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Dream About Grandmother meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream last night that my grandmother died, what can this mean?

Last night I had a dream that my grandmother died. I had woken with my pillow wet from my tears and I was crying. What can this mean? I also don't get to see her alot, and she in her late 60's and smokes. any help?

The interpretation of the dream of death could be one of many things. Most people think right off the bat dreaming of death is a bad thing, but in most cases it is not bad at all. Death means in most cases the ending to something in one’s life. It could be the end of a long family battle or the end of a long sickness. It is a very common dream. Something that perhaps has been dragging along in one’s life, such as the coming to an end of a career could finally be ending with the dream of death. Other things it could possibly be would be an ending to a relationship. In most cases the relationship or career is making the person unhappy or not a good situation.

Other possibilities of the interpretation of death could be the ending to one thing with the beginning of another. Things could be a relationship again or a career, with the

start of something new and fresh. The symbolism of death is most always a positive thing. There are a few cases when it really means that death is going to happen, but usually it means the rebirth of something better. It could also mean that it could be the end of a person’s worries. The worries will die in a sense. The cause of the worry will cease to exist. Another possible meaning could be of prosperity and longevity.

There could be some negative possibilities however. Dreaming of death could mean a person has a fear of losing something. Not necessarally a person or pet though. It

could be the loss of a relationship or a job. Also the just fear of having already lost something. It could be a personal item of great sentimental value or again a relationship or a job. Dreaming of death could be a sign of pet up anger towards a person. In this case the person needs to address the anger and realize why they are angry and at whom. Negative feelings about someone or something could also the result of dreaming of death.

In any case, dreams are a person’s subconscious way of talking to the inner self. If the dreams bother a person or they are reoccurring, they should be looked into and

addressed. If the dream is simply ignored, there is a loss of self-awareness.

Example: Whats does this dream mean? visited my dead great grandmother...?

i visited her house, she told me how nice it was to see her again and she kissed my cheeck which felt very real.
The house looked newer but all the same, except the kitchen was now white.
We went to the garden where there was this great, colourful parrot. I put other birds in the cage for her.

What does this mean? she never even had birds when she was alive...

Example: What does it mean to dream that your grandmother is preagnant?

I had a dream that i was shopping with my grandmother for baby clothes, they were baby boy clothes, then I turned and realized it was baby clothes for her..i also remember maternity clothes too, i can clearly remember a teal shirt

Example: What does this dream mean? (Ex-boyfriend/advice/grandmoth...

I had a dream last night that my ex boyfriend was over my house and came into my room.
he sat down on my computer chair and i sat on his lap, he picked me up and kissed me and i could feel it so clearly, and all i was thinking was "I'm cheating" (i have a boyfriend currently). He started talking about how he was cheating on his current girlfriend and i sat up from the bed and went downstairs to talk with my grandmother.
she told me "you shouldn't get so mad, you need to learn to let things go and not take it all so seriously"
i went back upstairs and apologized to him and we walked outside into the dark, but there were lights on, and i woke up.

is there any significance in any of this? what does any of this symbolize? should i take the advice into consideration? all answers are appreciated!

Example: What does it mean to dream about deceased grandmother?

My grandmother died from breast cancer long before I was born, and I only have a handful of pics of her.

Last night I had a very vivid dream where I was in a little shop. People were busy all around me and then my mother (who is still alive) out of no where walks up to me and hands me a folder, I realized that I needed to open this folder. I opened it and saw a ton of beautiful pictures of my grandma (none of the pics in my dream were anything like the few pics I have of her in real life). All of a sudden the people around me slowed down, and began to disappear, with the exception of my mom who sat silently starring at me while I looked through the photos. The dream at this point felt light, in all of the photos my grandma was smiling and very happy. I began to cry in my dream and I felt like there was somber feeling that took me over, and when i awoke I was still crying.

Is there any meaning behind this dream? Or was it just a dream about me getting the chance to see more of my grandma?

Example: What does it mean to dream of my deceased grandmother ?

My dream was so vivid... I was at my grandmas house sitting on her sofa but i knew she had passed away cuz we still own her house but then a lady looking identical came out from the back bedroom and she said she was her twin sister (my grandma has a twin brother no sisters tho) and she sounded just like my grandma and we went out in the garden where she picked strawberries and i played until i got poison ivy that went crazy all over me... My grandmothers twin put a homemade medicine on me and i was cured im still itchin in spots that i dreamt i had this poison ivy and now i am curious to exactly what this means? I felt such a deep connection and i told my parents and they were shocked at the little details i gave them since i never even knew she had a twin brother

Example: Meaning of dreaming about grandmother telling me im gonna have kids?

I dreamt that my grandmother told me i would have a baby before i turn 30? Is this forreal... what do you think?

Example: What does this mean? I dreamt of my grandmother?

Last Wednesday, my grandmother (at 86) died after being in an induced coma. Of course, I was unbelievably heart broken about it because I visited her the week before and she was well, smiling (as always) and talking to me like she was not sick. My grandmother has always been a pleasant woman, never yelling or angry at anyone. Sadly, my father didn't want me to come to the funeral so I didn't go. So here's my dream.

I dreamed I was in my front yard, leaning over the fence. It was a really beautiful and sunny day and the sun was illuminating the block. Now, I look down the street and I saw my grandmother sitting there, smiling at me as always. I tried to go to her but I couldn't move. Then suddenly, I teleported to this beautiful all white house with a white marble stair case and giant white drapes. There was a girl sitting there, playing a white piano and my grandmother was instructing her. I turned away for a reason and when I turned back, my grandmother was gone, replaced by this other woman. Then I woke up.

What does this mean? Please help. I need some closure...

Example: What does it mean when someone dreams of their great grandmother?

I had a dream about my great grandmother who is dead.

Example: What does my dream mean...dead grandmother...?

in my dream i started seeing silhouettes of dead people and one of them was my grandma,...we started talking to each other about different things and she was asking me how things have been going. the thing is...my grandma is alive in real life, so what does this dream mean?

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