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Dream About Glass Blower meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Had a dream about a leave blower?

I had a dream I was playing with a leaf-blower, I blew leaves around outside, it was great cause I could manipulate the leaves anywhere I wanted, then somehow, I ended up inside, and it was a disaster. Stuff knocked down and I couldn't turn it off. I blew at a nightlight plugged into a wall and I think the bulb broke and flew off. I used both hands and tried to yank out the nightlight but I got an electric shock. It was a vibration feeling going through my body, and it kept getting more violent. Gravity helped me because I was leaning back. So I ended up laying on my back, with my fingers painfully sore, and my body stiff. I thought to myself, I'm not gonna die yet, and I prayed. I didn't die. Then afterwords, my mom told me to pick up the glass pieces, and there were only 3 giant shards that could be glued together to look like a bulb again.

Some details: The day before I was feeling very down, like I could never do anything right, and that I could never be sure about myself. I also begin trying to play a Chopin piece on piano.
I've had a real electric shock before when I was 7, I took two tiny keys and stuck them in the electric socket, and I felt a vibration but it wasn't that strong, gravity helped me too because I was leaning back.

Before I even got to your "some details" I knew the dream was about feeling that you could not do anything right. that is the meaning of your leaf blower dream.

Example: Marriage Proposal Dream?

If dreams are symbolic, I'm really wondering what my most recent dream meant.

Within my dream, my boyfriend proposed to me. I was ELATED and just so excited that this was actually happening, but whenever I put on the ring that he designed it was the most wretched ring I had ever seen. It was gold, with 6 bands all with turquoise swirls that didn't sync with each other and the center stone he received from a glass blower that was made to look like a pearl from far away and when you got closer to look at it, you realized that it was basically a glass marble with what looked like a scoop of vanilla ice cream or whip cream in the middle. It was just own right hideous and I didn't know how to tell him that i didn't like it. To top things off, he popped the question in front of an elevator. So when he was actually asking the question, there were people entering and exiting the elevator and I never actually heard what he said. Any thoughts what this could mean?

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