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Dream About Girlfriend meanings

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Example: What does my girlfriends dream mean?

My girlfriend had a dream a month ago where she was having sex with her old boy friend and then I walked in... she said it(me walking in on them) wasn't good... what does her dream mean?

It depends what she felt after she woke up. Dreams mean nothing. I had a SUPER freaky disgusting dream I'm not even going to begin to tell you about and I KNOW it means nothing, if anything the dang dream damaged me lol. But I'm 8 months pregnant, I guess so I hear, weird dreams are normal for me. Even still, it all depends on how she felt when she woke up. And if she still has feelings for him, you may not get a strait answer. So, you'll probably never know.

If she's like some girls, she could've had the dream, and told you about it to see if you'd get jealous. Or a light "test" to see how you react to the thought. Some girls enjoy knowing their man still can be jealous. I don't know man, very wierd spot to be in.


Example: What does my girlfriends dream mean?

My girlfriend had a dream a month ago where she was having sex with her old boy friend and then I walked in... she said it(me walking in on them) wasn't good... what does her dream mean?

Example: Whats my girlfriends dream mean?

Hey, my girlfriend dreams a lot. We've gone onto dream-of.com a few times to try and find out what they mean. But her latest dream was just weird, and we couldn't find it there. I googled a little bit and then thought to myself, why not ask it here.

So here's her dream:

The two of us were at Outback Steakhouse about to have dinner. But when it came out it was a plate of scorpions. And they were covered in type of shrimp batter so say they looked almost like shrimp. But again, they weren't shrimp, they were scorpions. And they were alive. So once they were in front of us they immediately started walking around. And we had to try and catch them before we could eat they. So while we were trying to grab them they're trying to sting us. I think she said one of them even tried to spray us with some kinda of venom. To scorpions do that? Anyway, Im pretty sure that we ate them. She made it sound like at least one of us did.

So, any dream experts out there that may have some insight in on this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Example: Meaning behind dreams of ex-girlfriend?

Awhile back I had two weird dreams about my i never had a dream of her until December

One dream was that me and my ex girlfriend got back together and i was hugging her in arms and her friend was talking to her and asked are you guys going to brake up anytime soon and my ex girlfriend said no i made a dumb mistake last time and im not doing it again

the second dream was i went to her house i don'tt know why but i left my sweater and bike at her house and when i tried getting my stuff back she didn'tt pick up until she finally did give me my thing back
weird cuz last time we talked she still wants me in her life even though she has a bf and she is happy with him

Example: What does it mean to dream about your ex girlfriend?

In the dream she was there and there were other things that happened but at the end she of the dream she forgave me and we got together.
Just wondering what it means.

Example: Meaning of ex-girlfriend dream?

so i had a dream that my ex girlfriend was murdered..specifically chopped up. Idk what this means..i obviously was sad and frightened. Some background info: we broke up about 3 months ago and i guess there still some feelings there maybe. Can someone tell me what this should mean?

Example: Meaning behind dreams of ex-girlfriend?

yeah so, the other night me and a couple friends had some...man chatting time, and like all conversations like this one, it ended up on the subject of girls and such.
I don't if it had anything to do with this, because I didn't mention my ex.

Anyway, that night I had a full glass of OJ, and I always had some crazy a dreams when I do this...And if I really think about it, I'm pretty sure every time I've had a dream of my ex I believe I've had orange juice before hand...
I don't know for sure, but I'm going to experiment.

My latest dream was very abstract,
It dealt with me, and a lot of doors.
I think they were doors anyway.
Some kind of passage way.
But through each door was like a different path,
Like, each one lead to a different form of my ex.
I think one symbolized the whole, me never getting her back,
Another was me finding her to be someone I won't love,
But the last one specifically focused on a lighter side,
I almost had her,
but like all of these dreams,
I woke up


Example: What does it mean to dream your girlfriend dies?

I'm pregnant and was also pregnant in his dream...
Apparently he was shopping with his mom and as they were leaving, some guy who was really familiar came out of nowhere and had a gun and just started shooting everywhere. He and his mom started running, then he looked over to see if his mom was ok, but when he looked, it was me and I was getting shot in the back. And so yeah. I was dead. What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about having a girlfriend?

I'm 22 and I've never had a girlfriend in my life before, mainly because I dont feel I'm attractive as I've been called ugly many times in the past.
I recently had a dream about having a girlfriend. We were at a train station and we were hugging and kissing and holding hands, we were on our way to work in a factory when I suddenly woke up. What does this mean? Does it mean I'm going to meet someone at a train station? Does it meqn nothing at all? It was a beautiful dream, but I want it to turn into reality.

Thank you for reading this.

Example: What does my girlfriends dreams mean?

my girlfriend been having dreams about either being pregnant or haveing a lil baby girl, actually she is like 5 in her dreams, she's been having so many of the dreams that she now believes that our first child is going to be a girl, what could all these dreams mean. she even can discribe the girl light brown hair with big round eyes and a puggy face, all that, we both have brown and blonds in our family and brown eyes like the girl we both have and what do her dreams mean.

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