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Dream About Glass meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about a glass eyes?

I had woken up in my bed and my mother came up to me and told me I had oral surgery. She then went on to tell me that the surgeon injured my eyes and I had to get glass eyes, however, I was still able to see. In the dream, I wasn't aware that I needed surgery or could not remember that I went into the operation room.

I walked into the living room and I saw one of my friends long time friend/crushes sitting in a chair looking through a magazine, we started to talking about school, then all of a sudden one of my glass eyes fell out. I ran into the bathroom to go clean my eye but it slip and broke. I looked into the mirror and I saw my empty eye socket and the other glass eye that magically turn into a real eye.

I went to walmart to buy a new glass eye and and an eye patch, then I realized that fall semester school had started and I was going to be late for class.

It means there's something you or your mother fails to see. She or you is/are incapable of seeing it. This dream is suggesting you do some soul searching and try to be more honest so you can see what is...

Example: What does my dream mean? Falling glass teeth?

I had a dream the other night and i was in a school and i felt a loose tooth in my mouth. When i took out the tooth it was a blue glass tooth. As the day went on more and more colorful glass teeth were becoming loose and i tried to keep my mouth shut so they would stay in but they kept becoming loose. There was no blood or anything but after the glass teeth left my mouth some of them began to rot.

It was a very odd dream. Not like any that i've had before. Can anyone help me understand it?

Example: What does it mean to dream about shards of glass stuck on my tongue?

i keep dreaming that i have shards of glass stuck in my tongue.i keep pulling them out but they keep coming back...what does that mean? This dream comes and goess...

Example: Insanely weird dream, glass inside my wrist.. Meaning?

It was just my arm, with a huge chunk of glass in it. and with my other hand, i held my wrist so the glass wouldn't go down my vains any further. And i was running somewhere, but everything was white.
I've seen this dream before.

Example: What does Glass Doors mean in Dreams?

I dreamt last night that I stood behind a Glass Slide Door. On the other side was a living room, as I peeked through the Glass Door it slided open. I was frighten and walked away. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does a dream about glass mean?

I just woke up from a pretty disturbing dream to me. I dreamt that my face felt like it was burning. So then in my dream I must have just moved out of my house, because we were unpacking in a new house. And I was asking everyone what the doctor said my problem was. And my father was crying and couldn't tell me what was wrong. So then my sister finally told me that the doctor said I had broken glass under my skin on my face... Weird, I know. Can someone please help me out here! This is too strange of a dream to just forget about, and now I can't sleep.

Example: What does it mean to dream about glass buildings collapsing?

I had a dream that i was standing in a busy city area and all the sudden i looked up to watch a huge glass building collapse (think twin towers after they were hit) so i ran for cover into a large room where all the walls were windows and proceeded to watch another glass building collapse but once it hit the ground people began opening doors from the debris and walking out of the ground... it was very strange. can anyone tell me what this means? thank you!

Example: What does it mean when i dream about broken glass?

i had this dream last night that i was walking on the road. there was this guy who was on the side of the road breaking glass like it was paper just tearing it apart throwing it into this pile in the grass, and i was walking barefoot and ended up stepping on some glass iwas pulling it out then ifell in this big pile of broken glass. it was yellow blue and all different colors. iremember feeling paralyzed and helpless and icould feel the pieces of glass on my skin and where it was trying to cut. the guy didnt react to me while iwas in the glass but then out of no where he comes running to my help, trying to get me out of the pile.
will someone please tell me what this means? icant find anything that sounds similar to my drea.
thank you.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about chewing glass?

Example: What does it mean when you have a dream about glasses?

Okay I don't wear glasses my eyes are good.. And I had an image, like of glasses all different, does it mean I need to see the world from other peoples eyes or somthing? I'm having quite a hard time at the moment.. I'm so alone, and I had a dream about looking at myself in the mirrow frowning and shaving all my hair off.. And getting a wig.. O.o

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