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Dream About Glass Bottle meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does dream mean anything?

The other night I had a dream about my best mate who I hadn't seen in about month and in the dream I was walking thru the mall with my mum and I could hear all these voices saying to me "He wants to see you" "He wants to see you" but I was like what? and just ignored and I was amongst a group of people and I could see them passing around a letter with my name on it but it was going to everybody else but me and then I heard people saying again "He wants to see you" "He wants to see you" and I walked into this store & there he was @ the counter listening 2 his ipod & I was like "Oh nah" & was about 2 walk out & he caught me & called out to me & was like havent seen you in awhile,anyway Ive got something for you & he started giving me all these gifts.I got 2 antinque lamp shades,2 bottles of Smirnoff with a shot glass & when I got down to the last gift, I couldnt open it.But that happens everytime I dream of him hes always giving me things & I can never open the last gift I always wake up

I think everytime you see him he gives you something. It doesn't seem odd to me that in your dream he'd give you something.

But that people would tell you to go see him, means something is important, he needs to tell/give you something important--that last gift.

He's got something, a part of himself or something he really needs to tell you, that he feels you're not ready to receive. Get him out of his store, have some dinner, and ask him about it. Don't let him tell you it's not there because your subconscious has detected it already.

tx mom

Example: Reoccurring dream meaning?

I've had this dream every night for the past week or so and I am tired of it.So if anyone could tell me what it means or how to stop it it would be greatly appreciated. Almost the entire dream is in third person and I am not in it at all. It often skips around like someone fast forwarding over parts of a movie.

A family has decided to go on vacation and leaves Martha , another woman who lives there, to take care of the house. As they are leaving Martha is programming the code on the lock and a neighbor comes over to try to make a deal with her to get the code but she refuses. The teenage daughter not trusting Martha stays behind. (It skips) Martha and the girl are fighting there is blood but it isn't specifically one or the others'. There is a bang on the door the girl runs over to keep the person out keeping an eye on Martha. Through the glass she can sort of see that it is a young man. Martha says " who are you more afraid of me or my son" in response to the girls constant watching her.
( this next part I always see in first person) The son breaks the glass hurting his hand and stopping for a second to examine his wound at which point I, the teenage girl, shoot Martha. (back to third person). The son continues to push against the door and Martha's head turns toward the struggle and smiles at which point the son breaks through the door knocking the girl down. The three struggle until the family walks in. (skipping again) The entire family is sitting around a table in a red tinted room. Someone asks "aren't you dead" to which someone responds "we all are" noticing deep gashes on everyone's neck and blood on everyones clothing. Noticing a small plastic creature at the end of the table the teenage girl says " I suppose she left you here as a babysitter" and her brother accross from her laughs. The creature opens is eyes and spits blood at both of their feet. Suddenly they are back in their house and I think I have woken up, and the family thinks they woke up from a dream. The teenage girl goes to put on her sweater and someone screams. There is blood all over it like in the red room. the girl runs out of her house and across the street, looking in the window she sees martha and her son, but martha's appearence is different. Martha has a twisted bottle with clear liquid to her forehead and what looks like red tinted goggles ofer her eyes. Her and her son are watching everything that had just happened on their TV as if it were a movie. Sensing the girl Martha turns to her and smiles evilly, attempting to scare her but the girl girl smiles back and slowly lifts Martha's dog into view with a gash on its neck similar to those the family had had.

This is where I wake up. I always have the full dream never stopping in the middle even if that means sleeping to 5 pm which is the case today.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt the other night that I was bottled over the head by a man. I didn't dream of the part before, the why it happened or anything. Afterwards I seemed happy? I went to the hospital to A&E, I remember this nurse tried taking a bit or shattered glass out of my arm (there were lots of it) I flinched because it hurt, then the dream just seemed to go.

Any ideas what it could mean?

Example: I had a dream about a tree that grew peaches and bottles/glasses of booze...?

In my dream me and my friends were having a house party in my friends garden and she had this peach tree that also grew bottles of bud, pints of beer, glasses of wine and six packs of beer and cider. We were all sitting around eating peaches and picking down different types of booze to drink
What could this possibly mean...?

Just to add I hardly ever drink in real life!

Example: Please help..Do you know what my dream means?

A couple of nights ago i had a dream that I was holding a axolotl(walking fish) in a glass bottle thing..Then It fall and the glass that it was in, broke! I also had a dream where I was at my ballroom dancing lessons and we had to do this dance where someone picks you up..One of my friends picked me up and my crush was looking at me awkwardly...it was weird...

do you have any idea what these dreams mean? please help, it would be most appreciated! =)

Example: I used to have a recurring dream of chewing broken beer bottles and vomiting glass and blood. Anyone have any?

idea of what this might have meant?

It was a very tactile and disturbing dream and I'd wake in a sweat.

It reccured maybe four or five times in a six month period and then stopped.
Any thoughts welcome!

Example: Giving a glass bottles in a dream?

what's the meaning

Example: Dream interpretation - broken glass?

I was back in my home city and walked from my house to the bus stop. On the way there there was suddenly a lot of broken glass and bottles all over the pavement and it looked like the whole container with glass had been dumped there. I was stepping on it and trying to avoid the broken glass in order to continue to the bus stop. Then I saw some packed new electric toothbrushes and wanted to take some home because we would need it (we use them), but then when I looked at the packaging it looked squashed and dirty so I decided not to take it. Anyone has an explanation? Thanks. :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

in the beginning of my dream ,i was in shop rite, looking at the 'dirt' deserts, instead of gummy worms they were huge gummy frogs. and i first one i saw had the whole middle taken out. but the second one was perfect, so i picked it up and put it in the cart with my dad and my sister. then my dad puts his hand in the desert and pulls out a stuffed hamburger bun with the pudding stuff in it and starts eating it! i run to stop him and then the scene just magically changes to my room. all the walls are white, there is my refrigerator with thousands of glass coke bottles on top my dad is now gone into the hallway, and my sister as the scene was changing, was pushing me away, and then she moves. i hit the refrigerator, all the bottles fall and break and i fall in it, and i start screaming. i get up and my mom calls from her room saying, take her to the hospital so they can stitch up her wounds that she covered with black eye liner, in my dream i replied, what the f**k! and then it did a close up on my right foot stepping in glass and the blood and me screaming, then i limp into the hall way and i woke up. there is soemthing significant about the glass! help me..?

Example: Dreaming of receiving many small bottles of wine? I never drank nor saw wine glasses. One bottle cap broke.?

Meaning of dreaming with a gift of multiple small wine bottles?

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