during the early morning.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of getting married?

i had a dream a month ago that i got married to my crush. then a week ago i had a dream that my crush was marrying someone else. then last night i was getting married to someone else but called off my wedding. What does this mean?

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